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Investing on the stock market

Traditionally you invest in shares, options, funds and the like. But do that with the best online broker ! Then you achieve better results .

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This digital money is a new and cool way of investing. These coins are the future! Read how investing in crypto works and the best crypto to invest in .


P2P loans

Lend your money to private individuals via special platforms and get up to 19% return on an annual basis! Includes a refund guarantee. Also invest in P2P loans >>

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CFD Trading

Leverage a variety of instruments, from stocks and options to crypto, commodities and forex, and earn profits up to 30x faster. Read more >>

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Money Investing Blog

Crypto Staking: 10% Interest on Bitcoin & Alts

11/18/2021 - Getting interest on an investment makes sense, and the higher it is the more attractive it becomes. Staking crypto coins is an option where the yield is not only high, but the investment itself can also increase in value.

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5 x Investing / Investing with High Return

18/09/2021 - Investing or investing is of course done to make a profit, preferably as much as possible. But where do you achieve the highest return? We try to give you a sensible answer to that.

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Where To Buy Cheap Bitcoin? Here!

09/17/2021 - Are you thinking about getting into the crypto market and buying your first Bitcoin? Or maybe you already have some, but want to expand now that the market seems to be making its way up? Then you can read in this article where you can go most cheaply.

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10 Best Long Term Crypto Coins

09/09/2021 - There are several ways to make money from crypto such as day trading, staking and mining, but buying and holding for a long time is one that is the least complicated. But then the question remains, which coins should you buy for that?

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Where to Buy the Best Crypto Coins, Safely?

10/08/2021 - So you want to buy cryptocurrency, where do you actually need to be? And which parties are safe and reliable, what do you pay attention to? These are all questions that we will answer for you in this article, after which you can get started right away.

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Cheapest Crypto Broker Bitcoin & Altcoins

17/07/2021 - We previously wrote about the best cryptocurrency broker, but which one is the cheapest and is it the same party? To give you a small hint, no! That's a different platform. Read why we think this.

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5 x Investing with a Small Capital / Budget

12/06/2021 - Even if you are not already rich, you can start investing very well. Only with a few tens or a hundred US dollars you already have a lot of options. We list the most interesting ones for you.

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3 x Investing in Real Estate with Little Money

06/05/2021 - Buying a property as an investment and then renting it out for passive income. That seems only for the really rich. But no longer, because you can now start with this even with 50 US dollars. And achieve excellent returns of 12 - 14%.

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10 Promising Crypto Coins with a Future

17/04/2021 - More and more people are discovering the crypto market. But then you see that there are countless of those coins, all with difficult names, where do you want to put your money into? Therefore a small cross from our side.

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5 x the Best Way of Investing & Investing Money

11/03/2021 - Well, we all want to know the answer to that question, right? Because you can benefit a lot from that. The point, however, is that there is no unambiguous answer at all, because that depends on many factors.

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Investing with change: what yields?

20/02/2021 - Investing with your change, it almost sounds romantic. Small amounts are automatically invested for you unnoticed, and you hope to be suddenly rich in a while? Unfortunately, the reality is not that beautiful and with the apps that offer this you even make a hard loss! But we give you some alternatives that certainly work.

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Best Crypto App iOS & Google Play

05/02/2021 - If you spend a lot of time on your mobile or tablet and you would like to trade in cryptocurrencies, then it is nice to have a good app for that. But which one is the best now? We are happy to answer that. Hint: this app is also from the best broker in NL!

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Which Cryptocurrency Will Rise in 2021, and Fast!

19/12/2019 - Wouldn't it be nice to have a crystal ball to predict where to invest in order to make a mega profit anyway? We don't have that either, but we would like to give you our vision on the crypto market. Hope it helps you!

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Lending Money with Interest as a Private Person

10/11/2019 - Do you have money left? And do you want to make a good return on that? Then it is an option to lend this out, at interest of course. To companies or individuals. The profit rises up to 4 - 14% In this article you can read more about it.

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Invest in Consumer credits with 16% profit

18/10/2019 - Nowadays you can play as a lender yourself and issue loans to consumers and make a profit on the interest you charge. There are even special platforms for that. We give you text and explanation.

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How to Invest in Crypto Coins (for Beginners)

09/08/2019 - Cryptocurrency has had a huge hype and now everyone has realized that these digital coins are here to stay. More and more people are therefore investing in it and with success. But how does that actually work? We will explain step by step how to approach this, it is actually not that complicated at all!

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10 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In

17/07/2019 - We told you earlier in our blog that crypto coins can be a good way of investing / making money. We have also already told you in our previous article which broker is best for crypto. Now for the last important lesson: which coins to buy!

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Dear Crypto Broker / Exchange Netherlands

03/07/2019 - Cryptocurrency ... new, difficult, difficult, scary, passé, a hype, but also very cool with a lot of future. Everyone has an opinion about it, but nowadays you can invest very well in it. But then it is good to do this via the best site. Of course we have sorted that out for you.

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1 Best Online Investment Bank in the Netherlands

06/26/2019 - Yes, there can only be one winner right? That is why our vision of who is now the very best investment bank in our little country. With, of course, a detailed explanation of why our choice falls on the relevant provider. On what criteria do we base this and why?

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3 x Best Online Investment Platform in the Netherlands

26/04/2019 - If you are going to invest, you naturally want to do so via the best platform. It's about your money ... it must be a good online tool that helps you make good choices and thus make more profit. Also nice if the costs are not too high. In this article you will find the best choices for both "traditional" trading on the stock exchange, as for crypto coins and CFDs.

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3 x Best Broker Netherlands for Online Investing

19/05/2019 - Investing is a good way to make money profitable, but of course you only want to do that on the very best platform and at the most advantageous conditions. That is why we have selected the best broker for you, so you can skip that step.

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Invest with Small Amounts such as 100 US dollars

06/03/2019 - Do you not have much to put in for an investment, but do you want to make a good return? There are options to earn more with the same sum and we are happy to tell you about that. Do read the risks carefully!

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Money Investing Step-by-step plan for free Checklist

11/02/2019 - You are thinking about investing (again), but where do you start? We have made a handy step-by-step plan for you. A short checklist to ask yourself the most important questions before you get started with your hard-earned money!

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Smart Money Investing for Students

08/01/2019 - As a student you may not think about investing, but you should do! You can't start early enough because. And this is also possible with little investment, no problem. We will explain all to you, because there are indeed ways to invest smartly with a few tens!

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How Much Money Needed to Start Investing?

27/12/2018 - Imagine you are going to work as an investor, or at least you would like to. What is the minimum amount needed for that? And US dollars, ten, a hundred or even a thousand? We will explain to you in this article. It all depends on the type of investment. But of course we help you a little to get started with a small amount!

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Investing with Little Money: Already works with 10 US dollars!

11/29/2018 - You would like to invest but you don't actually have much to start with. Doesn't matter, even with an amount that might look more like change you can already start fine. We give you some tips for this in this article. Making a nice profit with little investment. Note that there is still a risk, because it continues to invest!

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(Save) Money Investing / Investing without Risk

29/10/2018 - Investing involves risk. You could lose some or all of your investment. But not every form of investing has the same risk. And there are more types of investments than just investing. And then you can also limit the risk. You can read all this in this extensive blog!

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