10 x Earning Money Reading / Clicking Emails

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reading emails for money

Do you also read your emails for hours on end?

And can you click away most of them without viewing them?

At least you get paid for that ...

And in your spare time? Then!

Yes really, it is a more than good way of making money online easily and reliably.

In this article:

Where can you read emails for money?

Of course, not everyone will pay you because you read an email. First, you should always click on a link in the message to get your compensation, it is equally important to emphasize that. But then again, who is going to give you a reward for it?

That is supposedly making money through online savings programs . These internet sites are sometimes referred to as get-paid-to websites (GPT sites) because you get paid for simple things like these. It was one of the first ways of making money on the internet and has been around since the last century!

Which savings programs are the best?

Okay so you have to go to these kind of websites to earn some extra money this way, but which ones are the best of their kind? We have listed the 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands for you. We have tested them all for you ourselves by becoming a member and as a mystery shopper to give a rating on a number of points that we find important.

Of course it is important that you earn reasonably with it, where we look at the earnings per email read, but also at the number of emails you can click per month. Because the more clicks , the more you earn. In addition to earning potential, reliability is very important. Because you have to actually get the money you earned into your bank account before you can do something with it again!

The aforementioned savings programs in our Top 10 fully meet this requirement. An important tip is that you should definitely register yourself with several because then you will earn a lot more money! The more, the better actually, so just do all ten :-)

How much do you earn by reading emails?

You will receive compensation for each e-mail you read. This differs per savings program and sometimes also per type of email. The pay varies. From 0.5 cents to 2 cents, but is usually 1 cent. This doesn't seem like much, but don't be mistaken , opening an email and clicking takes only 2 seconds of work!

If you are a bit handy with your laptop and you have a good mouse then you just have 30 clicks per minute, which is converted back to 18 US dollars per hour . Not bad at all, do we think ?! You can also grab your phone or tablet by the way, that just works too. You can expect up to 10 emails per program per week.

The advantage of savings programs is that they have even more simple earning ways to generate even more earning, such as clicking banners, cashback, filling out surveys, playing games and so on. So with the 8 best savings programs together, everyone can simply earn a few hundred euros per month.

Why do you actually get paid for it?

Yes, that is a good question, because what good is it for them that you open all those emails and click on them? Well of course they also get paid for it! Companies switch up the savings programs to get their promotions to your attention. Commercial agreements have been made per click or sometimes per sale. Note that you can often earn extra by responding to the promotions from the advertising emails. That way you save your balance extra quickly.

Ultimately, it simply boils down to the fact that the savings program actually shares with you part of their own reward that they receive from their client. Because they know that you will come back + that you would also like to participate in the (cashback) promotions. That way you both gain something with it.