10 x Earning money with Testing Products

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"best tested" quality mark for products

Do you want to test nice products?

Trying out and assessing from home?

Keep the free product?

And also earn money with that ?

Everything is possible!

In this article:

The 10 Best Test Panels

Okay, before you read on… there are a lot of sites that say you can test products, but keeping it free or even actually getting paid for it is a lot more difficult.

And then you don't even know which of the remaining companies are reliable ...

That is why we have made a list for you with the 10 very best test panels , for both the Netherlands and Belgium. We sometimes call this survey sites or research panels, because these types of companies often do more than just product testing. They pay you for your opinion.

best paid survey sites / test panels

You may express your judgment about the products and articles that you test, but also about other things , such as: advertisements (already on TV or not yet), online advertisements, product ideas that have yet to be brought to the market, websites, web shops, services , brands, customer service and much more.

So it is not always something that you get sent home to try, but you will always receive a fair reward for it! Neatly transferred to your own bank account, PayPal, or in the form of coupons or gifts. Often you can make your own choice and / or alternate.

Keep free test product

The most basic way to make a profit (literally) from testing a product is to keep it. With the simplest things that is also very logical, because it is difficult , for example, to give back shampoo, cleaning products, make-up or other beauty products after use!

However, these are also small rewards, often very specific or special products that you may not even (really) need. Moreover, these types of tests do not take place very often. You can register with test panels of, for example, De Zeeman or supermarkets such as Jumbo, PLUS and COOP, but there are already a lot of people and then your turn will never be .

Then it is better to use the 10 best test panels as mentioned above (see after the link top 10 for both the Netherlands and Belgium), because they work for many companies and always have work for you.

It only becomes really interesting when you can keep products that cost a little more or last longer, such as electronics (think of Samsung, Apple, Media Markt). For example, we once tested a brand new model shaver for Philips. But unfortunately, they had to go back because then the device is examined again to learn from or to improve it. (wear, etc.)

Testing products for money

That is why we are also strongly in favor of you really doing this for money, so that you are sure to have something useful . And preferably in the form of real money. Vouchers are also good because you often get them from Bol.com or the VVV and you can actually buy everything with them.

By the way, it works very well here to register for multiple panels . Participation is free (sometimes you even get a sign-up bonus), and what's more, it's completely free of obligation. So if you receive an invitation to participate in a study, it is not mandatory and you can also refuse. But then you don't earn anything, you understand.

But by being a member of multiple survey sites, you also assure yourself of more work, and therefore more income! Then the chance is much greater that a research is available at the time that suits you. Whether at home or on the road on your phone, it is all possible in these modern times.

Other ways of working from home

Testing products and other forms of market research are by no means the only ways to make money from home / online via the internet! This way you can also earn money with your social media and affiliate marketing .

We collect and test all the methods available through this blog, and also review the websites that offer them by registering ourselves . We list all good methods in 2 main categories: making easy money and making a lot of money .

Take a look at these pages to get more inspiration on how you can earn money on the internet . The first category is mainly about extra income , for which you have to think of a little extra or pocket money. No complete salaries or becoming your own entrepreneur as in the second category.

Below you will find an overview with related articles in which you may also find some ideas. Which one you eventually work with or not is entirely up to you, your personal goals and preferences. Our advice and tips are also completely without obligation.