CashbackTotal Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Whether this is a good site?

At first glance yes ...

But if you look at reviews and our own experience:


This site appears to be unreliable . Rather register with Euroclix . That is the best cashback site in the Netherlands. There you also get a $ 2.50 start bonus and cashback discount at 2300+ web shops.

The difference is that with Euroclix you really see the money back in your bank account, while with CashbackTotaal that often goes wrong unfortunately.

Further in this review:

Pros and cons

No toolbar available, so you always have to shop via a special link, which is easy to forget, which is a shame.

They work with few web shops (around 1200), while Euroclix offers discounts at more than 2300 web shops.

They only do cashback. There are no other ways to earn or save as Euroclix does with clicking paid emails, completing surveys and much more.

And most importantly , they are not very reliable, there are many complaints that money never arrives.

Cashback discount is fine, not quite the highest as they say but good

What is CashbackTotal?

This website is owned by Red Tulip Media Ltd based in Amsterdam. The site is fully committed to cashback, which members can earn by shopping through this site at web stores they work with. Indirectly, the members receive a discount on those purchases of a few percent.

How do they work?

Registration only takes 30 seconds, just fill in your name and e-mail. You don't have to pay anything of course and there are no obligations. In addition, you immediately receive a starting bonus of $ 2.50 ... that is already going well. After this you can immediately start earning money from cashback .

Moreover, this is very simple: you do not immediately go to a web store where you wanted to shop, but first to the CashbackTotaal site. You then look up the shop and then surf there via a special link. From that point on everything is the same again and you can always shop and pay. Indeed also pay, you get the cashback afterwards and not immediately as a discount on the voucher. After all, "money back" is the literal translation of cash-back . Incidentally, it does not matter whether you buy offers or pay with gift vouchers, for example, you always get a percentage back on the total sum of your order.

You will receive this in your account from CashbackTotaal. This always takes a while because it has yet to be approved. After all, they must first receive a fee from the webshop themselves. They share these with you so that you both benefit from it (and you also like to continue shopping via CashbackTotaal. Win-win! Once you have a total of 10 US dollars in approved balance, you can have this transferred to your bank account or paid out in Bitcoins.

What is a shame is that CashbackTotaal does not have an extension or toolbar that you can install. Better sites, such as Euroclix in particular, do , which means that the entire process is automatic and you do not have to register yourself / use that one link first. This way you prevent forgetting cashback and you no longer have to memorize the thousands of webshop where you can get a discount ;-)

How much do you earn?

The more you shop, the more you earn in cashback discount. It's that simple. But with the knowledge that from now on you can get this extra discount on all your purchases, you will probably also shop more online, we think?

Certainly also because you can buy more and more via the internet nowadays. Everything is easily delivered to your home, and returns are almost always free! From fashion to your weekly shopping, from the drugstore to your entire interior.

A normal family in the Netherlands can now make $ 1000 per year free money in this way, but you can check if you are indeed going to buy everything online ... even when booking your holiday you can get cashback!

Are they reliable?

No. We will not beat around the bush: we look at two things for this points: 1) quickly approving purchases & corresponding cashback, and 2) quickly paying out your earned money to your bank account so that you can do something else with it.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of complaints about both and money turns out not to arrive more often than ... Then the site can still be so good, if this does not arrive it will of course be of no use to you! Unfortunately CashbackTotaal scores a big fat insufficient here.


It should be clear that the reliability of this website is the main problem. If your money does not arrive, yes it will. Prefer to register with Euroclix , they have the highest possible score on this point. And you also get a $ 2.50 start bonus there, can install a toolbar, discount at more online stores (2300+) and can earn money in more ways than just cashback.