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complete surveys as a side job

Are you looking for an easy side job ?

To earn a nice extra as additional income for your studies, full-time job or household?

Then completing surveys via the internet is the perfect job!

And of course you do that preferably at the best paid and reliable survey sites.

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In the rest of this blog, we will tell you more about the operation and benefits of this online way of earning extra money .

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Why is it a good part-time job?

Actually, it is not only a good job , but even the perfect job in addition to other obligations. Much better than a paper route, standing behind the bar or filling boxes. Whether you are a pupil / student, stay-at-home mother or father and even in addition to a 40-hour working week, you can generate a lot of extra income by completing surveys.

This is mainly because of the ease with which you can start and continue to participate. All you need is a device with internet. Whether that is a PC / computer or a tablet or telephone that does not matter! And this immediately shows the following advantage: you can do it at any time of the day, and also at any place . So even if you are waiting for the bus, while you are on the train to college or back home after a long day at work.

In fact, the best survey panels themselves have very useful apps for your smartphone or tablet. And because the studies often do not take too long (5-15 minutes) you can quite easily between just doing a survey. It doesn't matter whether this is in the middle of the night or mid-afternoon, you can fit it into your life and agenda.

But it is also a lot of fun to do! You can share your opinion on all kinds of different subjects. Such as advertisements on TV, existing products, but also concepts for new articles and advertisements that still have to be developed. This way you can determine whether they are still being adjusted or even launched!

This sometimes includes product tests that you can try and keep at home. We once tested a new flavor of chips and a new shaver. Funny, right? And in some cases you may also participate in an online group discussion or a telephone survey. But only if you indicate that you are open to this. Incidentally, these kinds of studies often also generate more money .

How much can you earn with it?

Because that is of course ultimately what it is all about, that you earn good money with it. And that is also very positive with this way of earning money online. Certainly if you participate in the best paid survey sites , you can just bring in 200 - 500 US dollars per month . Then register with the entire top 10, then you will get more surveys to participate in and you will therefore be able to score more reimbursements and rewards.

It depends a bit on which target group you fall into. This is because the studies are often deliberately placed among a certain sample. A questionnaire about mascara or make-up, for example, will be conducted among women, while a study into a new taste of beer that is intended for young men in particular will be conducted among… indeed, men aged between, for example, 18 - 25 years.

The range of research may therefore differ according to your personal characteristics. But there is actually always enough work, but because this can differ per panel, we recommend that you register yourself as much as possible.

You can pay out your earnings in different ways. At the best sites you can of course choose money, to your bank account or to your PayPal. Often you can also opt for gift vouchers / coupons and sometimes gifts. A number of panels also have prize draws for nice extra prizes and amounts of money.

Do you have to pay taxes?

Yes - that's the short and simple answer. You have to pay tax on everything you earn, including extra earnings. You can state this neatly on the annual tax return as income from other activities. Then it will be added to your other income from, for example, wages.

Is it free and without obligation?

Another of the advantages of this method is that you can participate by registering for free. With some panels you even receive a registration bonus immediately! After registration you will automatically receive invitations to participate in surveys in your email or app.

It is not mandatory to participate in all those surveys, not even a minimum number per month or something. It is completely free to participate whenever you want and can. That is why each invitation also contains an estimated time to complete everything + the reward you will receive. So you can always make that assessment in advance: do you think the compensation is true, and do you have enough time?

Why do you actually get paid for it?

The studies are presented to the panels and underlying research bureaus on behalf of companies, governments and institutions that are looking for answers to certain questions. This is not for nothing. With the information and insights they gain from the surveys, they can improve their products, services and marketing.

So at the bottom of the line, this just earns them money. Not surprising that they are therefore happy to engage an agency for a fee to carry out this. But after that those agencies also pay you ... why that? Isn't that at the expense of their own profit?

Not quite. The panels and agencies know very well that it is very valuable to also receive honest answers from their members in the surveys. That makes them much more valuable. They therefore reward you for it, but can also reclaim that reward if it appears that you are not participating fairly and just click on something.

In fact, the surveys often already contain a number of control questions to ensure this. So make sure you don't try to click through a survey as quickly as possible, but take it seriously . Otherwise this will cost you your reward and maybe even your membership including all earnings!

The last reason the panels pay you is to make sure you come back to them for the next survey. In this way they can build up a larger group of panel members. And so they can also carry out larger investigations.