Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

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Earning money with Affiliate Marketing at Daisycon

Affiliate marketing literally means that you do marketing on behalf of another (company).

Simply translate: you advertise products and services of a company instead of your own product.

The advantage is that you don't have to produce anything yourself, but only have to sell!

And if you sell something, you get a commission for it. All you have to do is register for free at Daisycon and you can work for more than 1600 companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany! This is the best affiliate network in the Netherlands.

It sounds easier than it is, because starting is actually quite disappointing, but it is a way with which you can ultimately earn a lot of money! He is therefore 3 in our top 4 to earn fast money . On this page we will teach you exactly how it works. Within minutes you know the basics and you can get started. Because that is the advantage of this method, you can start today! These are the things you will learn below:

  • Types of commission;
  • Choose your marketing channel;
  • Choose your product;
  • Find companies to partner with;
  • Important tips;
  • How much can you earn?

Types of commission

This is the nicest part to explain: what are the merits? You advertise someone else's product for a fee. But you can imagine that the company you work for only wants to pay you if it benefits them, which is logical! There are therefore four types of compensation:


The most common way of rewarding is therefore a commission per sale / action . When you make a sale, you receive a fixed amount or a percentage of the sale price. It differs enormously per product, but you can think of a reward of tens of euros per sale. If you are a good marketer, this is the best reward for making a lot of money.


But sometimes you are also rewarded with a commission per lead . A lead is, for example, when someone requests a quote or someone subscribes to a newsletter. So there is no sale yet, but the company does get the data from the customer and thus the opportunity to make contact and try to sell something. This method is often used when companies are reasonably sure of their business and know that they will be selling a product, but only want to talk to more interested customers.

The advantage for the company is that the pay they have to pay for CPL is often a lot lower than CPS and that when the company employs good sellers, they are therefore cheaper. On the other hand, the advantage for you is that a lead is much easier to realize! The reward here is often a few euros per lead.


The most basic fee is a commission per click . This means that for every click to the advertiser's website you get a fee! This is of course quite easy to realize, so a great chance to always earn something anyway. But on the other hand, the fee is fairly low, namely a few cents per click.

So it is important here that you generate a lot of traffic and get a lot of clicks. But beware: we will monitor the advertisers how well your clicks result in leads and sales. If you only send them bad visitors, they won't let you get away with it.


But it can be even simpler: you can also get paid per impression. So every time someone sees your ad. They don't even have to click on it! This is also called commission per mille , because the fee is often per thousand (mille) impressions. Because this can be achieved very quickly, there are few companies that do this. Actually especially if they want to have more brand awareness and don't necessarily have to sell something. Nowadays you only see this happening very occasionally via Google Adwords / Youtube. The pay is not surprisingly low, from a few cents to a few euros per thousand impressions.

Choose your marketing channel

Now that you know what the types of compensation are, it is time to choose through which channel you want to approach customers. This largely determines which products and companies are smart for you to work with. There are roughly two options, namely with or without a website :

1. Own website

For example a blog, comparison site, informative site, etc. You can read about your own website on our page about how to make a good website and how to attract visitors to your site.

2. Social media

Such as Facebook , Instagram or YouTube , on which you can work via your personal profile or via a self-created page / group. More information about setting up this specific channel can be found on our page about making money with social media .

It just depends on which one suits you best and how far your ambition reaches . The first option is the most difficult, but ultimately the one with the most potential. On the other hand, social media is very accessible and also free, but it can also take a lot of time and work to really get a lot of attention for your advertisements. Everyone tries that.

There is also a third option , namely email marketing. But then you have to have a large email list to get started at all. We therefore do not cover it on this page but would like to refer you to our blog article about email marketing .

Choose your product

As mentioned, your channel and product are closely related. One product sells easily via social than on a website and vice versa. We do recommend that you choose a product that works for you. The best is something that has to do with your passion . This gives you a lot of inspiration and motivation.

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money with which you can become rich and ultimately earn a lot of money without much effort, but you have to do something to get to that point! Setting up a well-visited website or a popular social media channel is not just done ...

Find companies to partner with

Of course, your product choice also depends on which companies are or are not open to working with you anyway. And how do you get these companies? Fortunately, there is a good solution for this, namely special affiliate networks. They act as a kind of intermediary between companies (also called the 'advertisers') and the affiliate marketers like you (also called 'publishers'). Companies register with the network with the products that are allowed to be advertised, and you can register for free and without obligation to get started.

And which network should you have in the Netherlands / Belgium? Our experiences show time and again: Daisycon . This is one of the best networks operating in multiple countries. In addition, today you can work for more than 1600 companies throughout Europe!

And last but not least, if you are interested in setting up a comparison site: Daisycon offers you a free tool with which you can put an automatic comparator on your website that always shows, in real time, the prices of the products in a certain category are displayed. You can get the code for free and even match all the colors how you want. Examples are comparators of TV, internet, calling, mobile phones, SIM only subscriptions, insurance and energy suppliers.

There are advantages to these networks because all kinds of tools are offered to help you. For example, you can make free use of all kinds of dashboards and analyzes with which you can keep an eye on your campaigns. In addition, you will have access to a wide range of affiliate links, banners, images and standard texts that have already been optimized to sell as much as possible. You can cut and paste it on your site or social media. All you have to do is make sure that as many people as possible see it. In addition, the network ensures that all commissions are automatically registered and paid to you! This way you can fully focus on your marketing activities.

Important tips

3 keywords: niche, perseverance and focus.

Affiliate marketing is not new, many people have preceded you and have already collected millions of euros. That's why you have to try to distinguish yourself. One tip we gave you before is to choose something that is your passion . People will notice that in the advertisements you are going to write. On the other hand, it is smart to focus on a niche. You may think that you are the new by setting up a comparison site, but you are not going to win that just like that. (And yes, Independer also does some form of affiliate marketing.) By specializing, you have less competition and your chance of success is greater.

However, keep in mind that you will not see tons of money coming into your bank account within a few weeks. Marketing is about reaching large numbers of people and therefore as many as possible the right people who are interested in the product you are promoting. Large companies such as Philips employ thousands of people for this. By not giving up, but always allowing your audience to grow slightly, your profit will also grow. The trick is not to give up!

By going for your passion and a niche you already have a certain focus. We also recommend that: people are more likely to visit a website or follow a social media channel if it specializes in 1 subject / niche . And they are even more likely to believe you when you are a specialist, and so they are more likely to buy something that you recommend.

How much can you earn?

Of course it just depends on how many visitors you manage to get on your website or social media channel. Because the more visitors, the more people will earn you money through a sale, lead, click or impression. It just depends on you how much you are going to earn. It can be a nice extra income by putting affiliate links on your personal blog or Facebook that will earn you a few euros every now and then, but you can also become a super successful entrepreneur who makes affiliate marketing work!