Websites Testing for Money (side job / home work)

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testing websites for money side job

Would you like to earn some extra money from testing websites ?

Then we have good news for you: there is certainly a demand for it!

There are quite a few parties that are looking for people for this for a fee ,

and the reward you get for it is actually quite attractive.

That is why it is a nice side job to do as homework .

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How does it work?

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing channels for almost all industries. That means that websites are very important for most companies for sales and customer service, among other things. So it must work properly. And to ensure that they want to collect as much information as possible about how things can be improved even better.

They do this to try and leave the site by testers give their findings by. This is valuable feedback because just that one small detail can potentially generate millions of US dollars in sales. It is therefore not surprising that they are happy to pay a fee for this. In fact, by doing that, they also know that they are getting better and fairer feedback.

However, institutions do not conduct these types of surveys themselves, they often have them done through specialized research panels . You can register there for free. After all, it is not just about trying it out itself, but you also have to fill out a survey about the website so that targeted feedback can be collected, often even about specific parts and processes.

And it is precisely this type of research that these panels are good at: having surveys completed and learning from the results. That is why when testing a website you often also receive a specific assignment , such as finding certain information or making a purchase (not really of course). It is then important to see how easy and fast this goes.

You will receive compensation for each website tested, depending on the length of time the test takes. This is often communicated in advance so that you know what you can earn. If you have earned a minimum amount after a few tests, often 10 US dollars, you can have this paid out in the form of money (to your bank or PayPal) or in gift cards.

Note that you have to take the surveys very seriously , because quality checks are done on the answers you give. So you cannot quickly fill in all the questions or rush too much because control questions can also be asked. But the reward is often more than high enough to sit down for it.

Test panels in the Netherlands

There are a number of panels that fully specialize in website testing, but unfortunately not in NL and there is not much work to be found in anyway. But these types of surveys are indeed conducted in the Netherlands by the 10 best survey sites . They offer more types of research, such as completing regular surveys as well as testing products and other types of market research such as viewing and evaluating advertisements .

As a result, they can offer you more studies and you can therefore earn more. If you register yourself with one of those best panels, you will earn just a few hundred US dollars per month. On top of that, we would like to specifically recommend OpinionBar , they run website tests more often, although in the overall opinion they fall just outside the top 10 best survey sites.

If you want to focus specifically on testing websites, we recommend that you sign up to as many of these survey panels as possible , because then you are more likely to be invited to one. And of course the other studies and questionnaires also simply provide you with tasty income if you have the time / feel like it.

American test panels

In America there are a number of specialized websites, but they do all research in English. Moreover, you do not have to fill in a questionnaire with specific questions during the tests, but talk with a microphone during the testing. Just a bit less accessible.

Moreover, they only pay you via PayPal, not everyone has that, and there is simply less to be earned in total because website tests are not done very often and they quickly fill up because several people sign up for them. And not only that, often only clients also want Americans to participate in the surveys because those are their actual customers, not very strange course.

Sites that are interesting to consider if you don't mind the above negatives:

Here you get $ 10 per test and get paid every week via PayPal.

You need a little more IT knowledge for this and you will receive 10 dollars per survey.

These are the most complicated types of tests that are done. You must first follow e-learning and pass exams before you can get started.

Other ways to earn extra online

Testing websites is really not the only way you can reliably earn some money online. No making money on the internet even has several proven methods that we would like to share with you. You will find 6 in our article making money from home with which you can generate a nice extra income to a complete income.

We have all tested the websites that we recommend that you can go to for reliability and how much you can actually earn. You can know yourself which one you sign up with, we don't care.

We recommend that you always sign up to multiple programs and also try multiple ways side by side. This provides more variety and also more income, of course, which is also important.

By the way, if in your quest to make money via the internet you have come across sites that promise you things that seem too good to be true: that is often the case. Stay away from it and do not give up your data and never pay for a “training” with which you will learn the “golden tips” to get rich quickly . They don't exist and you just get ripped off.