Account score

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What is Account Score?

Account score is a concept used by online savings programs where you can earn money . It is a personal number linked to your membership. The higher this number, the more benefits you can gain, such as higher rewards for actions that earn you money. For example, for clicking on an e-mail you will not receive 1 cent but 2 cents.

How Account Score Works

You can influence the account score yourself. The number is linked to your activity. If you are a more active member, which means that you participate in promotions, the score will increase. If you don't do anything for a while, the score will drop automatically.

Why is an account score used?

The underlying goal is to activate you to do more things as a member. In any case, more than just the simple actions such as reading emails and clicking banners. It is the other actions with which the savings program earns its money, so they want to promote that.

Because your account score must also have a minimum value in order to be able to pay out your earned balance, a savings program immediately ensures that they are themselves assured of certain income before they pay you anything.

In itself logical, but an obligation that sometimes proves difficult to fulfill. And because there are also plenty of savings programs without an account score, they are more user-friendly. That is why the savings programs WITH such a score are not in our list of best online savings programs .