10 x Answering Questions for Money

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Answering questions in, for example, polls and other types of surveys is quite fun!

You give your opinion on all kinds of interesting topics.

But did you know that completing these types of questionnaires can also earn you money ?

In fact, a very good merit !

In this article:

Best paid questionnaires

If you want to make money by creating questionnaires (surveys), it is important that you choose the sites that pay the best and are also reliable .

There are countless websites that say that you can participate in market research for a fee. After all, it is a very popular way to earn some extra online.

Unfortunately, those panels are not all equally good. That is why we have researched it ourselves by registering ourselves as “mystery guest”. Result is a Top 10 best survey sites .

Both a separate list for the Netherlands and one for Belgium. So register with those sites. If a site where you want to participate is not listed, check our reviews page to see if we have written a (negative) review about it.

We have the panels not only tested on how much you earn, but also to whether the reliability is in order: get your earned money be paid properly and is dealt neatly with your personal information?

best paid survey sites

How it works

Registering yourself with survey sites is free and without obligation . This means that you don't have to pay anything to participate. In fact, the best panels even give you a starting bonus immediately upon registration.

You are not obliged to participate in studies after that. You are allowed to know what you do or do not participate in. Maybe you don't have time, the topic is not fun or you think the reward is too low.

After registering, you will receive invitations to participate in questionnaires in your email (or app if you install it). It always states how long it will take to complete it, what it is about and what the reward is for it.

After completing a survey, you will immediately receive the reward in your account and you can have it paid out from a minimum amount. Depending on which panel you participate in, this can be in money to your bank account, money to your paypal or in various gift vouchers.

Why are you getting paid for it?

Survey websites are usually (part of) research agencies themselves, or they administer the questionnaires on behalf of such a party. However, they almost always commission (large / international) companies, charities, associations and governments. They are the ones who are looking for answers to certain questions. They pay the agencies to find an answer.

And that is not just like that. The restltaten they can become, as the investigation is well utigevoerd, their products very efficiently, services, services, improve advertising or sales. As long as it generates more sales.

It is also possible that the surveys are conducted to gauge opinions about social affairs or politics. These are outcomes that an agency can use well to advertise itself through news and press releases, for example.

Because there is a benefit to the studies, a financial benefit that is, people are more than willing to pay respondents to participate. This also ensures that they have a loyal group of members who provide honest answers.

How much you can earn

How many invitations you receive depends a bit on your profile characteristics. These are your personal details. Questionnaires are distributed by companies to a specific group of people who are valuable for their research. They will not question the opinion about a shampoo for men among women, for example, and the opinion about tampons not among men… etc.

That is why it is very important that you properly fill in those profile characteristics after your registration. That way they know which surveys apply to you and the chance that you will be invited to the wrong surveys is much smaller.

If this does happen, you may start with enthusiasm, but after a few questions you still have to stop without reward . It does mean that if you fall into a less popular target group , you will receive fewer questionnaires.

That is why it is important to register yourself with multiple survey sites , because you will receive more invitations for different surveys. Preferably just with the entire top 10 best paid survey sites . We dare to say that you can just earn $ 100 to $ 300 per month!

Even more ways to work from home

Do you want to earn even more than that? That is also possible! There are many more ways of making money through the internet . You can easily use them next to each other. Try them all out to see which ones suit you best. We have a total of 6 reliable and well-working methods for you.

They are quite different ways. Some are very simple, such as answering questions, but also online savings programs are. Others are a bit more difficult, but you can also earn a lot more with them. Earning with affiliate marketing, for example, can generate so much income that you can turn it into your own business.