4 x Earning money with Click / Read Ads

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clicks on ads for money

Are you crazy about all those ads nowadays?

An average person sees an advertisement 10,000 times a day , according to research ...

So much so that our brains start to block them while we actually perceive them.

But sometimes they are fun too, because you can earn money by clicking them!

How? We will explain that to you.

In this article:

1. Paid advertising emails

Perhaps one of the most annoying forms of advertising is email. All that spam that you find in your inbox nowadays is really not normal anymore! It seems like everyone has your email address. And we don't even mean those weird phishing emails or strange advertisements for medicines and drugs.

But you can earn money by reading / clicking these emails . You can read more about it in the article behind the link, but in short: online savings programs send you targeted advertising emails containing the latest offers and promotions from their partners. You will be reimbursed by e-mail that you receive, usually 1 cent.

This might not seem like much, but on the other hand you do n't have to do anything except click on the link in the email and you're done. And because you get quite a few emails, especially if you register yourself with several of the 10 best savings programs , you can still do quite a bit with them.

And if you accept those promotions and buy something via the link, for example, you will receive an extra reward for it! This way you also earn something back on your purchase. This is also called cashback, but more about that later ...

2. Click banners

Another form of advertising that is very popular with companies these days, and you have noticed that, is online bannering. Hardly any website is free of this these days, and some make it so colorful that there is more advertising space than actual content.

You can also earn money with this through online savings programs . There are several types of paid banners on offer, but the most common are two:

  1. Paid click banners, which actually work a bit in the same way as the click emails, because you receive a fixed fee of often 0.5 or 1 cent per click.
  2. The other form is so-called “click and win” banners. Not everyone who clicks receives a fee, but for example every 100th clicker receives a prize of 10 cents. So here you have to be lucky.

3. Cashback promotions

We already mentioned it, but with the aforementioned banners and advertisement emails you can earn more than the one-time fee you get by clicking on them. Namely by going in to the presentation of the actual promotion. This is often also mentioned in advance.

In most cases this is a form of cashback. For example, there is an offer that if you buy something or take out a subscription, you get money back . That is why the phenomenon is also called “cash-back”, as in the English translation of “money-back”.

The nice thing is that you can get a standard discount at certain web shops up to 15% via special cashback sites . In addition to current offers! We tell you more about it on our page earn money with cashback . Be sure to read it, because it will earn you free money! You save several percentages on just about everything you buy, and that easily yields $ 1,000 per year.

4. Review ads

Fun fact, especially if you are irritated by the sometimes lousy quality of advertisements and commercials on, for example, TV or advertisements before / during videos on YouTube: you can determine whether they will be on TV at all!

Indeed you read it correctly. All those expressions are extensively tested by the marketing departments of companies before they go live. It can cost a fortune if they throw out a bad ad that has the wrong effect.

They test it by having people look at it and ask their opinion on the basis of a short survey / survey. And they are happy to pay for that . By sharing your opinion about an advertising idea, you can earn some extra money, plus you can sometimes ensure that adjustments are made or that it does not make it at all! Sometimes you can also vote which idea is the best.

This process is done through online consumer panels, or survey sites. And let's have compiled a list with the best paid survey sites , for both the Netherlands and Belgium. If you register with multiple sites, you will get more fun studies to participate in and you will also earn more!