10 x Earning Money without Investing / Making a Deposit

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earn money without investing or making a stake

You want to earn money.

Doesn't matter for what.

Then you don't want to have to invest first , because an investment / start-up capital is needed for that.

In the first instance, that will only cost you money.

Fortunately, there are also plenty of ways to generate income where this is not necessary.

Super simple and accessible, you can start right away.

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1. Complete questionnaires for a fee

Making surveys and surveys may not sound sexy, but it really is an ideal way to earn some extra money. Nowadays, the questionnaires are all taken online in the most fun way possible. Consciously, because otherwise people will get bored and will not give good (honest) answers.

Think of interactive questions and videos, also forum discussions, for example. The beauty is that you can do it also here in between through convenient apps on your phone when you fifteen minutes on the train to wait or something.

You just earn a few hundred US dollars a month if you participate regularly. Especially if you register yourself with the best paid survey sites of course. Because they pay you more per survey and also have more work for you every week.

2. Test (and keep) new products

Sounds fun right? We have had the opportunity to try out a new chip flavor before it hit the market, or use a new type of razor to share our experiences with the inventors of that product. The great thing is that you can really make a difference whether the products are still being adapted or not launched at all.

You can also do this via the survey sites mentioned above. The research agencies also use these panels to search for suitable candidates for these studies. Be aware that this does not happen every week, of course, but it does happen so be sure to sign up.

3. Do small tasks such as reading emails

Online savings programs offer you the opportunity to earn money with absurdly simple assignments. Think of clicking on links or banners, reading advertising emails and giving likes on your social media. But also take part in free promotions, play games and introduce your friends.

The reward per completed task is, of course, pennies, but because you can do a lot of these kinds of tasks in one minute, you still earn quite well with it. Especially since there are plenty of these types of sites that you can use at the same time.

4. Free money back at 2500 web shops

How much money do you spend online? More and more in recent years? We have a very good reason for you to make many more of your purchases via the internet instead of the shop around the corner! This can save you a lot of extra money.

You can always get an extra discount at thousands of web shops via cashback sites . Up to 15% on top of the current promotions and even offers! And how you can actually do nothing at all… bizarre right? We'll explain it all to you, and you'll be sorry you didn't know about it sooner! Because all this time you missed out on that free discount .

5. Make your social media work for you

Your accounts on social networks will cost you nothing. Yet they give you a channel through which you can reach perhaps billions of people around the world! Of course you should be able to gain something from that, don't you think?

In the article making money with social media we explain some ways in which this can be done. Time to stop meaningless scrolling through your timelines or stalking your friends, but do something useful on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin etc. etc. etc.

6. Earn from YouTube videos

This may seem like an incredible amount of work at first, but it isn't! You can simply use existing videos that do not have any commercial rights . You can even find it on Youtube and copy it directly.

But a word of warning : Google (owner of Youtube) has recently determined that you can only earn money if your channel has 1000 followers or a minimum number of hours of your videos watched… so that may take a while before you get there.

7. Selling other people's things

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But no, we don't mean that you have to sell your mother-in-law 's TV or your brother's car hahaha. No, there are companies that would like to have you on board as an affiliate marketer. In other words: that you will advertise their products and campaigns online for them.

In return you will of course receive a commission. Sometimes per sold product, sometimes when people request a non-binding quote via your ad or even when they just click on it! That can therefore go quickly .

Via Daisycon you can immediately start working for 1600 large companies in the Netherlands. From energy suppliers to large web shops. Registration is free and without obligation. They are the best affiliate network in the Netherlands and take care of everything regarding payment, tracking your earnings and even make free promotional material for you such as banners that you can place on your website, blog or social media.

The potential of the method is enormous , because there are people who have not only been able to make their work out of it, but have also become filthy rich with it!

8. Testing medications

You can often get big money when you voluntarily participate in medical exams. Scientific analyzes or studies in which new drugs are tested on humans. Sometimes these are even processes of several days where you have to stay overnight in the hospital.

But keep in mind that the higher the reimbursement, the greater the chance of negative side effects. And you are not insured for that ... That is of course a risk, but maybe you are lucky that you are in the control group and you get the placebo medicine ... we would rather earn money by completing surveys :-)

9. Sell your own e-book

Do you know a lot about a certain topic, or are you just a good writer who makes up beautiful articles or stories? Or maybe you have a course or training that you can unsubscribe. Nowadays you no longer need a publisher for this, but you can simply sell it as a digital book .

There are a surprising number of people who are willing to pay for it, as long as you reach the right audience. Of course you can also outsource that by letting people who are affiliate marketer sell your e-book for a part of the proceeds.

10. Play games

Are you the kind of person who always wins with Monopoly, RISK and Don't get annoyed? Then try your luck online! There are websites where you can play games and win money. Think of card games but also games like Bejeweled.

However, be aware that there are also many websites here that are not exactly reliable. And often they are also hidden gambling sites where you have to put in your first money. And that was precisely not the intention, was it? Then use the aforementioned methods above which are reliable anyway.