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Is Direct Discount recommended?

The short answer to that question is unfortunately NO .

Unfortunately, they do not belong in the Top 5 best cashback websites .

In fact, they are nowhere near the very best: Euroclix .

We explain below why that is the case and why it is better not to register yourself, based on an assessment of all important points for cashback sites.

We include online reviews and our own experience.

In this review:

Pros and cons

The discount you get is less than other competitive sites.

You also get that cashback discount at relatively few web shops, namely only at about 1200, while that is often more than 2500 at competitors, double that!

You can earn money faster by bringing someone in as a member. But with good sites you also get another 10% on the earnings of your registered members, but with Direct Discount not ...

A fairly leading online store where they unfortunately can not offer the discount is and that is a great loss.


The website is a cashback site like any other. So they also work in the same way, but more about that later. You can read more about the general method of cashback in our article earning with cashback discount . In short, it means that you get money back on the purchases at the webshops with which Direct Discount has a partnership.

The site is owned by Inpresif Internet Media. This company has "specialized in internet affiliate marketing, shop systems and web marketing since 1996". There is nothing more to be found about this company and that may actually be a separate perception and to be honest, that does not immediately give a good feeling.

How does it work?

The method of every cashback website is essentially the same: you buy something from a partner of the site you are a member of, and you get money back on your purchase. You have to surf this via a special link to the relevant webshop, because then it will be properly registered. So first log in to Direct Discount. Then you can shop as you always do and there is nothing else. Little effort, right?

By clicking on that identical link, they see that you are buying something and that you are entitled to a discount. So you shouldn't have to go to another website in between, because then things will go wrong. Incidentally, the payment is the same as you are used to, because you will not immediately receive the discount ... You will receive a percentage or fixed amount back on your order afterwards.

That means that it takes a while before you really have this money, because it must first be checked and you have to transfer it to your bank account. This may be a disadvantage, but an additional advantage is that you receive a discount on your entire order amount. So also about the articles that already have an advertisement or promotion , you just get an extra discount! So free money.

A good cashback website such as Euroclix also has a free extension / toolbar that you can install, with which you automatically see a signal when you can get a cashback discount at a shop. So you don't have to log in first. The advantage of this is that you cannot forget this anymore. But you also no longer have to try to remember all the thousands of online stores where you are entitled to cashback ... Unfortunately, Direct Discount does not have this.

How many can you earn?

Well at not much. At the moment you cannot even register yourself because they do not accept new members. But as you can see from the story above, the concept of cashback shopping is very lucrative!

A normal family in the Netherlands already spends so much through online shopping that with an average cashback discount you can just grab $ 1,000 free money ! And you can check if you really try to make as much of your purchases via the internet as possible. Is not even difficult because you can buy everything online. You can even get your casback back at the major travel agencies for your summer vacation! That adds up nicely.

But rather do that via Euroclix , which is simply the best cashback party in the Netherlands. These give a higher discount, you get a bonus of up to 70% on your earnings if you save your earned balance higher and you also have access to more ways to earn money, such as filling out surveys for money .

Is Direct Discount reliable?

To be fair, the site has really been around for a while and there are no complaints about it. The reviews do not give very high marks, which is not surprising given the above points, but we do not find any stories about scams and money that is not paid out. And given that these are precisely the determining factors for reliability, we cannot say a bad word about this.


We will repeat ourselves, of course, but you may have immediately moved to the conclusion. So the common thread comes back again: do not register with Direct Discount, but with Euroclix instead ! That site is much better, even the very best, and that means you will make more money there.