CashbackXL Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Is reliable?

We think so.

Do I have to register there?


Why not?

There is a cashback site that is even better, Euroclix . In our opinion the best cashback site in the Netherlands.

The difference is, for example, that you do not get a discount at through CashbackXL ... but you do through . And that is precisely one of the most important web shops! You also don't get a sign-up bonus, while at Euroclix you immediately receive $ 2.55 !

But that does not mean that the CashbackXL is not good, but you can read that below.

Further in this review:

Pros and cons

No discount at

In any case, they work with relatively few web shops (about 1,300), while Euroclix collaborates with more than 2,400 web shops.

Are a pure cashback specialist, no other ways to earn & save money like competitors like Euroclix can

Cashback is quite good, not always the highest as they claim by the way

Experience has shown them to be very reliable

What is CashbackXL?

This is a real specialist in the field of cashback shopping. They are also not owned by a large or foreign party, but simply an independent Ltd established in the Netherlands (Rotterdam to be precise). The website focuses entirely on their next mission: To give everyone as much money back as possible on their purchases.

This is a great objective, which they also succeed in well in our opinion, because the amount of the cashback discount offered is relatively high and they have a well-functioning site and service. So doing well!

How does it work?

Registration is easy and also free and without obligation. You must be at least 18 years old. You can register with just your name and e-mail, but also with your Facebook if you like. After that you can immediately start earning money with cashback .

This is very simple: you do not go directly to a webshop where you want to shop, but first log in to CashbackXL and use a special link to the webshop. Then you just continue shopping as always and the payment is the same. So you will not immediately receive a discount on your order, but a sum of money will be refunded to your CashbackXL account later.

This usually takes a period of time during which it must be approved. CashbackXL receives a commission from the webshop and they want to have it first. They share some of it with you in the form of cashback. That's how you both win! You can simply transfer that cashback from your account to your bank account to buy other things with it.

What is a shame besides the negatives you could read above is that CashbackXL does not have a toolbar. Other sites such as Euroclix do, which means that saving cashback is automatic and you do not have to log in first and use a special link. You often forget this and that is a shame. That will never go wrong with a toolbar. And you don't always have to remember at which thousands of online stores you can get a discount ...

How much do you earn?

Of course, it all depends on how much you shop online. Anyway, knowing that from now on you can get a substantial discount at many online stores can mean that you will buy more online? Especially now that you can get literally everything on the internet, from clothes to groceries and from electronics to white goods.

An average Dutch person will be able to get $ 1000 a year free money back, so what are you waiting for?

Is CashbackXL reliable?

With cashback sites, there are always two things that are important when we are going to test them, and which we therefore pay particular attention to. The first is to register the purchase and thus that you should get a cashback. If things already go wrong here, there is something wrong in the systems behind the website. Second , approving the same cashback and paying it out to your bank account shouldn't take too long.

CashbackXL scores very well on both points. There are few complaints to be found and if things go wrong, which can of course always happen, there is good Dutch customer service that is never too difficult and still puts everything right. Very nice! So yes this site is certainly reliable.


Tricky ... it's just a great website that just doesn't seem up to rivals that are much better. And we are referring in particular to Euroclix , where you can better register yourself. They offer casback discount at more webshops, including with which CashbackXL unfortunately does not cooperate. Euroclix also has a toolbar that you can install that makes the process easier and you can no longer accidentally forget to claim your cashback.