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On this page you will find more information about everything related to saving. Read tips about this in our blog articles. How can you save more? What are different types of savings? What can you save for and how much should you actually have as a buffer?

The most important tips we can give you in any case is that you should always pay attention to the savings interest! Because then you earn something with it. Of course you should also keep a close eye on the conditions of savings accounts.

Therefore, view our savings interest comparator . There you will always find the latest highest interest rates of this moment and you can immediately click through to easily open the account online.

Saving Money Blog

10 x How to Save with Little Money?

09/11/2021 - Saving is actually a luxury, because it means that you receive more money than you spend. But what if you have little to spend? Then it becomes a lot more difficult. But these tips will help you to make progress.

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Locking up savings gives the highest interest

11/08/2021 - Having your money locked up in a deposit for a certain period always gives you a higher interest rate than on your 'normal' savings account. But it is important to make the right decisions. We explain what to pay attention to.

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6 x Saving while studying

18/07/2021 - You may not really think about it during your further education, but your working life is about to begin. And to do that with a well-stocked piggy bank instead of a big debt makes a big difference. For example, if you want to buy your first house. Therefore, tips on how you can start with this as a student.

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Save a lot of money in a short time in 3 steps

09/07/2021 - If you want to quickly fill your savings account and give your balance a big boost, then you have to do something for that. This blog gives you some quick tips that you can immediately apply and also have an immediate effect.

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This way you save a ton in 5 steps

07/05/2021 - Well how do you actually do that? That is a lot of money and therefore really difficult to achieve? Now we are not going to say that it can be done easily, but it will be less difficult with the tips we give you in this article.

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Extreme Savings: 100,000 US dollar Savings Step-by-step plan

22/04/2021 - Suppose you really want to save an excessive amount, such as a hundred thousand US dollars because that is quite exorbitant, how do you go about it? In this article 10 tips for the steps you can take to bring this seemingly impossible goal closer.

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Save 10 x without even feeling it

17/03/2021 - It is good to save, but not always easy. Many people also experience it as a difficult choice where they consciously have to leave other things. That is why in this article tips on how you can still save without getting this feeling every time.

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I can't save? Really!

21/02/2021 - We really hear it too often: "I can't save." or: "We cannot save." That is really not possible! We want to do something about this, by giving away free tips on how you can do everything you can to put some money aside.

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10 Savings Ideas for Smart Savings

07/02/2021 - Saving money, you better be smart! Because then you can get a lot more out of it. That saves you a lot of gray hair, and you have reached your savings goal earlier. We are happy to share our ideas about this with you.

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How do you save the fastest? Well like this:

12/20/2019 - Saving is important, but it sometimes seems to go so slowly. Especially if you have a goal that you would like to achieve as quickly as possible, such as a dream car or cool holiday! Therefore a blog with tips on how to speed up this process.

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Highest Deposit Interest in Europe

11/11/2019 - Are you looking for a deposit savings account? Then you probably want to secure your money at the highest possible interest rate? Well then we have the highest interest rate in Europe including a deposit guarantee up to 100,000 US dollars for you!

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5 x Saving Money with a Small Budget / Income

24/10/2019 - Do you not have much to do, but would you like to be able to save some money? As a reserve, or to make a nice trip later, for example? We have tips for you to achieve that goal!

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4 x Save as much money as possible (per month)

23/09/2019 - Do you have a lot of ambition, desire and discipline to quickly boost your savings balance? Beautiful! Then you should definitely read this article. We give you advice to maximize your monthly investment in order to reach your goal faster.

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6 x Saving money for a trip or vacation

08/08/2019 - Do you ever dream about a cool long-haul trip or super luxurious vacation? You will probably have to save for that to realize it. How cool would it be to reach that goal sooner? We will give you tips about that in this blog!

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You can find the Best Savings Account with Highest Interest here!

23/07/2019 - Yes, everyone wants to know which savings account or form of savings now offers the most attractive savings interest. That is why this article, where you can not only compare and find that desired interest rate, but also get tips which form you can choose.

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6 x Fun Savings: this way it won't be a hassle

17/06/2019 - We admit it, saving is not always a party. It can actually be quite boring, and sometimes difficult not to use the money in your savings account for something you actually want to buy. That is why we have tips for you to make it more fun.

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Money Saving Challenge: challenging Saving Plan for Everyone!

12/05/2019 - Setting a goal helps many people to save more. But a real challenge is perhaps even more motivating! That is why we came up with it for you. And not one with a fixed amount, but a goal to get the most out of it. Because what someone can save varies enormously per person / household.

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4 x Saving Money for Car Tips

29/04/2019 - The car of your dreams, it can cost a little. And you like to save for that, but of course you want to buy it in the end! We give you tips on how it doesn't become a nightmare and how you can really realize your dream.

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6 x Saving for Pension

12/03/2019 - Your retirement may be a long way off ... or maybe it is already getting a little closer? Anyway, it is good to think about how you are financially doing. Because now you still have plenty of time to change that!

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10 Tips to Get More Out of Your Savings

12/02/2019 - Do you have a nice piggy bank but want more with it? Don't you like the fact that the money is lazily in that account without it doing anything for you? This is good because in this article we give you advice on how to make that money work for you.

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Saving Money for Child: Best Savings Account Tips

28/01/2019 - If you want to put something aside for your children, there are many choices to make. Of course you want to choose the best form of savings that suits your goals. That is why in this article you will find quite a few tips about different options and things to take into account.

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Saving money as a student (with little money)

10/12/2018 - Even if you are only a student or student, it is smart to save. After all, you never know whether you will still be delayed in your studies, or if you decide to take a gap year after graduation to enjoy traveling. But that's not free ... so keep your options open and create a buffer on your savings account, we'll give you tips on how.

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7 (Safe) Alternatives for Saving

20/11/2018 - If you have (too) much savings, you might want to do something with it. It just sits comfortably on that savings account, lazy bastards! (that's the ad right?) But there are good other destinations to get this money moving, and no investing really isn't the only alternative ...

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10 Tips to Save More Money

10/22/2018 - It's good to save money, but maybe you want to put more aside than you do now? However, that is not easy. Or so it seems, because we're going to give you ten tips that will help you to have more at the end of each month from now on!

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Savings goals

There are several reasons why people want to save. For example to be able to make a larger purchase. Or just to have a financial buffer in case you suddenly need money. For example, if the washing machine or car breaks down and you have to replace it. People also save for their own pension.

Depending on your savings goals, you can determine which type of savings is best for you.

Savings forms

There are different types of savings. Besides the "regular savings account" you can think of a deposit, bank savings, annuity insurance and so on. Each shape has different properties and its own advantages and disadvantages. Check the Nibud site for tips on choosing a savings account.

Tax on savings

Savings are part of your assets for the tax authorities. When your assets exceed $ 30,000, you have to pay tax on it. You can check how much you have to pay on the site of the Tax Department. Incidentally, there are types of savings where you do not have to pay tax.


There are also other ways to achieve the goals you may want to save for. This way you can insure for many things, so you need fewer reserves. You can also borrow the money instead of waiting until you have saved enough for a greater cause. But beware, borrowing money costs money!