10 x Online Passive Income Generation / Accumulation

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generate passive income

Everyone wants to build passive income.

We can give you 101 ways to achieve this.

But we only give you the best online resources,

that are not only achievable for everyone,

but also really give a serious yield.

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1. Investing

Investing is one of the most popular ways to create a passive source of income. That is not surprising because you can make substantial returns here if you know what you are doing. And worse, you can get to do the investing, which is 100% passive. Of course you do that through the best investment bank in NL: Binck Bank .

It is important that you thoroughly immerse yourself in the matter. Nowadays there are many instruments and exchanges where you can invest. If you do not know what you are doing, this is a big risk because you can always see your investment lose value.

However, especially in the long term , you can assume that your shares or funds will rise. In addition, there are also shares that pay dividends, an extra income. And there are always instruments that have little risk, such as bonds and funds, but then the return is always a bit lower.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The great thing about this method is that you promote the products or services of another company . So you are actually a marketer for something that you do not have to invent, produce or send yourself. You also don't have to think about storage, returns or customer service!

And that while the yields can be large . You get a commission for every sale, but sometimes even for a free quote or even per click on your ads. Enough entrepreneurs have started their own business with this and have even become filthy rich.

It doesn't matter which channel you use for your ads, it can be a blog, social media or a website. E-mail marketing and paid advertisements are also possible.

All you have to do is leave your own special link everywhere and if people then use it to buy something you will automatically get your compensation. Read more about making money with affiliate marketing .

3. Real estate

Also a very popular way of passive income among people who want to become financially independent . But you should not think that you already need a large starting capital for this because you have to be able to buy a property.

There are handy online platforms where you can invest in real estate with a kind of crowdfunding, starting from 50 US dollars . In the Netherlands but also throughout Europe. And the returns are not bad at up to 14% on an annual basis.

Read more in our article about investing in real estate with little money in which we explain exactly how it works and which platforms are the best with the highest returns.

4. Lending money with interest

Did you know that you can start your own bank ? Kind of then hey, not really. But you can issue loans and charge interest on them. And because that interest is always many times higher than the savings interest, this yields interesting amounts.

Smart platforms have also been developed for this, where people can invest money on the one hand and people can apply for loans on the other. This exists in the Netherlands but also in many other countries where the loan interest rates are many times higher.

There you can also make up to 19% return . In the Netherlands this is about 4%, but still many times better than your savings account. Read more in our article lending money with interest as a private individual .

5. Crypto

Cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency as it is called are digital coins. Many people think that in the future this will replace paper money and government currencies (Dollar, US dollar etc.). This market has outperformed the stock markets for many years and is still in its infancy.

Don't start trading crypto with CFD now. You see these kinds of advertisements very often and that is very risky with 90% of people only losing money. We don't recommend that unless you really know what you're doing.

No, just buy real coins and wait for them to increase in value. Does that via Litebit , a Dutch reliable crypto broker where you can simply buy with ideal. You can read which coins you can buy best in our article best cryptocurrency to invest in .

6. Your own website

If you do become an online entrepreneur, then a successful website is one of the highest achievable goals. And nowadays you don't even need technical knowledge to build it.

An automatic comparison site in 5 minutes for example. And the costs are now also historically low at 1 US dollar for your .nl domain name. Read more about what you need to get started and how you can save money in our article making money with a website (or webhop).

7. Own webshop

It is also a wonderful ambition to start your own webshop. For your own products, or those of others that you have delivered to your customers via dropshipping. Nowadays you can easily build these in 30 minutes.

8. Rent out your car

Speaking of passivity: cars in the Netherlands stand still more than 95% of the time ... while the costs such as road tax and insurance just continue. Sin!

But there is a solution, you can rent out your car per day via a handy online platform. You earn 350 US dollars or more per month without any work . You just have to hand over the key.

9. Solar panels

Not necessarily an online way of income, but one that you can easily arrange via the internet. Use this form to request non-binding solar panels for quotations for the installation of solar panels and see what it costs and can yield you.

That's just a 15% return or more on your purchase price. And you can also get the VAT back, regardless of other subsidies you can get in different municipalities. Plus it increases the value and sustainability of your home. So on balance you hardly have any purchase costs.

10. Savings account with highest interest

Okay, the least risk or hassle is still saving. And if you don't like the above then it's still a good way. Savings interest is still a passive way to raise money. In the Netherlands it is not much as you can see in the overview below, but via the button “all savings interest” you can also view the European deposit interest rates, which are many times higher!