10 x Earning Money in your Free Time

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earn money in your spare time

Isn't it great if you have time off from work or study?

Doing fun things with friends and family?

But often that time also passes very quickly , without anything really getting out of your hands ...

In fact, a lot of your own time is spent on nonsensical things . Endless Netflix binging, social media scrolling ...

Do you want to make yourself useful ? Then start earning extra during that time! That's easier than you think.

Just take a look at the following 10 methods, ordered from easy to difficult.

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1. Shop for cashback

The first method is the easiest of all, and you can even earn money here with an activity that is a favorite of many people in their spare time: shopping!

How? Well you can get up to 15% money back on everything you buy, at about 2500 web shops… for free! On top of current promotions and offers and just the things you already buy now. At Bol.com, Wehkamp, ​​Thuisbezorgd, AliExpress and much more. So you are leaving money if you don't do this right now ...

Bizarre right? But very relaxed! Read on our page about earning with cashback how you can also add this free 1000 US dollar per year to your account. Tip: register with the best cashback site , and that is Euroclix without any hesitation.

2. Complete surveys for money

This is our favorite way to make money. It can always be done in a sparse moment, for example if you are waiting for the bus or train, and it is fun too! Earning money by completing surveys is more than just filling in questionnaires, you can also regularly test new products at home or give your opinion about an advertisement that has yet to be shown on TV.

It is important to do this via the 10 best paid survey sites , because then you will earn more and you will also get better surveys with cool topics. You will find a top ten for both the Netherlands and Belgium. If you register with multiple sites , you can earn more. Participation is free and without obligation, but the more you fill in, the more you earn. Potentially $ 200 to even $ 500 per month!

3. Online savings programs

This way is the pinnacle of easy money making. With a savings program you already receive money to just read an email, click on a banner or give a like on social media. Easy!

The reward for all these types of assignments is of course not huge, but you can do many of these tasks in a short time, and because you can also do this with multiple savings programs at the same time , you still earn a lot with it. Just a few hundred US dollars a month.

So make sure to use all the suggestions in our top 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands . Participation is free of charge and you are not obliged to do anything. If you don't feel like it, you don't want to participate.

4. Your social media as a money machine

A lot of free time is wasted on social media these days. Secretly peeping at all the fun things your friends do, and you are at home on the couch ... But on the other hand, these platforms can also offer an unprecedented potential to make money.

That is not surprising, because you can reach almost all people worldwide this way, and it costs you nothing! Of course you can save money on this, and a lot too . Read more in our article making money with social media . You can just generate a full income with this or more.

5. Affiliate marketing: you can too!

One of the methods that you can apply through your social networks, and perhaps the best, is making money with affiliate marketing . Sounds complicated, but it means nothing more than advertising someone else's products. And if you sell it, you get paid for it. That's it.

The possibilities are endless , with Daisycon alone you can directly promote 1600 products and campaigns. And joining here is free! Not for nothing the best affiliate network in the Netherlands .

The advantage is that you can fully focus on marketing, so you do not have to invent, make and ship products yourself. So you also have little risk, and you can earn well. There are plenty of people who have made this their full-time job or even become rich.

6. Your own website or webshop in 30 minutes

The holy grail for anyone who wants to be an online entrepreneur is managing their own site. We agree, of course. The great thing is that you can use it in all directions, while creating a website is becoming increasingly simple nowadays and no longer requires technical knowledge.

For example, you can create your own comparison site in 1 minute where people can compare energy prices or health insurance, for example. Really! And if they take out one, you just get 20-40 US dollars.

Ok create a webshop in 30 minutes, in which you place your own producers or refer them to an affiliate partner. Everything is possible. In the blog earn money with your own website we will go into more detail how it works exactly.

7. Issue P2P loans

For a website you need a small starting capital. You can also consider lending this money to work for you . You do not get a return on your savings account, but via special platforms you can lend this out via a so-called peer-to-peer construction at very attractive returns.

Simply put: you lend your money through these networks to individuals who apply for a credit. You can spread this very conveniently and view information about the application and applicant in advance. In exchange you receive interest for it, as if you were the bank yourself!

In the Netherlands there is Lender & Spender for this purpose. Here you get an average net return of 4% or slightly above. But it can be crazier: via the international Mintos platform you can also extend loans to private individuals in, for example, Poland, Spain and Portugal. There the return is 16% !!!

The nice thing about this method is that platforms offer a refund guarantee. So if the private person does not pay, you will still get your money back from the network. And also handy is that you can deposit at Mintos from 10 US dollars. Just give it a try! It's free - there are no fees for registration, financial statements or administration.

8. Invest online

If you prefer not to lend your assets to private individuals, you can also do this to companies . Simply by buying shares or other types of investing. Nowadays, with good online platforms and apps, this is done in an instant.

The best broker in the Netherlands for online investing is Binck Bank . You can invest here yourself or have it invested in funds. They help you with a lot of explanation and invest to understand which choices are smart to make. And they are also one of the cheaper parties! Requesting an information package is free of charge and without obligation.

9. Trading cryptocurrencies

Is the regular fair not your thing? Then you can always enter the unofficial cryptocurrency market. These digital currencies are becoming increasingly popular and many people have literally become millionaires with Bitcoin, for example. And you can still earn good money with this. And it is easier than you think.

Read our article about the best crypto broker where you can buy and store coins safely. But our blog about the top 10 best cryptocurrency to invest in is also an important one to read carefully if you want to get started with this.

10. CFD Trading

This is the trickiest and most risky way to make money over the internet. But on the other hand, you can also score the fastest and most by far. This is due to a so-called leverage effect . This allows you to profit up to 30 times as much from price increases compared to "normal" investing.

And you can invest in many different quotes and instruments. Normal stocks, indices, but also FOREX (exchange rates) and even cryptocurrencies. And because Contracts-for-Difference do not require you to actually buy the underlying asset, you can quickly make transactions. Read more about it on our page about CFD Trading . There you can also see which CFD website / broker is best to use.