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Should You Avoid Savings Shopping?

no, it is not

Do you have to register yourself right now?

Not even

Why not?

There is a site that is even better, the best cashback website in the Netherlands even, and that is Euroclix .

To name a few advantages: you get your discount faster there, your balance becomes more valuable if you save more and there are more ways to earn available. That way you earn more money and faster too!

But that does not mean that the is not good, read the rest of this review with an assessment of all important points.

Further in this review:

Pros and cons

Start bonus of $ 2.50

Various reviews have shown that the site is very reliable

It takes a long time to approve the cashback discount after a purchase

Discount at relatively few web shops (about 800 compared to almost 2500 at Euroclix )

You can only pay out from $ 25, -

What is

Savings shopping is a website that gives its users a discount at cooperating online stores in the form of cashback . This means that when you shop through savings shopping at one of those webshops, will receive a fee for it. They share it (partly) with you to make sure that it also helps you. That way you both gain something from it.

Of course they do so so that you continue to shop through them. This is called cashback shopping / shopping and Savings shopping is therefore a cashback site.

How does savings shopping work?

Of course you have to become a member first. Registering is a small effort. You only need to enter your name and email. You can also choose your own username. After that you can immediately start earning money with cashback . Registration is also free of charge / free and does not entail any obligations (is therefore without obligation, you are not committed to anything).

NB: you must log in at least once a year, otherwise your balance will expire. You have lost that.

Earning cashback is very simple. Suppose you want to buy something from a web store, in this example Instead of typing in directly, you first go to the site of savings shopping. You search there and go to that webshop via the special link "visit website". Then you continue shopping as usual.

The payment is also the same, because you will only receive your cashback discount afterwards. This is the case with all cashback sites. This also has an advantage, because you get a percentage back on your total order amount, regardless of whether there were already articles that already had a promotional discount! So you get an extra discount on that.

Your purchase will be registered in your account and after a period it will be approved. This takes a relatively long time at Savings Shopping, sometimes up to 4 months. As soon as everything is approved, the amount will be added to your balance. If you have a balance of at least 25 US dollars, you can transfer this to your PayPal or IBAN bank account.

What is secretly a bit of a shame is that Spaarwinkelen does not offer a toolbar. Other sites like Euroclix do. With that you no longer have to log in to the cashback site first, but everything goes automatically. You just get a reminder if you can get cashback somewhere.

This has two advantages: 1) you will never forget your free discount, and 2) you do not have to keep track of which thousands of web shops you can get a discount at, the toolbar will do that for you! Hopefully Spaarwinkelen will also develop such a toolbar soon.

How much does it yield?

That is of course the key question, the Dutch question. Of course it is in fact free money that you take, but it is nice to know how much exactly. In a general sense, cashback can bring you a lot, because you can get it at almost every well-known web store. Just think of, Wehkamp and Coolblue. You can actually buy everything there, right?

And that's exactly the point. As soon as you make more of your purchases online, you will also earn more cashback. Cashback may only be a few percent, but what would it be? You can get this discount on endless things. Groceries, new clothes, household items, personal care, but also booking your holidays! That really adds up.

We therefore also dare to say that you can easily earn $ 1,000 per year in this way. Especially if you do this through the best cashback site. For the sake of completeness and superfluous repetition: that is Euroclix .

Is reliable?

This is perhaps the most important question of all, because well and good, you might be able to get a slightly higher discount. If it never arrives on your bill, then it is of no use to you, right? Exactly.

That is why we always register ourselves at sites that we review. And this shows the same from the many online reviews that can be found: although it takes a long time before you get your money back after a purchase, it always arrives!

Yes, it sometimes takes 3 to 4 months for your purchase and associated cashback to be approved and therefore before you can have it paid out, but you will get it. So it is reliable, just not that fast.


We certainly do not advise against registering with this website, but we do proactively recommend that you register with Euroclix instead . This site is the better on quite a few points, as you have been able to read in several places in this review.

This way you can save / earn more money there. You're not a thief of your own wallet, are you? Therefore...