MijnKorting.nl Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Do you have to register at MijnKorting.nl?

Well, it won't hurt, we think, but ...

... it is much smarter to register with a better cashback site !

And especially at Euroclix , the best in the Netherlands.

Further in this review:

Pros and cons

Discount seems fine in terms of height, not low or high;

Process works fine, there are a lot of positive reviews;

They work together with 1900 online stores, which is reasonable. Moreover, the important names are among them and not just insignificant online stores;

Very important disadvantage: Your account will expire after 2 months of inactivity! And then you have lost all your saved discount / money ...

Payout only from USD 12.50. This is much earlier with competitors;

No toolbar available, this is a shame because it makes the process a bit cumbersome and more error prone.

At other sites such as Euroclix , you also receive 10% on what those friends earn in addition to the bonus to make friends. Not with My Discount unfortunately ...

About My Discount

MijnKorting.nl is part of MARC Ltd and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 30228478. It is a cashback site but also a so-called “promotion site” or “discount site”.

They will therefore also keep you well informed if there is a special discount campaign with their partners somewhere. Pretty handy. They are very open and transparent about the conditions. You can even approach the owner via Linkedin or Whatsapp.

How does it work?

Register first of course. You will immediately receive a starting amount of $ 7.50. Registration is free and in principle without obligations. It is therefore without obligation whether, how often and to which discounts you want to participate. But with MijnKorting that is not entirely the case, because if you are not active for 2 months (read: you do not make any purchases), then:

They can close your account just like that , without payment of the outstanding and awarded welcome bonus, friends bonuses and all your saved discounts. You can object to this within a period of 3 months after his account has been closed and then reactivate your account… not really a nice condition!

Anyway, let's say you're not letting this happen. The process of making purchases and getting a discount is very simple. You search through MijnKorting.nl for the webshop where you want to go shopping and click through the special link. Do not visit websites in between! The rest of the shopping and checkout is exactly the same. You also do not notice the discount, it is not immediately deducted from the receipt.

You will receive the discount afterwards . Cashback is the literal translation of "money back" for a reason. The webshop must first approve the transaction and only then will the discount be credited to your account. This can take a few days to weeks. From there you can transfer it back to your bank account, from 12.50 US dollar that is by the way.

Good cashback sites, however, have a toolbar / extension or app available where you no longer have to log in but can go directly to the webshop to shop. The toolbar will then automatically register your purchase, but also remind you that you can get a discount.

Very handy, because not only can you now never forget to log in, but you also do not have to know the 1900 web shops by heart where you can get the free discount ... Unfortunately, MijnKorting does not have such a function, has to be one of the biggest downsides.

How much does My Discount save you?

Earning / saving money with cashback can bring you a lot. In any case, it is of course a free extra discount that you do not want to miss. But remember that you can actually get this at any webshop you can think of.

Wherever you buy now and therefore already miss out on a discount! Bol.com, Wehkamp, ​​AliExpress, de Bijenkorf, Zalando, Groupon, Decathlon, Leenbakker, Media Markt, Kleertjes.com and so on ...

Rising up to 15% on your purchases! And because you can buy everything online nowadays, because even booking on your holidays and taking out your TV / internet / insurance / energy contract you can get cashback, you can potentially save a lot .

We are sure that this is 1000 US dollars per year for an average household and then you don't even have to do your best to buy as much as possible via the internet instead of in the physical stores. Again, 1000 US dollars free money ! But it will if you do it through the best cashback site, Euroclix . Because it works better on almost all points.

Is My Discount reliable?

Yes, we think so. There are many positive references and reviews. In addition, they are very transparent and clear about the conditions. It is a successful process that does not often go wrong. In doing so, they handle your personal data carefully. So the reliability does not have to stop you from registering yourself with this site.


If you look purely at the site and the program then it is a great venture. The competitors, on the other hand, are better at innovating, such as the possibility to install a toolbar or app. My Discount must go along with this, otherwise they will become less and less interesting.

That is why it is still better to register yourself with the better cashback websites, such as preferably the best there is in NL: Euroclix . They give discounts at more shops, more earnings for bringing in friends and family and they also have extra methods to earn money such as filling in surveys and you also get a reward for reading the advertising emails .