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Can Qassa be trusted?

Yes, great website

Do I have to register right now?

No, that again not


Rather become a member of Euroclix , which is the best cashback site in the Netherlands .

Because: at Euroclix you get a starting bonus of 150 clix ($ 2.55), your balance becomes worth more if you continue to save (up to 70%), they work with more webshops and are more reliable (cashback goes wrong less often) .

But is not necessarily a drama, read this review / review.

Further in this review:

Pros and cons

Cashback discount is paid out immediately, no minimum balance required

The amount of the discount is fine

No sign up bonus unfortunately

There is no toolbar that registers your purchase, so you always have to log in to get your discount and that often goes wrong.

What is Qassa?

Qassa has been around since 2000, making it one of the first such sites in the Netherlands. From 2009 they were also active internationally, including in France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden and Italy. Turkey also seems to be coming.

Until 2014 the site was still called MoneyMillionaires, from this you can clearly see that it actually started as a real internet savings program. Now they focus entirely on the cashback market.

The only remnant of this is that they still offer that you can fill out surveys for money . But if you want to do that to earn more money then you better become a member of the 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands & Belgium .

How does work?

Becoming a member at Qassa is free and without obligation. You do not have to pay anything to participate, and you are not obliged to do anything. So you can always try it out and browse between the promotions. it also applies to all cashback sites.

As soon as you are registered you can start earning cashback shopping . This process is very simple: instead of surfing directly to a webshop, you first log in to Qassa. You search for the shop in the overview and click on the link to visit the shop.

After that, the rest goes as usual. Make sure that you do not close the screen or visit other websites in between, because then things will go wrong. Your purchase and therefore cashback will not be registered and you will miss out on your free money back!

The payment is also the same, because you always get cashback afterwards. So you will not immediately receive a discount on the bill. But that is advantageous, because you will get a percentage back of the total amount, even if there happen to be items in between that were already on sale. So you get an extra discount on that!

There are also cashback sites where you can download and install a toolbar / browser extension that automatically registers cashback. How not to log in first. That makes a difference because otherwise you will probably forget this. Moreover, that toolbar also remembers the thousands of webshop for you where you can get a discount at all, you will never succeed ... Unfortunately, does not have such a toolbar.

That is a disadvantage, but a big advantage of Qassa is the fact that you do not need a minimum balance to transfer your cashback back to your bank account. At many other sites you have to save this up to 10 or 25 US dollars and that can take a while. Any cashback discount earned can therefore be cashed out immediately.

How much can it yield?

Of course this is the key question, because it is all about the knots. Nice that there is such a thing as cashback , but how much does this ultimately yield in your wallet? Just assume that from now on you can buy everything at a discount. Because if you look at the thousands of web shops that participate in this, plus the fact that you can get everything online now, it means that nothing is impossible in the world of cashback.

Money back on clothes, your normal groceries, but also gifts for your family and friends and even booking your expensive summer vacation, can all get you back a few percent. Can you figure out how much this is in total?

Without any effort, up to a thousand US dollars a year. And then Qassa also has extra earning options, such as completing surveys for example. That is even more on top.

Is Qassa reliable?

Whatever kind of website or program we review, this is always the hot topic. In other words: the most important topic. Because even if you can earn more with a certain site, it will only help you if you actually get that money deposited into your bank account. Or another form of reward of your choice must arrive, such as coupons or gifts.

Unfortunately, it is precisely at this point that more and more things are starting to go wrong lately and multiple complaints about not paying, not responding to customer service and the like are appearing. Now our experience has always been good over the years (we've been members for a long time), but this is starting to crumble a bit. What we also found very unfortunate is that the $ 2 referral bonus to bring your friends or family in has suddenly been abolished, because that was a good way to save faster!


As a savings program, this site was a nice extra. But as a cashback site, Qassa unfortunately falls short of the competition. A pity, because we were quite a fan a few years ago. Anyway, at the moment you better go to Euroclix .

This is the best cashback site in NL, with more options for saving and earning money. With a toolbar, with a start bonus, with better reliability and with more web shops where you get a discount.