6 x Earning money with TikTok

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make money with tiktok

TikTok is an increasingly popular social network, an app to be precise, especially among young people.

It looks like Instagram but the difference is that you can only share videos.

The fact that you can reach millions of people worldwide logically also offers opportunities to make money from it.

In this article you will find the best ways to do this yourself.

In this article:

1. Affiliate Marketing

We start with affiliate marketing. Why? This is simply the best way to make money, period. That is why we would like to be the first to tell you about it!

But what is it? You can read that on our page earn money with affiliate marketing . In short, it means that you are going to advertise products or services of companies. And if people buy something through your advertisements on TikTok, you get a lot of money for it.

Sometimes you even get money when people just click on your affiliate link! That is quickly and easily earned. But how do you get companies that you can promote? There are special affiliate networks for that.

Daisycon is the best affiliate network in NL. You can become a member there for free and immediately start working for more than 1,600 companies, products and campaigns. They have even made ready-made links and banners for you that you can place with your posts and also arrange everything in terms of billing and payment with the companies so that you do not have to worry about anything in that area.

Think of all kinds of large web shops, clothing brands, you can't think of it that bad. Especially if you have a lot of followers, this can add up considerably because a sale quickly earns you 20-50 US dollars each time!

2. Receive livestream donations

Another phenomenon is recording (yourself) live. It is hype to watch and during those sessions viewers can donate money. This can be one cent or 50 US dollars at a time. And of course this is the ultimate easy earning because you can in fact just do your homework or even go to sleep.

But don't expect miracles here too. As mentioned, the donations are not always very high and you also have to have a lot of followers to attract a lot of viewers. And you are not the first, there are so many influencers on TikTok with thousands to millions of followers!

3. Become an influencer on TikTok

Speaking of influencers, if you manage to get a lot of followers yourself then you are just one yourself. That in turn gives you the opportunity to use additional methods to make money. See below 3a and 3b.

But do realize that this is difficult to achieve and you just have to be very lucky. What helps is to at least post a lot of content and to be active yourself with likes and comments on content from others. You can even create content together with TikTokkers who are already better known to be seen that way.

Of course it also helps if you create good content. So good videos with crazy, appealing, original and cool content. Show yourself and make sure that you give your opinion on all kinds of things, because that leads to many reactions.

Once you have a lot of followers and likes on your material. Then you will see that messages will automatically come in from people who want something from you.

3a. Promote companies

And we mainly mean employees of marketing departments who ask you if you want to advertise their (new) product. Or just want to mention or show their brand in your new video, or even do a review about a product.

You can ask a lot of money for this, even before you start making the video. Especially if you are really known this can add up, but it is not for everyone.

3b. Sell ​​your own products

If you are really super popular you can even think about selling your own products . What that is does not really matter because merchandise with your (brand) name on it can be anything.

But if you have a specific theme such as sports, make-up or gaming, you can of course also do something with it. The advantage is that you only have extra margin because it is your own things.

4. Manager of an influencer

If you do not have many followers yet, it may be advisable to collaborate with existing influencers. And not to create content together, but try to find one that is good at getting followers, but has no idea how to make money from it.

Or one who just doesn't feel like arranging all of that. Then you can do that nicely. Especially a good deal if you don't like to be in front of the camera yourself, but would like to have a nice job like this.

5. Sell your account / followers

Especially if you start to get fed up with it, this is a very smart option. You can sell a large account with many followers for enormous amounts to investors , marketing agencies and people who would like to become an influencer in a fast way.

6. How much money do you earn with TikTok?

There are a lot of existing TikTokkers and although the app is still fairly new, there are plenty of examples of successful TikTok entrepreneurs. Consider perhaps the most famous and popular in the USA: Charli d'Amelio , she earns an estimated average of $ 45,000 per mail that she throws online. Wow!

This is still in stark contrast to what you can earn on YouTube , but given the growth of TikTok, this can quickly be the same. There are plenty of well-known people on YouTube who can add millions of US dollars a year with their own videos only.