Making money with Binary Options


Binary Options no longer exist.

Look for alternatives on our page about CFD trading

With CFD you also have the opportunity to earn a lot of money with investing in a short time and you can also create a free practice account. Binary options are banned by the European Union due to large losses among investors. If you are still bothered by a party or site for this, do not go into it!

The information below is therefore no longer up to date.

Get an 85% return?

Earn $ 850 in 1 hour?


That is rightfully the fastest way to earn fast money online! And all that with binary options ... we explain how it works on this page:

  1. What are Binary Options?
  2. Benefits;
  3. How do you make a profit?
  4. 5 rules of thumb you should never forget!

But before we explain everything to you, first this: Investing involves risk. You can lose your bet. So read our tips very carefully and make sure that you practice first, because you can create a free practice account at Optie24. Then you can get started with real money. Don't want to take any chances? Then start earning money easily . You can still earn nice extra money with this, such as filling in surveys for $ 500 per month.

What are Binary Options?

Binary means 0 or 1, just like the code with which all computers are programmed. In other words, there are two possible outcomes. Option is in this same term as investing on the stock exchange, and means that you do not buy a share but an option to buy. Take them together and you have binary options, the meaning of which is slightly different.

You can make a prediction with binary options whether a price will rise or fall. This can be the course of absolutely everything that is traded. So shares, but also the price of the entire AEX. You can also predict the value of gold, oil or other raw materials. The value of currency, so exchange rates (FOREX), but also that of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

When your prediction comes true, you will make a nice profit, namely 85% of your bet. So if you bet $ 100 successfully, you will have made $ 185 an hour later. But if it does not work out, then you have lost your money. This may seem like gambling, but it is not when you know what you are doing. So keep reading!


It is not without reason that this way of online investing has become so immensely popular in recent years, there are at least these 4 clear reasons for this:

No tax

You do not have to pay income tax on the profit you make by investing, including in binary options! You only have to pay capital return tax if you have more than $ 30,000 in savings. And that is a luxury problem!

Easy to learn

It couldn't be easier than higher / lower, right? We thought too. The whole theory to make a profit is of course a bit more complicated, but you will read it later ...

Small commitment required

You can already invest in binary options from $ 5, - That is a limited investment and an amount that you can miss! Or if you don't have any money left now, you can first earn just as easily to save and then use it for this.

Limited risk

No matter how bad you are at the casino, where you always lose your money because you can't quit, with this method you can't even bet more than $ 1000 at a time. So your risk is never greater than that and you are protected from yourself.

How do you make a profit?

That is of course what it is all about. Just a quick calculation, so that you know exactly what the challenge will be for you: if you predict the price correctly, you will make an 85% profit. If you are wrong, you have lost your bet, so -100%. If you are going to gamble purely, you will win about half the time, but also lose half the time, so you make a 7.5% loss. But you want to earn!

This means that on average you have to predict correctly 55% of the time to play quite, anything above that is profit. That is not too bad since you can already achieve 50% without thinking! But it is not always as simple as it seems. You still have to find a way to predict the course.

It is also good to know what actually determines that course: supply and demand. It is not more! The fundamental understanding of economics: scarcity. If there is more demand than supply, something will become more expensive. Just think of gold or diamonds, which everyone wants but of which there is very little. If something is not scarce, it is cheap because people can get it more easily. You sell ice cream to an Eskimo or sand to an Arab.

That is the same with shares or other prices. And the great thing is that the supply of shares is usually a given. This applies even more to other rates on which you can also take options, such as gold and oil. So focus on the demand side.

Demand is entirely determined by people who want to buy the underlying asset. So often investors. When they buy a share en masse, the price automatically rises. If they all sell at the same time, the price falls. In fact, it is smarter to think about whether you can predict investors, then you are one step ahead of the prices.

Investors are driven by news. Often even because of things that don't even really have to say anything about the true value of a share or commodity, but more emotion. Fear or opportunism. These two also drive or break economic progress. Trust is a keyword in this. If there is a war or a major terrorist attack, there is a fear that prices will fall. Effect: people sell shares and prices do indeed fall. But if unemployment turns out to be lower than expected, the stock market suddenly rises.

In short: if you see a price rise or fall in time, you can use binary options on it and thus earn a lot of money. This means that you will have to follow the news carefully, financial news but also major events.

5 rules of thumb you should never forget!

To ensure that your chances are as good as possible to reach at least 55%, and thus profit, you should always remember the following 5 things:

  1. Trends
  2. Duration
  3. Effort
  4. Emotion
  5. To practise



Trends are clear course developments. In fact, there are two you can use: a marked sustained rise, or a marked sustained decline. And the great thing is that with binary options you only have to say more or less, not exactly how much! Even if it is only a cent more, you will take that 85% profit. Only bet on trends, never take a gamble. You hear in the morning on RTL Z that an increase is expected because a company has presented good annual figures, fine, but don't gamble. If a price fluctuates relatively flat around a certain value, stay away from it.

The nice thing is that you gives you access to software tools that keep an eye on the prices and can also discover trends at an early stage. They help you to be there quickly!


The great thing about binary options is that you can play with the maturity. You can make a prediction for over 24 hours, but also over 1 hour. On the one hand, trends do not last forever because the effects of change are temporary, but on the other hand they are very erratic and more difficult to predict in the short term. But because you can determine the duration, you can therefore influence the predictability. This is partly a personal preference that you have to find out for yourself for your own tactic, but on the other hand you can imagine that you are taking a shorter term if you are very sure of your case (and perhaps an option on the same value), while it is better to take a somewhat longer duration with a somewhat more cautious trend.


You can limit your risk by determining your bet. It's not smart to bet everything on one course. Of course you can go wrong and make a wrong decision, that is inevitable, and then you don't want to lose all your money in one go! Preventing too much loss is just as important when investing as making a profit. How aggressive and risky you want to work depends on your personal preference.


Emotion is dangerous. Sometimes you may be doing very well, then you shouldn't get overconfident. Conversely, you should not become reckless because things are going against you. Keep calm and always stick to your tactics. Investors determining the price are guided by emotion, but not you! If you can't control yourself, stop. Tomorrow there's another day.

To practise

Never just start investing, not even in binary options. It seems like a super fast way to score large amounts, but it is advisable to practice well first. Therefore create a free practice account. This allows you to see how you deal with the first 4 rules of thumb and also get to know yourself in that regard. Which strategy suits you, how do you want to tackle it? Only when you think you've figured it out, we recommend that you get started with real money.