6 x Safe & Reliable Home Work (Good Experiences)

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Working from home - online and reliable

Do you want to earn money working from home?

Want to earn some extra money from home?

Or even get a full salary?

Can all be done on your computer nowadays! And anyone can do it .

We give you 6 proven ways. The first 3 are very easy and you can start today, the last 3 are more difficult but will also yield you much more (in the long term)!

In any case, it is more fun and lucrative than administrative or packing work ...

In this article:

1. Participate in paid surveys

This is one of the fastest growing ways to make money from home working. It therefore takes many forms, ranging from surveys / filling in surveys for money, to testing products (trying out at home) to assessing websites and advertisements. More and more people are realizing that this is not only a way to earn extra money easily and well , but that this can also be a lot of fun.

You see more and more websites that offer this type of paid research. However, the quality still differs greatly from all providers. That is why we have investigated this. This resulted in a top 10 best paid survey sites that are reliable. On our review page you will find our experiences of all existing sites. See the link in the footer. Because yes, we have tested all sites ourselves as a mystery guest!

You can get a nice extra income from this, because if you sign up for all panels from the top 10, you will just grab a few hundred US dollars a month.

2. Online savings programs

This is one of the oldest forms of earning via the internet. Simply explained, you will receive a reward for performing all kinds of very simple tasks. Think of reading advertising e-mails and clicking on advertisements , but also playing games or giving likes on Facebook or other social networks will earn you a reward.

That fee per click or like is usually 1 cent or comparable. Just say between 0.5 and 2 cents. This doesn't seem like much, but also keep in mind that it only takes you a few seconds to do. And because you have quite a lot of these types of sites and can do many of these tasks per day, it still provides a nice extra income.

Of course we have also drawn up a Top 10 best savings programs for you here. Make sure to register with several because here too you earn more. Just a few hundred euros per month.

3. Earning money with cashback

Whether cashback is a way of making or saving money is a long debate. But the bottom line is that it will at least give you free money in your wallet that you are still missing out on.

In short, you get money back ("cash-back" = "money-back") on purchases at certain web shops. At the best cashback site in the Netherlands , Euroclix , you even get up to 15% back on all your orders at almost 2500 web shops, in addition to the current promotions and offers!

And this also includes all major partners, such as Bol.com, Wehkamp, ​​Coolbue and so on. Especially since you can buy everything online nowadays (and easily have it delivered to your home), this can yield a huge amount without having to do anything. You will not receive a discount immediately at checkout, but the amount will be refunded to your bank account afterwards via Euroclix .

For an average family alone, this can easily bring in $ 1,000 per year , without going the extra mile to buy as much online as possible. Just think about what you will get back on booking your holiday with cashback! Would you like more background on this phenomenon? Then read the article earn money with cashback .

Affiliate Marketing

The term sounds a bit complicated, but it is certainly not! It actually means no more than that you do marketing on behalf of. So advertise the products of others / other companies than you say.

You do this mainly online, such as via your social media, by email or your own website, for example. And every time someone buys something via your link / advertisement, you will receive a commission! Sometimes really for a sale, but sometimes also a reward for just the click or a free quote request.

Read more about this on our special page make money with affiliate marketing . You will be surprised how simple this is and how easy it is to find companies for whom you can start today. From large web shops to telecom and energy suppliers. And that can bring you a lot, many internet entrepreneurs have already started their own business in this way or have even become rich!

5. Earn with your social media

To zoom in on social networks: affiliate marketing is an option to earn some money, but certainly not the only one. Just think of how many types of social media there are! We have therefore written an article about making money with social media , in which we also refer to all kinds of specific articles about the different networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

The potential here is enormous. Just think about it: they are basically sites where you can join for free and then reach billions of people around the world. You should be able to earn with that, right ?! Here too many people have been so successful that they no longer have to work for a boss.

6. Start your own website or webshop

Many people still think that it is very difficult and technical to start your own site or shop, but nothing could be further from the truth! It is super simple. And a very good way to earn money online. In fact, for most true internet entrepreneurs, this is still the ultimate dream of success.

In our article making money with a website , we give you a number of lessons and tips on how to easily start a site yourself, but also how you can build your own comparison site in 1 minute or a working webshop in just 30 minutes ...

There are plenty of examples of success here. Marktplaats.nl was founded in 1999 and 5 years later eBay would already pay 225 million US dollars (!) For it. Bizarre right? Drukwerkdeal and Coolblue, for example, were also founded by entrepreneurs with guts and vision, and these generated millions.