10 x Earning Money Clicking Banners

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Annoying, isn't it, all those advertisements on the internet?

You can't Google a topic or you will be chased with all kinds of ads for months to come!

But what if you could just make money with that annoying and glaring banner?

Which can! And it is super easy too.

We're going to explain below, you can get started right away!

In this article:

1. Where you can click banners

It sounds nice and well, getting paid to click a little on banners, but where can you do that at all? Well, that is possible with so-called online savings programs. This is also called get-paid-to websites, because that is what it is called in America and that is where it once originated.

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It has this name because you are paid for performing certain simple tasks. And one of the most common of these is the paid click banners. But there are more simple actions that earn you money, such as reading emails, playing games and much more.

There are a lot of sites like this, but unfortunately there are also a lot of bad ones underneath. And by that we mean sites that require you to participate in account score promotions (which cost you money instead of making money, such as Zinngeld), or programs where experiences show that your earnings are not paid at all. Did you do all that work for free!

That is why we have researched it and we have come to a Top 10 best internet savings programs in the Netherlands . These deserve the best because they give the highest rewards, and what's more, we've tested them all ourselves to see if they're reliable. The best is Euroclix , but do register with multiple websites because then you can also earn more!

2. Why do you get paid?

Okay, so those savings programs give you a reward for clicking on an ad banner. But why do they actually do that? The answer is of course somewhat obvious: they deserve something for yourself!

They receive a fee from the advertiser if they bring visitors to the website behind the click, or a commission if through those clicks something is actually bought from the party whose advertisement is.

However, to get people to click and especially to keep making those clicks, they just share that income with you so that you both get something from it, win-win! Quite a smart model, don't you think?

3. How much do you earn with it?

Only with the banners (which is Dutch for banners) you do not earn tons of money, just think of 1 cent per click on average. But yes, it also only takes 1 second of your time. And because you can often make multiple clicks, and also be a member of several savings programs at the same time, it can be a funny extra income.

Especially because you always get that cent for every e-mail read, you can earn with games, bring friends, jackpot draws, cashback shopping, give likes on social media, participate in (free) promotions, sign up for newsletters and often very much more. With all 9 best savings programs together, you can easily grab $ 300 per month !

4. Earning even more simple

Isn't it surprising that it is so easy to earn money on the internet? But there are many more ways than just the get-paid-to sites to do this! Be sure to read our article about simply making money . In it, we explain the 4 best ways to easily earn extra online.

And that is more than a small extra income, that can be a small extra income every month! Because just to give you an important point from that article: savings programs are not even number 1, and not even number 2 on that list!

5. Other ways of earning via the internet

Are there only 4 methods to make money online as the paragraph above suggests? No of course not. But we dare not label the other methods that we can recommend to you as “simple”. Why not?

Well, these take a little more thinking. A pre-investment (such as setting up your own website or webshop), or have a certain risk that they entail (such as investing, in whatever form). You can read this in our article earn a lot of money in a short time .

The advantage is that this extra work also pays for itself in more income! As the title suggests indeed. In fact: with the methods we mention there you can score a complete income, maybe start your own company and eventually end up as a mega rich internet entrepreneur !

But of course that does not happen automatically. And you will not see euros in your bank account tomorrow if you create your own website or start as an affiliate marketer. This is more of a game for the longer term, but if you really want to and go for it, everyone can succeed.

We are not brilliant either, but we no longer have to work for a boss… and that is wonderful, isn't it?

Investing is not something that we have done before, because we do not like risk at all. But this can be an option for you. If you can control yourself in the casino, you can also do that on the stock exchange. And then you can make bigger profits there than you think possible. Read whether it is something for you in our free Money Investing Step-by-step plan .

And if you think you need a lot of capital to be able to think of investing that you are wrong, just have a look at our article Investing with little money, already works with 10 US dollars!