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Okay, so you want to make money by participating in studies?

Then you can test medicines as a volunteer, for example.

But then you are a medical test subject and there is quite a risk involved ...

There are easier types of research that can make money!

Market research into consumer behavior and your opinion mainly.

In this article:

Complete surveys via the internet

The most accessible way to earn money from research is to complete surveys. Just make questionnaires and receive a good reward for it. A lot of people do this as an easy extra income.

You can do it very easily on a laptop, tablet or phone and whenever you feel like and have time for it. From home, but also while on the train, for example, all you need is internet!

There are a lot of research agencies that offer this, but there are many differences in quality . With the best you will of course receive a higher compensation and the examinations are more pleasant. They also offer additional options such as a mobile app.

Finally, reliability is also important, because there are quite a few research panels where there are many complaints about the earnings not being paid out! That is why we have researched this ourselves by simply becoming a member everywhere.

Result: These are the 10 best paid online survey sites . You should therefore register yourself there and not with other parties. Then you earn the most money and you run no risk.

Test products at home

But there is more than simple questionnaires. Via the above Top 10 panels you can also regularly participate in product tests. How nice is that! Then you will receive an article at home and you can try it out for a certain period and give your opinion about it.

These are often new product ideas that have yet to come onto the market, where you can still influence the final result. Maybe they make adjustments with your feedback or the product never comes out at all!

We have already tested several things ourselves, ranging from snacks such as new potato chips flavors to lengthy testing periods of an electrical device. And the great thing is, this pays really well! And sometimes you can also keep the product ...

Assess advertisements and websites

Another fun kind of research that the Top 10 research sites also do is ask your opinion about commercials and videos. And sometimes you can also rate websites. The cool thing here is again that, for example, an advertisement for Heineken or Grolsch is not yet on TV at all, but that you get to see the concept.

And if you don't like it, then someone may never get to see it on TV! So you can really make a difference what can later be seen in the commercial block of, say, RTL, Veronica or SBS ... or a company adjusts its website completely for years because you find out that you cannot easily find the right information at all.

Online group discussions

We still stick with the same Top 10 Best Survey Panels because there is one more survey method they use, which is to have online discussion with a group. This can be done in various forms.

You can think of a forum discussion, a live group conversation via chat or real sound, or some other form. The only problem with this method is that there is a fixed time or period when everyone must be present otherwise it will not work.

The whole advantage of this type of research is that there is a certain interaction between the different people and that the researchers can also steer the conversations in the right direction in the meantime.

Is participation free?

Yes of course, and without any obligation! This means that you are never obliged to participate in a particular survey or that you must complete a minimum number of surveys per month or something. At the best survey panel you even immediately receive a starting bonus of $ 2.55 if you have just registered yourself.

How much do you earn with this?

Wow you will think, never knowing that you have so many types of research with which you can earn money so easily and flexibly. But the key question is of course how much you can save from this ?!

Well that will surprise you , although it depends on how much time you have. If you participate in all ten panels that we recommend as the 10 best paid surveys in the Netherlands / Belgium (we have made a separate list for you for both) then this can be more than just an extra income.

You can simply earn a few hundred US dollars per month. Yes really, $ 200 to $ 300 every month! The only caveat is that the number of invitations you receive to participate in surveys does depend strongly on the target group you are joining.

This is because companies conduct their research among a group of people whose opinions it is actually interesting to know. For example, the Heineken advertisements assess what we mentioned earlier, well they only ask people who sometimes drink beer of course because if you do not drink alcohol or only wine, then you are not a potential customer.

And you can extend that comparison to all studies. So you may receive a different number of surveys depending on your demographics or lifestyle.

In closing, an important tips about this: it sometimes happens that you receive an invitation for a survey where it is actually not for your target group, which is annoying because you are going to start with enthusiasm but you still have to stop within a few questions without any compensation.

To prevent this, we recommend that you always fill in your details correctly and as completely as possible at the survey panels. We also call these profile characteristics and are questions about your age and education, for example, but also family composition and consumer behavior.

Also keep it up to date, because the more the panel knows about you, the more targeted they can invite you to the right questionnaires. Not only do you avoid disappointment, the better survey sites also give you a reward for it.