4 x Earn a lot of money in a short time (without a diploma)

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Lots of money

How can I make a lot of money?

Is that the question you are looking for an answer to?

Which is good because we are going to talk about that now!

Below we describe a number of ways in which you can earn money online. So via the internet.

Legal, safe & reliable, not black or illegal. 4 things you just need to know.

In this article:

Methods that work

There are ways to earn a lot of money, but you really have to do something for that. If you properly apply the three methods below, it may just be that you will have your own internet company in a few months that is still going well.

And you really don't have to be a genius for that, by the way, you have to work hard and have a good idea. Coolbue and Facebook are good examples of companies that were set up by school leavers without obtaining a diploma. We have 3 good ideas that you can also apply:

1. Affiliate Marketing : Our favorite method, which we also use regularly. What you do is advertise other companies. This could be for their products or services, or for a special promotion / campaign.

You will be paid for this upon success. In other words, commissions, usually for a sale. But sometimes you also receive money for a lead (registration / request for quotation; but without buying) or even per click on your ad!

Read more on our page about affiliate marketing how it works exactly, and how you can get companies for whom you are going to advertise.

2. Earning with Social Media : Everyone has social media accounts. For example on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. But what we quickly forget is that through these free networks you can reach millions of people all over the world.

That is a golden opportunity to make money. For example, by applying affiliate marketing via social network. But there are more options, which you can read in this article about making money with social media . In it we also refer to articles that are specifically written about the various popular social media, including Youtube .

3. Start your own website : Many people are shocked when they read this, but nowadays it is really very simple to create a site! It happened in no time and requires no technical knowledge at all.

It is, however, an ideal way to earn money. Whether it is to make an existing company more famous, or other ways such as blogging, creating a webshop or a comparison site.

You can too. How, you can read that on our page about earning money with your own website . There you will find how to start a website now and also all the good ways to subsequently make a profit.

Easily earn money through the internet

Don't want to wait to set up your own business? Don't have the time to build this up until it starts running? You can also always earn money with ways that we characterize as simple, reliable and safe. You can start right away and earn your first money today . They sometimes call it online home working.

But the earnings are in total a bit less in the long term, but still not a little! If you all apply the methods below, because you can do them perfectly next to each other, you will still earn 1000, - per month!

1. Filling Out Surveys For Money : This may seem boring because you think you should only complete endless questionnaires, but it certainly isn't! You can also regularly test products at home, or you can watch videos of advertisements that have yet to be shown on TV, followed by a small survey.

The reward is also better than you might think. There are survey panels where you already receive 10 cents per question. Some of them will give you 2 US dollars for a survey of a few minutes. With that, the earnings can amount to $ 300 to $ 500 per month!

But then you have to register yourself for the best survey sites of course. That is why we have drawn up the Top 10 panels in the Netherlands & Belgium for you. Don't wait any longer and start making money today by completing surveys .

2. Earning cashback: you may know cashback as the one-off US $ 30 that you get back when you switch to a new energy supplier. But you can always get cashback on everything you buy from thousands of online stores, on top of the promotions and offers!

All you have to do is join one of the best cashback sites for free , preferably Euroclix . They are the largest and best cashback site in the Netherlands, the most reliable with the amount of fees. You can read more about how it works on our page about earning cashback .

3. Internet savings programs : With so-called savings programs, which in English are called 'Get-Paid-To' sites, you get paid for the simplest things. For example, giving likes on Facebook, clicking on links, reading banners or emails.

This is so simple that the fee is not that high, but because there are many of these types of sites that also have many of those kinds of 'tasks' for you every day, you can still earn good money with it. The earnings quickly add up to several hundred US dollars.

Check out our page about earning money with savings programs for the Top 10 savings sites in the Netherlands and more tips on how to get as much more as possible here.

The truth of making money fast

Many sites often talk about ways in which you can easily earn a lot of money quickly. You become rich, they even call a millionaire in 3 steps ! Earn thousands of euros in a short time without doing anything or any effort ...

You don't believe that yourself, do you? If it were that simple there would have been many more rich people!

Usually they are talking about ways to invest online. They just do not say that there is also enough risk and that 95% of people only lose money this way. About 1% of the people do make a (high) profit and the rest even. This is not making money as far as we are concerned.

Yes - so there are lucky ones who get rich with it. But they know very well what they are doing, and moreover they have often needed a dose of luck. Do you think you can do this too? Then you should first read about our page about investing money .

There you can find out how you can limit risk, and you can also read more about ways with which you can make up to 30 times as much and as quickly as with 'normal' stocks. Then you also need less start-up capital.

What about an online casino?

We started this article with the truth about making a lot of money fast and mainly focused on investing, and that many websites falsely advertise it as an easy way to make money. But…

Much worse we find the online casinos and gaming websites. Both are little more than gambling, you always lose money! That is what those sites make their own money with.

So please don't fall for that, and use safe and reliable methods that don't put you at high risk of losing your money. Like the ones you can find above.