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Make cashback money

We will immediately explain to you how earning cashback, also called cashback shopping, exactly works.

But the most important thing to remember is that you can get the most benefit from this through the best cashback sites .

There you get a higher cashback percentage and the sites themselves work better and are more reliable.

Which are those exactly? We have of course also sorted that out for you!

best cashback sites in the Netherlands

Why participate?

We can't make it much easier for you: you get a free discount at web shops, on the order amount itself on top of current offers and promotions. So an extra discount! And that means that you get free money back on things that you otherwise buy anyway.

Whether it is something for yourself or a gift for someone else, it doesn't matter! Moreover, you can actually buy everything through the thousands of web shops where you can get this discount, you no longer have to go to the city. Actually, it is the most brilliant way of making easy money , or easy saving - it just depends on how you look at it.

Why are you being rewarded?

Cashback sites are of course not bad. They don't just give you money back on your purchase. They work together with the web shops and receive a fee themselves when you buy something from those web shops via the link of the cashback site.

But what they genius do is they share that fee with you. That is your cashback , you do not get it from the webshop. So please note: the discount is not deducted from your purchase amount, but you will receive a separate refund to your account at the cashback site afterwards.

You can then transfer this back to your bank account. Often this is from a minimum amount of $ 10 each time. That way you win just as much as the cashback sites, and they know for sure that you will come back next time.

How much can you earn?

The discount you get varies from a few percent to 15%. That is of course a lot when you think about how much you buy online. Let alone how much you could buy online!

Everything is available through web shops nowadays, so if you play it smart, and maybe also let your mother, father, brother and sisters make their purchases via your account, it can add up to a nice amount. We dare to claim that you can earn $ 1000 per year with this!

How does it work?

With modern techniques it has become so simple that it can no longer go wrong. In the past, you had to log in to the cashback site and go to the webshop via a special link before you could go shopping.

Nowadays you can simply install a toolbar on your laptop, tablet or phone and it is automatically registered when you make a purchase at a store where the cashback site works together more closely. You just get a pop-up, which is great, because then you don't have to remember the thousands of web shops where you can benefit from.

Registration is always free and takes place within minutes. You even get a sign-up bonus, all for free. So you already earn some money with it within minutes. At Euroclix, for example, the best cashback site in our opinion, you immediately receive $ 2.55 as a gift.

Bad cashback sites

The problem with cashback is often that your purchases are not properly registered. More old-fashioned websites mainly have this problem. Do not bother you if you register yourself with the good sites.

But if you come to a site where you feel bad, don't do it. Reliability is also an important thing. Because it's nice that you get the discount deposited into your account, but it must also arrive in your bank account. We have tested the best sites ourselves and they are good.

Finally, the number of online stores where you can get cashback is important, but especially with which ones. One of the larger cashback sites, for example, is a really great site, but it does not work with! It is therefore not in our Top 10 ...

Tips for more cashback

There are a number of things you can do to increase your cashback. we put them together in a list with tips:

  • To start, register at the best cashback sites, there you will receive higher discounts at more web shops and you can be sure that your money will be paid out.
  • Sign up at multiple sites, sometimes the cashback percentages differ slightly and so it can pay to find out where you really get the highest discount for your favorite online stores. After all, every 0.1 percent is money for you.
  • Always install the toolbar that reminds you that you can get a discount at an online store. How you can no longer shop via a special link and you can no longer forget it.
  • Buy more online! Especially in the Corona era we learned the values ​​of online shopping and you can hardly imagine what you can not get online. It also saves you money and time to go to a physical store and you can compare prices much better online.
  • Cashback programs often have exclusive member promotions and sometimes temporarily increased cashbacks. Use it for greater benefit.
  • Always check whether your purchase is properly registered and whether your cashback has been processed properly. This sometimes takes a while, which makes it tempting to forget, but it would be a shame if you miss out on your free money!
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Frequently asked questions / FAQ

Do you have to pay taxes?

Yes actually, it is ultimately some kind of income. And everything you earn must be reported to the tax authorities.

Is participation free?

Absolutely, registration is free of charge. You even receive a sign-up bonus at all cashback sites that we recommend!

How are you paid?

Simply in money to your bank account, but you can also choose to receive prizes or gift certificates.

How old do you have to be at least?

Varies per website, but with some you can register from the age of 12! You just need an email and bank account.