10 x Earning money in the evenings (evening work)

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earn money in the evenings

Would you like to earn some extra money in the evenings?

Just because otherwise you're just sitting around doing nothing ?

Or do you really need some extra money?

We give you a number of options that will give you a fair reward.

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1. Getting paid for your opinion

As far as we are concerned, you can earn money from home in this day and age, right? And how nice is it not to be able to give your opinion on all kinds of matters and even receive money for it?

We are talking about taking surveys for money . And no, this is no longer endless questionnaires full of clicking, no, a lot of time is spent on making the research methods attractive.

Think of online discussions, viewing advertisements, testing products and much more. Do register with (as many of) the best paid survey sites as possible. Because, as you can imagine, you earn the most there .

2. Money savings programs

One of the original ways people once started to make money through the internet. Super fun and super simple because you get paid for clicking on banners, reading e-mails and playing games. And much more

Make sure to sign up with the best savings programs , because that's where you earn the best rewards. And especially sign up for several of these programs because then you only earn more.

3. Earning cashback

Secretly this is our favorite . You earn money when you spend it. Sounds crazy right? Okay, then we put it in a different way: from now on you will get up to 15% money back on everything you buy. Everything at 3,500 known web shops. Free. In addition to the existing offers. Easy money! Read more about earning cashback .

4. Make money from your social media

You probably have accounts on multiple social networks, don't you? And you can often be found there. And its use is even free.

But what many people do not realize is that these networks also offer a gigantic opportunity. You can reach about billions of people all over the world this way ... There must be money to do with that, right?

So yes. Read in our article making money with social media the different methods to earn an income from this. You can also read specifically what the unique possibilities are per social media, which YouTube works a lot differently than, say, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

5. Start your own website or webshop

A successful site or webshop is the ultimate dream of every internet entrepreneur. However, this is not at all as difficult as you might think.

No, you no longer even need technical knowledge to build that website or webshop, there are all easy tools for that. Even creating your own comparison site is just a matter of copying and pasting ready-made code.

So you can create that website in 10 minutes, the webshop in an hour. Ready! To know more, read our article make money with a website . There you will find exactly where you need to be for things like the tools, but also hosting and domain names.

6. Do business marketing

You don't have to be a full-time marketer to make money with online marketing. There are plenty of companies that want to engage you to do this for them. For example advertising their products via social media or your own blog, everything is possible. This concept is called making money with affiliate marketing .

The advantage here is that you do not have to sell your own product but that of someone else, so you do not suffer from processes such as shipping and customer service, let alone returns… You get paid for every sale you realize and this can add up considerably.

7. Packing

Another job that you can do from home, namely packing work. From tea bags to brochure packs, you get paid per number of packaged products delivered. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee next to it, switch on the radio and go.

8. Working in the hospitality industry

Pre-eminently the industry that is very busy in the evening, and where there is therefore a high demand for employees. From a (fast food) restaurant to a bar, café or hotel, there is always something to find. Moreover, it is often very pleasant work that also yields a good tip in addition to salary.

9. Advertising brochures / newspaper route

Folders, door-to-door or newspapers can often be delivered in the evening. You have your regular neighborhood and you get paid per newspaper / folder. A lot are still being sent and so you can find work here.

The advantage is that you do not have fixed times here and can therefore determine your schedule and pace yourself. And in addition to being outside, you can often pick up a nice extra around Christmas where people like to give a hefty tip to the deliverers of their weekly or daily reading material.

10. Deliver food

You probably also regularly order a pizza or have a complete meal delivered to your home because you don't feel like cooking. It is no coincidence that you see more and more meal deliverers cycling or scooters around. There is a lot of demand for this.

The salary is really not something to write home about, but don't forget that you can regularly count on a nice tip in this profession, especially from people who pay cash. It's a bit of a shame if the weather isn't good, but you're outside and on the move.