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Registering yourself with savings, is that smart?

No Unfortunately not.

Is it a bad site then?

No, but there are simply much better options.

Especially Euroclix , the best cashback site in the Netherlands .

Further in this review:

Pros and cons

Excellent amount of the cashback discount;

Pay out from 1 eurocent;

Sign-up bonus of $ 2.50;

The website is a bit outdated, doesn't seem to be updated for a while;

Small range of web shops where you get a discount compared to competitors;

A webshop with which they do not cooperate is, for example, which is quite a lack;

No toolbar available that automatically registers your purchases;

You do get a bonus when you sign up friends, but no percentage on their earnings (at Euroclix you get 10% on what your referred friends earn).

About SpaarCentje

The website / membership file is owned by 4DaysOff. The site has existed since 2011. Just like all other cashback sites, they give their members a cashback discount at the online stores they work with.

How does it work?

You get a discount from the partners of the website in the form of cashback. This means that your benefit is not immediately taken from your voucher at the checkout, but is refunded to your account afterwards (cashback = “money back” in English). The advantage of this way is that it is a percentage of your entire order. So also about articles that already have a discount / benefit! So discount on discount is possible.

All you have to do is register yourself for free and without obligation. So it costs you nothing to participate, you even get a sign-up bonus. In addition, it is also not required to make a minimum number of purchases or something. So registering and looking around can not hurt.

By the way, all you have to do to get your cashback is log in to Spaarcentje, look up the desired webshop and then click through a personal link. Then your purchase will be registered.

After that, the former must be approved before the cashback is credited to your account. From there you can transfer it back to your bank account. The advantage of this cashback site is that this is already possible from 1 cent.

The disadvantage is that they do not have a toolbar . Many other (better) cashback websites do have this. You can download and install it on your device. You will then be notified if you can get cashback somewhere.

This has two advantages: you no longer have to log in first, so that it always goes well with the registration, but you also do not have to memorize the thousands of online stores where you can get cashback discount at all!

How much do you save / earn?

With cashback you can save a lot. At most shops you will get a 2% discount up to 15%! And sometimes you get a fixed amount. The advantage is that with good cashback parties such as Euroclix, all major web shops participate, from to Wehkamp and AliExpress. And when you think about how much you can actually buy online nowadays, you should consider that you always get that free discount on this!

Indeed, you are therefore leaving free money if you do not register yourself! We dare to claim that this means that an average family in the Netherlands simply misses out on $ 1,000 per year. Because you get so much money back: individual purchases, gifts for birthdays, large purchases such as laptops and tablets, but also many travel agencies participate so that you get a discount on your holiday books. The latter yields a lot!

Is Spaarcentje reliable?

Well, this is a bit difficult to determine. There are no complaints online and we do not detect any problems. Everything seems to be right, but it is a somewhat annoying gut feeling that the website does not seem to have been updated for so long. Anyway, that doesn't have to say anything.

Conclusion is a great website in itself. However, they have fallen behind, it seems with the competition. The site is outdated, they don't have a toolbar / extension available and they don't work with major web stores like

That is why it is better to register yourself with the best cashback website in the Netherlands: Euroclix . They give a higher start bonus, a discount at more online stores, more advantage when registering your friends and they also have more ways with which you can earn money such as filling out surveys and you get paid for reading emails .