6 x How to Make Good Money Without a Boss

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make good money without a boss

In today's society we almost all work for a boss.

Because that's what we all do: go to school, get a diploma and then look for a job.

And then we work until retirement.

Great system, but it does n't make you rich .

Especially without a boss, so as an entrepreneur, you can earn a lot more.

And nowadays you can do that very easily via the internet.

We give you 6 ways to earn reliably, without too much risk or investment.

If necessary, you can already start this in addition to your paid work. Your chef / manager will not notice anything.

In this article:

1. Set up a website or webshop

The most tangible way of doing business online is to start your own website or webshop. This can be done in many different forms. For example, you can start a blog about a topic that you are passionate about, or a domain with all kinds of interesting articles about something you know a lot about.

Or you sell your own products in a web shop. You can assemble them within minutes . And even a comparison site where you compare energy suppliers, or car insurance, TV & internet subscriptions, everything is possible!

And the great thing is, you can also earn very good money with this. You might be able to get examples for you from Coolbue, Drukwerkdeal and Marktplaats. All founded by individual starting entrepreneurs. And now they are fat, but also fat millionaires.

You can also create a website without technical knowledge . For only 1 US dollar you have already registered a domain and with the hosting you always get a simple software package for free in which you can build excellent websites. With a few clicks.

Yes even so's modern comparison site. You only have to paste a code once on your website and the latest prices and offers are automatically loaded into your own comparator. And every time someone buys something there, you get a nice amount of up to 70 US dollars!

Enthusiastic? Also want to try? We have written many more tips about it in an extensive article making money with a website .

2. Earn on products of others

As you could already read a bit, you don't necessarily have to sell your own products on a website. But you can also sell those of others , such as those of energy suppliers, etc. on a comparison site. They pay you a commission for every sale that you realize.

Products from other sales in exchange for that commission, we call that affiliate marketing . You promote their products, they pay you for your success. By the way, that is not only with a successful sale, you often also get paid for a non-binding quote request or even per click on your ad!

You can therefore earn very generously with it, but at the same time you do not have the "burden" of having to produce and send the products, let alone customer service or returns ... and another advantage, it does not matter whether you are advertising via a website, blog, social media or, if necessary, in another online way.

On our page make money with affiliate marketing we explain more about it and how you can find companies for whom you can advertise. That is also easier than you think, because you can start working for 1600 Dutch companies today! Participation is free and without obligation.

3. Social media can make money

The advantage of social networks is that you can create an account here for free. And, that you then have direct access to billions of people around the world. So we can sell you something! Quite bizarre actually ...

It is therefore not surprising that many people already earn from this. Then why don't you do that? You probably already have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. But now you are just wasting time on it and spying on your friends!

In an extensive article making money with social media , we explain how you can get started with this, and we link you to specific approaches per network. Facebook, for example, works very differently from YouTube.

4. Market research and product testing

A lot of research is also carried out by market research agencies via the internet. They do this through consumer panels where you can also register. And because more and more companies want to pay for these types of surveys, you can earn better and better with it.

Those companies would like to know what you think of their product so that they can improve it. Sometimes you can even try out products before they actually hit the market. Or you can watch commercials and decide whether or not they should be broadcast. Fat right?

It will not provide you with a complete income, but just a few hundred US dollars a month if you participate a little regularly. Then register with ( several of ) the best paid survey sites, of course, because they pay better , have more surveys to participate in and are reliable.

5. Earn with super simple assignments

Simple assignments? Think of clicking on banners or links, reading emails, giving likes on social media, playing games or participating in free promotions such as subscribing to a newsletter.

These are all very simple tasks that only take a few seconds and can still make you money. Online savings programs (the best) are happy to pay you for this. Not with euros at a time, but because you can perform many of these types of actions in a short time and there are also many of these types of savings sites, you can still earn quite a lot with them. Again several hundred euros per month.

6. Get free money

Yes you read that right, you have been leaving free money for years . Stupid! Sin! What are we talking about? We are talking about the phenomenon that you will not forget after this: earning cashback .

There are so-called cashback sites that give you money back on orders you place at the online stores they work with. Free and for nothing. And those are thousands of web shops including all the big names such as bol.com, zalando, bonprix, hema, aliexpress and much more. Where you already buy things now, at too high a price.

The cashback discount can be as much as 15% and also applies to products that have already been discounted or on offer. Extra discount on top of the promotions of the shops themselves! An average family in the Netherlands saves 1000 US dollars per year without actually doing anything.