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Earning money without running any risk ?

For example, that you lose money on it?

Or is being scammed online without anyone being held responsible?

Unfortunately, it happens more often than you think.

Hence, it goes beyond ways of making money online on the internet that are reliable,

but also ways of earning without investment / investment .

In this article:

11 risk-free methods

These methods are risk-free because you cannot lose money and because we recommend sites that we have tested ourselves and therefore know that they are reliable parties.

1. Earning cashback

We start with earning cashback because we think everyone should know how easy this concept actually is. Whether it is technically saving more than actually earning is less important: it will pay you a lot when you read this for the first time.

Cashback means getting money back on a purchase. You may have heard: you get a few bucks back when you buy a refrigerator or printer, or when you switch to a new energy supplier. This is not immediately a discount at checkout, but you will receive a deposit afterwards.

The cool thing is, however, that nowadays you can get up to 15% back on virtually everything you buy , even on top of the existing promotions and offers at more than 2000 important online stores including Bol.com, MediaMarkt, AliExpress, OTTO, HEMA and much more.

In other words, webshops where you already regularly buy there you can get an extra discount on everything for free. All you have to do is join a special cashback site that entitles you to that discount. Tip: Euroclix NL / Euroclix Belgium is, in our opinion, the best cashback site there is.

Participation costs nothing and is without obligation. At the same time, an average family can easily earn 1000 US dollars a year without you actually having to do anything for it. And especially now that we (can) buy more and more online, this amount is only increasing.

2. Complete questionnaires

This is our personal favorite simply because it is so much fun and also generates tasty earnings. Earning money by filling in surveys is something many people already do, there are many so-called survey panels where you can become a member for that reason.

Good to know that we have compiled a list of the 10 best paid survey sites , where you earn the most of all. Certainly even if you follow our tip to register with several if not all panels, the income can rise to just 500 US dollars per month .

3. Review websites

One of the types of research that you also come across on the above survey sites are reviews of websites. Specifically for this, we recommend Opinionbar : is not in our Top 10 panels, but usually has the most website reviews that you can participate in.

It is therefore a very specific type of research where you really have to thoroughly understand and test a website or shop. You really act like you are a paying customer. Because these are often somewhat larger and longer questionnaires, you also get much higher rewards .

4. Test products

This is also done via the aforementioned survey panels. One of the nicer types of research because you can usually test a product here before it actually hits the market. For example, we once tasted a new type of chips for Lay's and tested a new type of shaver for Philips. Both via Panelwizard by the way.

A great thing is that you can still have products adjusted based on your feedback and that you are also one of the very first to try it before it hits the store. Read more in our article earn money with testing products .

5. Assess complaints

The same applies here as with testing products: you are going to judge advertising videos long before they are on television or online. Often they are even just rough drafts before they start recording.

This way you decide what the commercial break looks like next time and you earn money by watching commercials instead of annoying yourself. Learn more about making money by rating ads .

6. Savings programs

Savings programs is the Dutch version of Get-Paid-To sites as they once originated in the US. The Dutch name does not quite cover it, because it means that you will earn money with all kinds of small tasks.

Think of reading emails, clicking on banners and giving likes on Facebook. But also play games, for example. Always for fairly minimal fees, but the advantage is that you also spend little time on it, so you can carry out many of these types of assignments in succession.

What helps is that there are many such sites so you can click and like many US dollars together. Of course you prefer to choose the best savings programs because they pay better.

7. Earning from your social media

How many social networks do you use? Takes you enough time right? But it is not only fun to sit on it and interact with your friends, you can also just make money.

After all, social media is a free platform through which you can reach millions of people around the world without any restrictions, maybe billions. Surely there should be money with that? That's right, and you can read which ways work for this in our article making money with social media .

8. Affiliate marketing at no cost

Affiliate marketing means that you work for companies to promote their products. If you are successful, you will receive a commission per sale or lead. However, you do not have to do this via your own website or by purchasing advertisements. For example, you can reach a large audience via social media at no cost, as we have already suggested, but there are also options to start a site at no cost.

In fact, affiliate marketing is a way that you can earn money much faster on YouTube, for example. The standard way to make money there is with ads before and during your videos, but you can only enable that from 1000 followers of your channel. You can already place an affiliate link under your video via which you recommend / sell something.

Read more about how making money with affiliate marketing works and how you can get started.

9. Write an e-book or course.

You do not necessarily have to sell products from others, you can also try to sell your own products. Now you don't want to run the risk that you have to buy things and products because there is still enough money involved, but a digital product is of course fine.

For example, you can easily write an e-book or organize a course on a subject you know a lot about. There are enough people who are willing to pay for this as long as it is an interesting subject and of course good quality.

10. Sell your photos

Good quality also applies to selling your photos. Nowadays, however, everyone has such a good camera on their smartphone that the problem does not have to be here anymore. And your phone and cloud are probably already bulging with earlier material.

There are special stock photo sites where you can upload this for sale. Furthermore, you don't have to do anything about it, those websites ensure that they attract buyers and they share the proceeds with you.

11. Start your own blog

A blog is a great way to share a lot of knowledge in combination with a personal opinion. It is precisely this personal nature that makes it different from a “normal” website, because you actually become a brand that also attracts many followers.

In that blog, you can also be commercial by applying affiliate marketing, selling your ebook or course, or even making people pay for a membership to read your articles.

How do you avoid risk?

Basically there are mainly 2 risks online when you are looking for ways to make money. The biggest , unfortunately, is scam . There are just a lot of rogue websites and practices that mainly want to steal you money with the biggest promises that they never keep.

Therefore, do your research before you pay for anything or enter your (credit card) details. For example, we have reviewed many websites and earning programs for that very reason. See our overview page with all reviews per category.

The second type of risk is losing money . As soon as you start investing or investing, you must first deposit your own capital in it. That doesn't have to be a bad thing, but there is always a chance that you will lose it. If you don't want any risk at all, stay away from it.

More risk means more potential profit

But keep in mind that by taking more risks you can also greatly increase your potential profit . Now we do not directly mean that you have to step into hugely risky matters such as CFD Trading , or invest in crypto coins , because there is also a high chance that things will go wrong, but as a rule the returns are higher with instruments that have more risk.

You can also call it a calculated risk by, among other things, only using money that is okay if you do lose it. In addition, it is important to never bet on one horse, but always to spread out your portfolio well (diversify).

If you are open to it, read our article the 5 best ways of investing & investing money . Then you can decide for yourself whether there is a way that appeals to you or whether you stick to the above 11 ways to earn.

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