Earn 3 x Free Bol.com Gift Voucher / Credit

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bol.com gift voucher

Bol.com, the shop for all of us, they say.

And indeed that is quite correct, because who does not shop regularly?

Surely you too?

So then you would like to get a gift voucher or free credit for that!

We'll give you some fun and easy ways to collect it.

In this article:

1. Complete paid surveys

There are plenty of ways to make money on the internet , but one of the most fun and at the same time easiest is to create paid surveys. Moreover, it also generates a nice extra income, not unimportant right?

There are plenty of panels where you can participate in surveys for a fee, but it is best to register with the best paid survey sites (link to the Top 10 for the Netherlands and Belgium). And especially participating at multiple sites, then you can make more surveys and thus get more rewards.

Participation is free , with some of those best websites you even immediately get a start bonus just for signing up. And it is also without obligation, you do not have to participate in every survey.

With every questionnaire or other type of research, it is always first told what it is about, how many points / money you will receive and how long it will take. Then you can estimate for yourself whether you feel like / have time at that moment.

The panels often pay out in cash, but also in different coupons. You can find out which all these are per research panel in our article completing surveys for coupons .

And how much you can earn in this way? Well that differs, because how many studies you can do depends a bit on the target group in which you fall. But again, by signing up to as many sites / panels as possible you will also be able to participate more often. And then you just earn 200 - 500 US dollars a month .

2. Clicking on links, reading banners and mail

This way of earning Bol.com gift cards is perhaps even easier, because you do n't even have to think . At least, isn't it that simple to click on a link or read an email (you don't really have to read it, but just click on a link in the email)?

Seems to us. And so there are just sites that pay you to do these kinds of small assignments. These are online savings programs, and preferably you sign up with the best savings programs in the Netherlands . Because they pay better, do not use an account score and are reliable.

It only takes a few seconds with a click or e-mail, so the fee per click is also a dime's work. But that doesn't matter , you can do a lot of it in succession. That is why it pays to register with as many of these sites as possible , because then you have more to do.

You probably think that this will not make much money, because if it only goes with a cent at a time ... but nothing could be further from the truth, here too you can earn several hundred US dollars per month.

The savings programs often also have additional ways in which you can earn more and faster money. Such as playing games, writing reviews, paid surveys, jackpots, bringing friends and family and actually always some cashback options. We will explain the latter to you in the next section.

3. Collect cashback

Earning or collecting cashback is a way of making money online in itself. Or actually it is also a way of saving money at the same time . The concept means that you get money back ("cash - back") when you place an order at certain web shops.

But of course you already do that, often enough. At Bol.com, Wehkamp, ​​Coolbue, AliExpress, HEMA, Media Markt, GROUPON and so on. And yes to all these stores and 2500 other large parties so you can free and for nothing just to get back the amount on each order. That is a free extra discount of up to 15%, even on top of the current offers and promotions!

All you have to do is register yourself with a cashback site. They work together with the web shops and give you that discount. Not directly at the checkout, but you will get it back via the cashback site afterwards. And you can have this paid out in regular money, but often also in gift certificates / gift vouchers.

Imagine how much you are currently spending at online stores, and how much you are leaving here on free money! So sign up directly with Euroclix NL / Euroclix BE , as this is the very best cashback site there is. A normal family can save 1000 US dollars on an annual basis without any effort or extra work.

Do you have to do anything else for it? No, only surf via a special link to the webshop and not directly, after that you can continue shopping as usual. And Euroclix also has a toolbar that you can install, then it even goes all automatically. You just get a signal that you can get a discount somewhere.

That makes a difference, because then you can never forget to get your cashback, and you do not have to memorize all 2500 online stores where you can shop with an extra discount.