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On this page you will learn:

1. The basics - create a website;

2. Earning money with your site;

  • Affiliate Marketing;
  • Create comparison site in 1 minute;
  • Create a webshop in 30 minutes;
  • Other ways.

The basics - creating a website

Starting a website is easy and only costs a few tens, which is why it is also a good way to start earning money quickly. (Is in our Top 4 to earn fast money ) It does not matter what kind of site you want to make: an informative website, a blog or a webshop, it is all possible nowadays! There are basically only 3 things you need:

  1. A domain (www.example.nl);
  2. The website itself (images, text, etc.);
  3. A place to store that website, from where it can be reached via the internet (hosting).

You can buy points 1 and 3 from a hosting provider. You buy a domain and a hosting package for a few euros. You can often start a simple website for a few tens of US dollars a year. For point 2 you may think that you need to have knowledge of a difficult programming language, but that is no longer the case! With Yourhosting, for example, you also get a free software package with your domain and hosting that allows you to easily put together a webshop, blog or other type of website. You just need to add pictures and text.

Pay attention! Don't start too soon, but think carefully about your domain name! You can no longer adjust this later, but it does play an important role in how well your website ultimately becomes findable in search engines (and therefore how many visitors you get, AND how much money you earn).

Earn money with your site

There are many ways to monetize your website. Which you can apply depends of course on the type of site you manage. But you can also apply multiple ways to one website. The most common types are:

  • A corporate website. This shows you what your company does and you come into contact with customers. Think of a gardener, painter or accountant, who puts a portfolio online and thus attracts customers. However, real earning is done offline, so we will skip this method in the future;
  • A webshop, with which you sell products. These can be your own products or services, but also those of someone else (see affiliate marketing further);
  • An informative website, where people can read about a specific topic. There is no product central, but a theme. Think of a website about fitness where all kinds of exercises and special foods are discussed;
  • A blog. This form has become very popular in recent years and can go beyond a purely informational site. It has a more direct form and reflects your opinion. This way you can attract visitors and get a supporter who will follow your articles.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing may be the ideal way to make money with your website. You don't need anything more than your website itself! It involves promoting the products of others in exchange for compensation. Often this is when something is sold through your ad, but you can also receive rewards for leads (request free quotes or sign up for newsletters) and even per click on your ad, or every time someone sees your ad (and therefore don't even have to click)!

You are allowed to know for yourself which products you advertise on your website. But the smartest thing to do is to do that for things related to the topic your site is about. You can of course also create a new site on a specific topic, precisely to be able to run a specific campaign on it. But where can you find companies that you can advertise?

Daisycon is a network for affiliate marketers where you can sign up for thousands of companies and products for free and directly. You even get free access to links, images, codes and banners that you can use. They also arrange that all your sales are automatically registered and paid out to your bank account. Super handy. Register with Daisycon , but also read our tips on the page about affiliate marketing .

Create comparison site in 1 minute

Yes, you too can create your own comparison site. In fact, it is very simple, almost too simple! At Daisycon you can register for free as a so-called 'Publisher'. You will then have access to free tools and HTML code with which you can load an automatic comparator on your site. For example for energy suppliers, providers of TV, internet and telephone or providers of mobile telephony subscriptions or SIM only. You can even adjust the colors and other properties so that the comparator fits perfectly on your website. The latest prices and offers are always automatically displayed here, how not to do anything about it.

Create a webshop in 30 minutes

Yourhosting has a simple tool that anyone can use to create a webshop. You even get free SSL with it! This way you can easily and quickly assemble a webshop and sell your own products. But you can also apply affiliate marketing with the webshop, or apply something called dropshipping with a nice word. This means that you accept the order as if you were a complete webshop, but then order the product from another webshop and have it delivered to your customer. So you don't actually have to arrange anything yourself! As long as you ensure that your price is slightly higher than that of the other online store, there is nothing wrong.

Other ways

Sell ​​ads

When you have a smoothly running website with many visitors, you will see that many people want something from you. For example, that you mention their company in your blog, or that you place a banner in a convenient place. Of course you would like to contribute, but for the right fee :-)

Google Adsense

An easier way to sell ads on your website is Google Adsense . This service from Google means that you reserve a place on your website with a special code. Google will then automatically place a banner there. The smart thing about this method is that Google very consciously chooses which ad they show. This may have to do with the content of your page, but is also tailored to the search history and cookies of your visitor! For example, Google ensures that the chance that you sell something only increases. The downside is that the reward is often a bit lower, around 4 US dollars per 1000 visitors. But then you do have automated advertising income.


In addition to selling a physical product in your webshop, you can also sell an online product. This has a lot of advantages. In any case, you don't have to produce anything anymore and you don't have to ship it to your customers. In addition, everything goes automatically if you know how to put it together properly: a customer pays by iDeal or with credit card or PayPal, and he or she will automatically receive the e-book by e-mail. Of course you have to write a very good book, because otherwise nobody will pay for it. Bonus tip: in your e-book you can then advertise other products related to the subject of your book!

Email marketing

You can also choose to collect specific e-mail addresses with your website. For example, by letting people register for a newsletter or by sending your e-book for free in exchange for their e-mail address. The list of e-mails that you subsequently collect offers unprecedented possibilities! For example, you can email people with offers (affiliate marketing) or resell the list of addresses to companies. Please note that you must request permission in advance on your website, otherwise you will be guilty of spam.