Earn money 4 x Viewing / Evaluating Advertisements

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watching commercials for money

Are you as good in the movie or other program on TV, "we go to the advertising" ... No!

You come across advertisements everywhere nowadays, also a lot online. Google, YouTube, social media, your mailbox and actually on any website.

That is quite annoying . But we even see so many that we no longer notice it consciously.

However, you can also take advantage of it and make money by putting it just watching. We are happy to explain how.

In this article:

1. Assess complaints

This is perhaps the nicest way to make money ... by watching commercials anyway, but in a different way.

Companies often conduct market research to test whether their commercials are successful . And if so, among which target group, in which region, and what exactly are its effects on the overall image of their brand?

This can be so crucial that they sometimes even research all this before a commercial is even on TV (or on the internet / in the cinema, etc.).

So you are asked for your opinion on an idea for a new commercial or other type of communication. You can then actually determine whether the concept will succeed or not, or whether it will be adjusted. Then you decide what will be on television!

Anyway, it is very important for companies because it involves a lot of money. A marketing campaign costs the company a lot, but can also bring in a lot of extra turnover ... So they are more than happy to pay to think carefully about what works and what does not.

You can participate in these surveys by registering yourself with online research agencies where these surveys are released. We also call this survey panels or survey sites. We have researched this ourselves and have drawn up a Top 10 with the best paid survey sites in the Netherlands and Belgium .

It is quite an interesting earnings model, because for a research you earn 1-5 US dollars at a time. And if you register yourself with several of those panels, you will also receive enough surveys to earn well in total. Just a few hundred US dollars per month.

2. Read advertising e-mail

Another, quite annoying form of 'advertising', if you can call it that, is via email. Think of newsletters, but often also unwanted e-mail such as spam. All intended to sell you something of course. Usually, of course, you immediately delete them to your recycle bin / trash, and you don't read them at all.

But you can also receive these kinds of emails and earn extra money with them! You get this kind of paid “click mails” from online savings programs . They will pay you a fee for participating in this. All you have to do is click on a link for your compensation in every email. That is about 1 cent for most parties.

Doesn't seem like much, but remember that it only takes you a second to click. And because you receive a lot of emails and you can also easily register for several of these types of programs, you will be left with a nice amount.

Especially because savings programs offer many more of these simple actions with which you can earn comparable rewards. Think of playing games, clicking on banners, but also completing surveys for money and even shopping for cashback. As a result, the income can still quickly add up to hundreds of euros per month, depending on how active you are.

Then register with (several sites of) the Top 10 best savings programs without an account score . They are all reliable and you earn the most. Be sure to read why we specifically only mention programs without an account score. That has a very good reason.

3. Click advertising banners

You read it above as, but you also earn money with savings programs by clicking or banners. This comes in two forms : banners / links with a fixed fee, often 0.5 or a whole cent, or a so-called click & win banner. With the latter, every umpteenth clicker wins a price of, for example, 10 or 50 cents. This is often every 100 or 1000 clicks.

Just like the paid mails, it may not be the highest reward, but because it is nice and fast and you usually have several banners, you can click through and still get a nice extra income. Again, you have to register yourself with multiple savings programs because you earn more that way.

4. Participate in paid advertisements

The emails and banners you click on in the above earning methods may also yield you more than just that one cent for your click. The action behind it is often also an offer or promotion where you not only receive an (exclusive) discount, but often also a reward!

For example, you sometimes get a reward for ordering a free sample package of something, or you already receive a credit for subscribing to a newsletter or requesting a free and no-obligation quote (for something you ultimately do not have to buy).

And we already mentioned it above, but all savings programs now also offer a cashback discount, so even if it is not a free promotion, you will still get money back!