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Is recommended?

Or not at all?

In itself it is a great site, but unfortunately they are NOT in our top 5 best cashback sites .

So they are not as good as, for example, the No. 1 Euroclix . But how is that then?

We explain this to you below on the basis of a complete review with an assessment in all important areas.

In this review:

Pros and cons

The highest of the cashback is good, you also get a discount at many online stores (more than 3500)

You can earn extra by bringing friends or family as a member. This will earn you $ 2.50 each time.

But at other sites you also get 10% on the earnings of those referred members, but unfortunately not at While that actually yields a lot!

In addition, other sites have even more additional earning ways, such as surveys or paid click banners.

An important webshop with which they unfortunately do not cooperate is


This site gives its members the opportunity to save / earn money with a cashback discount . This means that you will receive a refund on your purchases at the web shops that cooperates with. As you could read before, there are quite a few, although it is a pity that is not one of them.

The website is owned by OrangeBuddies Media. This company specializes in these types of websites and they have many more than just these. Also sites that are in our top 5 best cashback sites, by the way, but that aside. In total they are active with more than 100 websites in Europe and Australia and they work together with more than 35,000 shops.

How does it work?

In fact, all cashback sites work exactly the same and this one too. For the sake of completeness an explanation: you will therefore receive money back (cashback discount) on purchases at affiliated web shops. In practice, this means that you no longer have to surf directly to the shop, but first log in to and then navigate to the chosen store via a special link.

They use it to register your purchase. Do not visit other sites in between because it will go wrong! You can continue to shop as you are used to, also pay . Because there you will not get a discount yet, you will only get your money back afterwards. That is often a percentage of the order amount, sometimes a fixed amount.

The disadvantage is that you have to wait a while until your purchase is approved and you therefore receive your money. The advantage of this is that the discount applies to the entire order , so also on top of the items that were already on sale! In fact, it is free money.

The great thing about good cashback websites like this one is that you can install a free toolbar on your laptop / or an app on your phone, which will automatically notify you when you can get a discount. You don't have to log in anymore. The advantage is that you can no longer forget this, and in addition, you do not have to memorize all 3500 web shops where you are entitled to a discount!

How many can you earn?

In principle, you can earn a lot of money with cashback discount. After all, nowadays you can buy everything online and get this free discount on it. An additional advantage is the convenience that it is all delivered to your home for free.

An average Dutch family can easily save $ 1,000 per year . And if you really do your best to buy a lot via the internet, for example, many travel companies also participate so that you can also get a lot back on your holiday books, this can be much higher.

Nevertheless, it is better to go to Euroclix , who work together with many web shops, but you will receive a discount as soon as you save more. This extra benefit that they give you is a maximum of 70%. In addition, you can also earn and save money in other ways.

Is reliable?

Yes, we put our hand in the fire for that. It is for good reason that after the # 1 Euroclix , another 4 OrangeBuddies sites are in our top 5 best cashback sites! You always get your money and that's what it's all about in the end, right?

You will also see that there are virtually no complaints about this site. The approval process of cashback / purchases hardly ever goes wrong. The only thing is that this takes a relatively long time when you compare it to the competitors.


We will not discourage you from registering for this site, but it is cheaper to register with the best site in the Netherlands because this will yield more. If you don't, you are actually throwing away free money! To repeat, that best site is Euroclix !