Fill out a survey for LOL ?!

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Do you enjoy taking a survey for fun?

That is convenient!

Indeed, there are quite a few sites where you can participate in surveys and polls, and most of them give you another reward.

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You read that right: it is not only fun to participate, but also provides a funny extra income.

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Why taking surveys is fun

The nice thing is that there are many different types of research, in terms of subject but also in terms of methodology. Not just boring questionnaires (although you might find that funny), but all kinds of things, such as testing products, viewing advertisements, reviewing websites, group discussions, etc. The topics can also be anything from your favorite drink to your opinion about a brand cereal, and from work to hobbies.

Some panels even give you as a member the opportunity to post questions / polls in the community, how cool is that ?!

Moreover, your opinion matters because you really make a difference! Are they going to adjust that product? Will that commercial be on TV? etc. Sometimes results are even regularly in the news.

Why it is also valuable

That your opinion matters is because it is really valuable. The value of it is that the companies that commission the studies can make improvements in their products, marketing communications and websites based on the results. With which they will earn extra money at the bottom of the line.

In addition, there is a social interest, because it is not without reason that results are sometimes in the news. In surveys on (sensitive) subjects you can almost consider it as a mini-referendum how the Dutch think about certain matters.

To ensure that the results remain truly valuable, the survey panels only look for good members who are loyal and loyal. But they must also have enough at the same time. So they want to retain those good respondents, and then they do by giving a reward as a thank you for your input. With that they can also expect something from you: it will be checked whether you fill in the surveys fairly. So it works both ways.

Types of Rewards

If you are really not about the money but only about the entertainment, then in almost all cases you can have your earned rewards transferred to a charity. Clini Clowns, the Heart Foundation, there is often enough choice!

If you find extra income a pleasant side effect, you can also monetize it. In the form of gifts, or coupons / gift certificates from, for example, But also in real money. Sometimes this is done via PayPal, and in other cases you will simply receive the money directly into your bank account.

What you should pay attention to

Even if it's not about the money, there are a few things to keep in mind. To make sure it doesn't lead to problems.


If you participate in surveys, you not only have to give your opinion, but also fill in a lot of personal information. This determines whether you fall into a target group, which in turn determines which surveys you can participate in.

To a large extent, this is also privacy-sensitive information because it concerns personal data. So you want them to be kept safe and not misused. A number of quality marks have been drawn up for this in the industry. All survey sites in our top 10 comply with this.


Another important point is whether the site or research agency behind it is reliable. Especially when earnings are involved. For example, if you make a donation to one of the Charities of your choice, will it arrive? And if you have your balance paid out yourself, will it end up in your bank account / will you receive the gift card?

We determine this based on our own experiences, by secretly registering ourselves as a “mystery guest” as a regular member and testing this, but also on the basis of other reviews and feedback and complaints that we receive ourselves. For example, there are quite a number of panels that we advise against on the basis of this, while again the list with the 10 best survey sites scored well on this.


As soon as you start earning from your surveys, no matter how little this is, this is officially an extra income that you must report to the tax authorities. This also applies to all additional earnings you have, via the internet or otherwise, you must report this in your tax return.

You can read more about how this works in our article Filling Out Paid Surveys & Taxes. What about that? How to give it up, how much tax it will ultimately cost you and as a bonus a tip on how to earn money online without having to pay tax on it!