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Do you want to earn coupons?

You can do this very well by completing surveys!

In this article we give you the best sites where you can do this reliably .

With some extra tips to get as much out of it as possible :-)

In this article:

The best survey sites (that pay in receipts)

Below you can find in a Top 8 what the best panels are where you can earn coupons / gift certificates by completing surveys / questionnaires. The ranking is based on how reliable a panel is and how much you can earn with it per month.

We recommend that you register yourself with several of these agencies because you will also earn more . Simply because you will then have more studies to complete.

NB: these are Dutch sites, look here for the best Belgian sites .

Panel Receipts
1. Toluna
  • online gift card
  • Magazine coupon
  • Decathlon gift card
  • Zalando online discount code
  • iTunes online credit card
2. Opinion country
  • VVV Iris check
  • Media Markt receipt
  • Powder keg gift card
  • HEMA Gift Certificate
  • Douglas gift card
  • Zalando online voucher
  • map
  • Coolblue gift card
  • Blokker coupon
3. I-Say (Ipsos)
  • coupon
  • VVV Gift Voucher
  • IKEA receipt
  • Zalando online coupon
4. GFK Panel
  • gift voucher
  • Playstation Store credit card
  • Wehkamp gift voucher
  • Ticketmaster gift card
5. Survey Club
  • Pathé cinema ticket
  • Webshop gift card
  • De Bijenkorf gift card
  • Zalando gift voucher
  • MANGO gift card
  • Amazon gift card
  • gift voucher
  • Book coupon
  • VT Wonen gift card
  • Douglas gift card
  • Hema gift voucher
  • Media Markt gift card
6. Valuable
-_- Opinion
  • Gift Card
  • National Enternainment card
7. Quickthoughts
  • Mobile app
  • Earn iTunes credit
  • or coupons
8. TakeABreak
  • various gift vouchers

More good paid surveys

However, there are more good websites where you can participate in research for a fee. But they do not pay out in coupons, but in a different way . Think of ordinary money to your bank account, via PayPal or payouts in gifts, raffles and prizes. Some donate to charities.

This also pays off to participate and in fact: there are sites here that are actually better in terms of how much you can earn with them, than the sites in the table above! So take a look at our general Top 10 survey sites !

How exactly does it work?

But how do these types of sites and the agencies behind them actually work? We will explain that to you. In any case, it is good to know that they all have roughly the same working method. There are a few nuances , one of which is the payment method. You already read that above, the others will come along automatically if you read on.

It is important to mention that signing up to these types of online survey panels is always completely free. It never costs you anything, you do not have to pay to participate. Moreover, registration is also without obligation. There is therefore never an obligation to participate in, for example, a minimum number of studies.

Registration requires that you enter your personal data. Your name and e-mail, but often also more information. This may be necessary to pay you, for example, such as your address details or bank account. Always make sure that the sites where you orient yourself and eventually become a member are affiliated with the correct industry organizations. This means that they must meet a large number of conditions that guarantee the (privacy) security of your personal information. All sites that we recommend / appoint have those quality marks.

After signing up you will always be asked to tell us more about yourself. This is often called a profile search or additional profile characteristics. Answering these questions will not reward you, but it is very important. This determines in which target groups you all fall. Based on this, you will receive the correct examinations.

If this does not go well because you provide too little or incorrect / outdated information, you will see that you will receive an invitation for a survey, but after a few questions you will have to stop the survey without mercy. You will therefore not be awarded any compensation. And you cannot blame the panel if you do not fill in this information / keep it up-to-date. So do that regularly!

Once fully enrolled, you will automatically be invited to participate in surveys by email or app if available. Usually these are questionnaires, but sometimes you also view advertisements or websites to assess, or you can test a product. Online discussion forums are also increasingly used. You don't see a lot of telephone surveys anymore.

In the invitation you will always see what the approximate duration of an investigation will be, plus what the merit is. Based on that, you can decide for yourself whether you want to participate and whether you have enough time. Again, it is all without obligation and not mandatory!

Completion is usually online and can be done via any device with internet. So your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This may depend on (the type of) research. You can also have a preference yourself, for example filling in / clicking is often a bit faster with a mouse. Always give sincere answers, because the surveys often include a quality check.

After completing a questionnaire or other type of research, you will usually receive the credit immediately. This is therefore immediately added to the balance in your personal account. Depending on the panel, you can have this paid out at a certain minimum. Often this is per $ 10, but sometimes from $ 5, -

Other ways to earn coupons

There are also other easy ways of making money on the internet where you can have the earnings paid out in coupons. You can also earn this with online savings programs by doing simple things like reading advertising emails, clicking on banners and giving likes on social media.

Finally, you can also earn them at cashback sites , where you get money back on your purchases at affiliated web stores. Up to 15% on top of offers at thousands of web shops, including all big names such as, Coolblue, Wehkamp etc .. In fact: even if you settle with your earned gift cards, you will still receive a cashback amount!