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Have you just googled reliable survey sites to make money there?

With completing paid surveys?

But do you only come across, or mainly, Dutch sites?

Bummer , because you can only participate if you actually live in the Netherlands.

Fortunately, we also have a Top 10 best paid surveys in Belgium for you!

best paid surveys in Belgium

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Why a separate list?

We have a separate Top 10 with the highest paid surveys for the Netherlands and Belgium, and that's not without reason. The main reason for this is that the research agencies behind the websites are organized by country. They do this because their customers always want to have their surveys carried out among a certain target group , where the country is very important. That is why the panels also adhere to this. You often even see that the companies have a separate site or panel for each country.

To keep this watertight, you can only register yourself in the actual country where you live and have a bank account . You can therefore never participate in survey panels in several countries at the same time, in principle. It is of course always possible that you live or have lived in both countries.

In addition, we also have separate lists because there are differences in the quotations of the different websites and panels. We will explain why this is the case below. But by giving you two different top lists, we can also advise you better which are better per state.

Why are there differences?

If you compare the Belgian Top 10 with the Dutch top list, you will notice that there are still differences in which are the best and reliable. Firstly, regarding which panels are included at all, secondly, the ranking . Because even though the same companies are behind it, they score differently per country.

The reason for the first difference is quite simple: a number of research agencies are only active in 1 of the two countries, or in any case only in one country. For example, LOTTIE is active in Belgium but not in the Netherlands. The second difference may well be due to the region. The rules of the game may be the same, but the clients who carry out the studies at the office do differ. This means that the number of studies / questionnaires you can make can be quite different. And with that also the final extra income or total income per month.

For example, you see that I-Say shows quite a difference between the different states. By the way, don't let the name of the agencies guide you alone, because Opinionland, as it is called in NL, also has a Belgian brother, but this one is called Opinionworld.

Dutch or French?

The websites we recommend for Belgians can also be used in Dutch and French, making them suitable for Flanders and Wallonia. The studies and surveys that are published are also available in different languages, often you can choose this as an option in the questionnaire itself.

Which language you speak and write does not matter whether you can participate in a survey panel, that really goes per country. Certainly because you can also choose a language in the survey yourself, you will always get it right.

Are these the only sites?

No, these are only the best 10 per nation. That is more than enough to have enough work as an extra income. Or as a homework to a job or as a housewife / house husband. Together with all those ten you can make at least $ 500 per month, depending on the time you are willing to put in.

On our reviews and experiences page you will also find reviews from other survey sites. So if you have a site in mind to participate in, always check our list because they may not have such a good rating at all. In any case, it is a bad sign if a website is not in our top 10, but you get that.

Do the sites work the same in both countries?

The sites actually work the same in all countries worldwide nowadays. Of course there can be a difference in the reward because certain gift vouchers are only interesting for Belgians or Dutch. But certainly no difference. Read more on our page about making money by completing surveys how the whole process works.

There you will find all kinds of information about how to get started, what you should and should not do and how you can ensure that you earn the most. The most important tip is already mentioned in the Top 10: registering with multiple survey sites ensures that you already receive more invitations to participate in paid surveys, so that you can ultimately earn more!

Have you tested the Belgian sites?

Yes, but we had to ask Belgian friends that. We were able to form a good picture in this way. It must be said that many of our 10 favorites are active in both countries and also work with exactly the same systems, so our expectations were therefore largely fulfilled.

But we would indeed like to answer this question, because we ourselves as Dutch people cannot assess whether, for example, the payment of balance to bank accounts will arrive, nor can we register at sites that only work in Belgian.

However, we notice that our southern neighbors often find their way to our website via the online internet and we would also like to be able to provide them with advice! That is why we gladly took this detour for you. And it also applies to you: you are completely free to determine which sites you register yourself with or not, this is only our vision. Good luck, and we hope you can earn nice amounts.