Making a lot of money with Euroclix: Tips

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make money with Euroclix

Who hasn't heard of Euroclix , or its sister Panelclix?

Many people use it to make money online,

But does that work? And how? And does it yield a lot ?

We will answer all those questions, including tips on how to get the most out of it!

Are you actually looking for a review / experiences? Then read our Euroclix review .

But bottom line: you really just have to join it. Register now and immediately receive 150 points ($ 2.55) starting bonus .

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Offers at EuroClix

What is Euroclix?

It is difficult to put a label on this site, or put a sticker on it. This is because it is several things in one, that will become clear to you in this article. It is a casback site, but also a survey panel. And also a savings program, they have their own credit card and much more.

In any case, everything is about earning or saving money. You save everything you earn in your account and then have it paid out to your bank account. The best term in our opinion is online savings program.

Euroclix , part of iFlavours Ltd, was one of the first savings programs in the Netherlands and soon the largest to date. That is not just like that, so they are really doing something right. That is why we think they are the best savings program , the best survey panel and also the best cashback site in one!

Euroclix tips

The basis of this program is that of an average savings program, where you receive small payments for small tasks. Think of reading e-mails, clicking on links, playing games and participating in promotions. That is fun and easy to earn money , but it is not really getting anywhere.

What does earn quickly are mainly three things: 1) completing surveys via Panelclix, 2) earning cashback by shopping with a discount at affiliated stores, and 3) the Euroclix credit card. Here are 3 of the 5 best tips that we can give you:

  • Log in regularly and see if there is a market research that you can participate in. You will not receive all examinations by e-mail. The reason is that Panelclix is ​​so large that the studies fill up too quickly.
  • Everything you buy online can be bought with an extra discount via Euroclix , which is called cashback. You get that discount at thousands of web shops, extra on top of existing offers. But use this and buy a lot online that saves, and especially install the Clix Assistant that helps you with this. See below.
  • Use the Euroclix Mastercard to save money without even noticing.
  • is a search engine where you can save clix. So exchange google for and you will automatically save when you search for something! Super handy.
  • Invite your friends and family to also use Euroclix , with that you not only get 150 clix per registered friend, but also 10% bonus on what they earn, forever!

What is Panelclix?

Panelclix is the survey panel of iFlavours. It is quite connected with Euroclix. You can only become a member of the panel, but you will still be paid via Euroclix. You will learn later that this only has advantages.

We think this is the best survey site in the Netherlands and Belgium for several reasons. In short: they pay better, have a lot of research so that you earn a lot and are very reliable. But for all the details, read our Panelclix review .

Make sure you log in regularly, there are often studies ready to participate that you do not receive as an invitation in your email.

Euroclix stores

At Euroclix, as a member you get a cashback discount at many webshops and stores, thousands! You can save up to 15% . Including big names such as, Thuisbezorgd, MediaMarkt, AliExpress, Bonprix, HEMA, Albert Heijn, Independer, Bijenkorf, OTTO, Alibaba,, ABOUT | YOU, Body & Fit, Praxis and so on.

You get money back on your purchase amount, so it is an extra discount on top of the offers and promotions of the stores themselves! In addition to the discounts, there are also regular extra exclusive promotions and offers for Euroclix members.

Euroclix assistant

To get cashback you have to surf to the web shops via a special link, then shopping goes just like you are used to. But if you install the clix assistant, this goes completely by itself and you don't have to log in and search for the link first.

In addition, the assistant remembers which stores you can buy at a discount, so you do not have to memorize that. Especially nice because new stores are constantly being added! & Euroclix

We mentioned it before in the tips, but via Euroclix you can even earn money by looking things up on the internet with a search engine . Not Google, but the Dutch equivalent

For each search you receive 1 clix (1 - 1.7 cents). That makes good progress! And you have to look up enough every day so basically this is just free money .

Euroclix Mastercard credit card

To make it even easier to earn clix, you can also request their own cashback credit card . This gives you 0.25% back on everything you buy with it. A nice extra discount and it goes without saying. And you have all the other benefits of a normal credit card such as purchase insurance, etc.

Euroclix hack?

Many people think there is a hack to make more money in an illegal way much faster . But unfortunately, there is none. But that does not matter, with the tips we gave you earlier you can really make money with it!

Pay out Euroclix balance

Okay, you have joined Euroclix and you have been making good money, but how do you make sure that you have those earnings paid out? Euroclix simply does that in US dollars to your own bank account . Ideal!

With many other comparable sites, this is usually only possible via PayPal or even in gift cards, prizes or gifts. The money is often already received within a few days , so you can quickly do something nice with it.

Euroclix rate: bonus on your points

It is tempting to have your earned money paid out as quickly as possible, as this is possible from 10 US dollars. But we advise you not to do this! If you save longer, you will get more back for those same points, up to 70% bonus! See the tail below. Just one more reason why this site is so good.

Euroclix price points bonus

Euroclix: how much does it earn?

Bottom of the line… the key question… what it's all about: how much can you earn with this program? Will it make you rich ?! That just depends on how well you use it.

If you only do the basic things like reading the emails and nothing else, it will only be a few US dollars. However, if you are going to make good use of all the options according to our 5 tips and you take the time to earn a lot of cashback, bring friends and family and especially complete a lot of surveys, then this can easily amount to a few thousand US dollars. per year . Not bad, right?

So register quickly with Euroclix and immediately receive 150 clix starting bonus .