Shop Discount Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Is reliable?

We think so ...

Do you have to register right now?

NO , not that!

There is a cashback site that is much better: the best in the Netherlands is Euroclix .

For example, you do not receive a registration bonus with Shop Discount while with Euroclix you immediately receive $ 2.55 ! There are also more differences and you can read them in the review / rating below.

Further in this review:

Pros and cons

Cashback discount amount is pretty good

From reviews they seem fairly reliable (although things sometimes go wrong)

No toolbar available that automatically sees the purchase & cashback

They work together with somewhat few web shops (just under 1500), where Euroclix does that with more than 2400 web shops.

They only do cashback and do not offer other ways of earning / saving like Euroclix does

What is

This is a pure cash back site owned by Bonus Shopping Ltd based in Amsterdam. They are active in the Netherlands and Belgium. They have been around since 2008 and claim to be one of the first cashback sites in our country.

How does it work?

Registration is free and without obligation. You just need to enter your name, email and gender as information. It is also possible with your Facebook if you prefer that. After that, you can immediately claim a cashback discount. Your balance starts at zero upon registration.

This works quite simply: instead of surfing directly to a web store, you first log in to shop discount. You then click through a special button / link to the desired shop and then continue shopping as usual. Paying is also exactly the same. Pay attention! So you will not immediately receive a discount on the voucher ...

You always get cashback back later. It may take a while to approve your purchase and cashback. Then you will receive the amount deposited into your account of and as soon as you have a total of $ 10, you can have this transferred to your bank account.

The advantage of this system is that the cashback is calculated on the total amount that you have paid. The cashback discount therefore also applies to products that already have an offer or promotion. That is an extra discount!

What is quite a shame besides the negatives you have already read is that ShopKorting does not have a toolbar / extension. Other sites such as Euroclix do have this, which means that the registration of the cashback is automatic and you do not have to log in first to use a special link.

You often forget this because we know from experience and that is a shame. This no longer goes wrong with a toolbar. And you no longer have to remember which thousands of web shops you can get money back from ...

How much do you save?

It just depends on how much you shop online. But now that you know that you can get a free extra discount in a very simple way at many online stores, you will probably go shopping online right ?! Especially now that you can order literally everything online nowadays, from your entire outfit to everyday shopping.

An average Dutch person is just going to get $ 1000 per year free money back in this way, so what are you waiting for? But beware, register yourself with the best cashback site, and that is Euroclix .

Is ShopKorting reliable?

For cashback sites, there are always 2 things that matter when we test them (which we pay particular attention to). No. 1 is the proper registration of your purchase. If this does not come through, there is something wrong in the system behind the website. This is quite sensitive and you should never surf to other websites in between. No. 2 it is approval process of the cashback and its payment to your bank account. None of this should take too long.

Shop discount scores reasonably well on the first point, although there are a number of reviews that show that things sometimes go wrong. Nothing can be found about the second point, so that is a sign that this is okay. Because otherwise you would have found it! So in totality we dare to say that this site is relatively reliable.


Well is simply a great website, but at the bottom of the line just not up to a few competitors who are just a little better. And then we are mainly talking about Euroclix , where you can best register yourself.

They give discounts at more web shops. Euroclix also has a toolbar that you can download that makes the whole process easier and you can no longer accidentally forget to get your cashback.