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give your opinion

Would you like to give your opinion?

Do you enjoy thinking about how things can be improved?

That's good, because you can earn money with it!

How? By participating in paid research / completing surveys.

Just participate online and for free , preferably with the best and reliable websites of course.

best paid survey sites reliably

Indeed, by that we mean you have to hit that red button above! These are the reliable and best paid panels in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Further in this article:

What can you give your opinion about?

Well, not about what! It differs a bit per panel that the studies are about. One party focuses more on assessing advertisements, the other more on trying out websites. The lion's share is about brands and existing products, but sometimes you can also assess completely new ideas or even try them at home! We got to try a whole new flavor of chips at home ... and a shaver: D

The subjects that we have mainly seen are: beer, breakfast cereals, snacks, advertisements, websites, radio stations, TV programs, juices, drinking yoghurt, electrical appliances, your work, use of public transport and much more.

How can you give it?

The way in which you can convey your opinion differs enormously. Most studies are in the form of questionnaires. Nowadays actually all via the internet, so online surveys. There are also parties that conduct telephone surveys, but that almost never happens again.

Sometimes it is still the case that you are allowed to give your opinion about a video, advertisement or website. You first look at it and then fill in the questions. You can also try out a physical product at home. During and after a certain period of time, you complete surveys via the internet and if you have returned the product, if applicable, you will receive the reward.

Finally, nowadays you see more and more panels that use online discussions. Then you are in a live group conversation to share your opinion about arguments, which is great fun! They do as much as possible to make filling in less boring than it used to be.

There are also parties that have very nice apps so that you can just grab your phone or tablet. Extra easy, and flexible for when you are on the bus or have to wait for the next train. Can you still use that time usefully?

Why are you getting paid for it?

Survey panels themselves are often part of a research agency, or they conduct their market research on behalf of a large agency. They in turn work for large companies, non-profit organizations, institutions and governments. So they instruct what should be investigated.

Of course they don't do it for nothing. Their goal is in fact always to improve their products, services, service or marketing. All with the aim of ultimately being able to sell even more! Sometimes agencies also conduct research to sell the results to the press. The latter is often about public opinion or politics.

But the bottom line is that the results of the research can be profitable. And so they are more than happy to pay for it. All the more so because they know that they will receive fairer answers and can determine the target group and sample in advance.

How do you get paid?

There are several options. You can fill in surveys and earn coupons (gift certificates for, VVV coupons etc.), which you will receive electronically by e-mail or post. If you just want money to your bank account, you can sometimes do this by normal transfer, and sometimes this goes through PayPal.

Incidentally, you can often only pay out at a certain minimum balance that you must have earned together. This usually ranges from 5 to 10 US dollars. But since studies often yield 50 cents to a few euros, you can do that quickly enough!

How much can you earn with it?

That depends a bit. Especially how much time you have for it. Because you get the compensation for every completed survey . The more you fill in here, the more income you can generate. In any case, you should use the 10 best survey sites because they pay the most!

With that you can already bring in a few hundred US dollars per month. Not bad right? If you want to earn even more, we have written an extensive review of every other notable survey site in the Netherlands and Belgium on the basis of which you can determine whether it is a good number 11 to add to the list of panels where you become a member. See the link below in the footer. But first use those other ten!

Is there a catch?

No. As long as you register yourself with the parties that we recommend, you are first of all protected by the AVG law so that your data and privacy are always guaranteed. The answers you get can never be traced back to you. The sites have had to get characteristics and verifications for this and they are under control.

But most importantly, participation is free and does not cost any money. With a number of panels you even receive a registration bonus ! Moreover, there is never an obligation. You do not have to participate, an invitation for a survey is always without obligation . But if you don't participate, you don't earn anything, you understand.