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affiliate marketing network Daisycon

Affiliate marketing, anyone can start with this and earn easily, even without any knowledge . Why you can read in our article making money with affiliate marketing .

An affiliate network is a party where you can register yourself as an affiliate marketer (also known as a “publisher”). Free and without obligation.

Companies also do that on the other side with products and campaigns. As a member you can advertise this on a commission basis.

The great thing is that the network also provides promotional material such as banners, and also takes care of settlement / invoicing. In addition, there are many great analysis tools available. And all that for multiple companies and products in one place!

There are several such networks, but only one can be the best . By the way, that is Daisycon , we explain why we think this.

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Publishers support

Especially as a beginner, but also if you are a bit more experienced, it is important that you have good support from the network you are a member of. After all, it is precisely the advantage of a network that certain things are arranged for you, than that a lot of knowledge is available that you can learn from and benefit from.

This starts with education about how affiliate marketing works, how the network and platform works and clear explanations of the campaigns and rules. This prevents you from doing a lot of work for nothing.

Affiliate marketing is typically something with which you really have to build something to earn money, such as traffic to your website or social media, and the faster you can monetize this the better.

It helps if there is a lot of material available to use, such as ready-made templates for email marketing and online banners. You only have to cut and paste this and you're done!

It is also useful to be able to add tracking IDs yourself for extra good analysis of your campaigns, plus the possibility of creating deep links for when you want to link to specific (product) pages

Available campaigns

When you start, you often focus your efforts within one particular niche or product group. We recommend that in any case. But if you get a little further, you will likely expand into multiple types of markets and product categories. Then it is nice that you have all your campaigns under one roof within the same network. A wide range with variation is therefore nice.

Analysis and tracking tools

Very important for optimizing your campaigns is a good insight into your clicks and conversions. What is successful and what does not work? The more data is available and is made transparent, the better it is.

This way you can analyze which days or times work better to post something, from which locations or devices you get the most click-through traffic, and even which specific page or banner works best.


Especially if you are just starting out, you want to be able to collect your earned money as quickly as possible. But how this can be done could make a difference. The speed in particular also plays a role, how long does it take until a conversion has been approved and then paid out?

Unique Selling Points

All additional innovations can qualify for a listing here. As long as it adds value for the publisher.

Scores Daisycon

Publishers support

Daisycon offers a handy beginner's guide with all kinds of basic information so that you can get off to a flying start and quickly understand everything. In addition, there is a lot of good explanation and support where you will receive quick answers about your questions. In addition to all this, there is an educational blog where you can find many tips and tricks.

Each campaign has easy to place links and banners, where you can generate the links yourself, also deep links, but also get the complete HTML code that you can take over.

Available campaigns

Daisycon is the largest network in the Netherlands. This means that not only do you have a lot of different companies in their network (1600+) that you can work for, but also a diverse range with many different web shops and large companies.

The latter is useful, because large companies have often invested a lot of money and time in optimizing their own websites and campaigns. So if you link to that, the chance that something will actually be bought is many times greater than if you link to a small company that pays less attention to this. And therefore more chance of a commission for you!

Analysis and tracking tools

Very good platform available, with a custom dashboard that you can set up yourself. Very handy. In addition to the standard links, you can also create deep links yourself to link to a page of your choice on the provider's website. This gives you many more options to refer to another website.

Regarding tracking, most campaigns have long cookie times. This means that even if someone buys something for example 30 days after clicking on your link, you will still receive a commission! That is very nice. As a large network, Daisycon can negotiate this slightly better than small networks, and that is an advantage for you. Some campaigns even have a cookie time of 100 days!


You have several options here. Not only can money be transferred to your bank account, you can also choose Paypal and Bitcoin. Moreover, it does not matter whether you are a private person or registered with the Chamber of Commerce, you will simply be paid. As a private individual this is inclusive of VAT, as an entrepreneur they add the VAT to your realized turnover. You will also receive a nice automatic invoice, you do not have to prepare it yourself.

In addition, you can also pay out very quickly: the default setting is that Daisycon must first have the money from the advertising company before you are paid. But for only 1.95% of your turnover you will receive it immediately and Daisycon takes the risk for you that the company will pay the invoice too late or not at all, service!

Unique Selling Points

What Daisycon does very well is that they have many providers within the same product category. With that they can offer something very cool: automatic comparators. Also called widgets, which you can easily paste on your website.

So you have your own comparison site within minutes without any knowledge. The possibilities are extensive:

  • Telecom (TV, internet, telephony)
  • Mobile telephony & SIM only
  • Energy suppliers
  • Health insurance
  • Funeral insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Holidays
  • Car insurance
  • Accounting programs
  • Dating sites

You just need to paste the code on your site and the comparator will appear automatically. The latest information about prices and offers is always loaded here.

Affiliate network versus affiliate programs

A network there you will find several campaigns / products / companies. There is an intermediary, so that costs you a little margin, but often also yields a lot such as tracking and analysis tools, no or fewer administrative actions such as drawing up invoices.

A partner program is often from a company itself, and is specific to their own product. This is not always a guarantee for a higher commission, but sometimes it is. Think 500 affliates from Plus500 paying up to $ 200- $ 800 CPA for a referred investor.