Making Money With Social Media: 5 Best Ways

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Do you want to earn money with social media?

For example on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube? Which can!

Actually unprecedented that you can reach millions of people worldwide through this medium, which you can join for free and without obligation.

It cannot be otherwise than that this provides opportunities to generate an income.

We will tell you which 5 methods we recommend for this. Because they work best of course!

In this article:

1. Affiliate marketing

This is by far the best way. You share promotions and advertisements from companies via your own profiles, and you get paid when someone does something via that link or banner. That may be that something is sold, but sometimes you are already rewarded for a registration or a non-binding quote request. Sometimes even before the click!

The big advantage is that the income is much higher than the other ways below. Especially if, for example, you manage to realize a sale of, say, a telephone subscription, the fee is just 20-40 US dollars at a time! But how do you find companies that want to work together in this way?

On our page about earning with affiliate marketing you will learn how to advertise today through a special network called Daisycon for more than 1,600 leading companies throughout Europe. Think of all kinds of providers, providers of TV, internet and telephone, insurers and energy suppliers. Registration is free of charge and without obligation.

By the way, you don't have to use your personal profile on social media, you can also start your own channel / page / group on which you post things. Then you first have to get followers, of course, because how many followers you have always determines your chances of success. But then you probably reach more people than just your own friends.

A good idea might be to start a channel on a specific topic and put related actions on it. For example, a channel about fitness where you give all kinds of tips about exercises and nutrition plans, and then place advertisements in between to sites that sell nutritional supplements such as protein shakes and vitamins.

2. Generate traffic to your website / store

The great thing about any social medium is that you can reach people online with it, but you can also refer directly to another page. For example your own website! Of course you have to make sure that your website has a way to make money from those visitors. We have of course also written extensive tips about this. See making money with your website .

You can of course start a webshop, for example, but also use your social media to promote your physical store!

3. Likes & shares

The easiest way to make money with social media is to post likes with your personal profile for a fee. There are plenty of companies that want to give you a reward for this. Because you like or shared their action, they can reach all your friends in a relatively cheap way.

The added benefit is that when you share something, your friends are much more likely to read it too, compared to paid ads the company would otherwise have to buy. In addition, those ads are quite expensive, and letting you share something is also cheaper.

The reimbursement is often not much higher than 1-5 cents and you should therefore see this mainly as an extra income, an extra. But it is only 1 second of work! You can easily apply this by becoming a member of various savings programs , then you can simply click on things and your money will be credited immediately. Registration is free, and you always get a few euros sign-up bonus!

4. Sell ads

As soon as you have a popular profile with many active followers, you will see that you automatically become interesting for companies. You can then ask for money yourself to place an advertisement on your account at all. You see this mainly happening on Instagram and Twitter.

The type of ad can go either way: some companies want you to promote or review something, others want you to just show it by chance. For example, you often see well-known artists with certain brands or fitness personalities recommend certain nutritional supplements.

5. Buy Ads

There is also a shortcut, where you do not have to build a support base with followers first. If you have real confidence in the product you are selling, you can also buy advertisements yourself. These are then shown on social media for a fee. If all goes well, you will automatically earn it back.

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We stay in touch with our friends, watch entertainment, but we also often follow opinion and news in this way. It is also an outlet for our own opinion and creativity. Keep the likes coming!

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Frequently asked questions / FAQ

Do you have to pay taxes?

Yes - you have to pay tax on all the money you earn in the Netherlands, including this income.

Its free?

Yes - starting with all earning methods as described above is free of charge. Barring the option to buy ads, of course, but we think you can get it yourself.

Do you have to use your personal account?

For paid likes, yes, because then you have to have an existing account with friends and stuff. You can create a new account for the other options.