Is Reliable? Experiences and Reviews

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Is this site safe and is it wise to register yourself?

No, it certainly is not.

It's actually a waste of your time ...

It is not without reason that they are outside the Top 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands .

You can read why this is the case in an extensive review below.

In this review:

Pros and cons

They use an Account Score ;

As a result, participation is not without obligation , but you are obliged to make purchases;

There are many complaints about lost cashbacks, we also have negative experiences ourselves;

Customer service is not exactly helpful or friendly.

How does work?

Originally it is a savings program (get-paid-to-site), but nowadays they mainly present themselves as a cashabck site. Either way, the operation has remained the same. There are a number of simple ways that you can make money with. Always small earnings that add up nicely, that is really easy money .

As soon as you have saved a total of 10 US dollars, you can have this paid out, provided you meet a number of conditions ... more about that later, here is a summary of the tasks for which you will be rewarded:

Earn with: Reward
Sign up bonus $ 1 as soon as your registration is complete
Read emails 0.8 cents per email read
Banner clicks Few click banners available, but in theory they do
Social media likes Yes, only on Facebook
Playing games Yes, that's possible
Cashback (discount) They both cashback at online stores, but not at that many (around 500) and moreover things often go wrong ...
Complete surveys They do not offer this, while you can save quickly with this, which is a shame
Bringing in friends Receive $ 1 as a referral bonus
Participate in promotions Yes, including some free promotions, but there are not many
Offers They communicate discount codes and offers
Save They have a large number of comparators for eg energy, mobile telephony or internet, TV & telephone and travel insurance.
Jackpot yes they do
Gamble n / a
Additional n / a

How much do you earn?

Savings programs are fun to join because they offer such a wide variety of jobs that you get paid for. And those are always simple tasks. You have seen the list above. However, some earn a little more and faster than others. They also determine for the most part how much you can earn with it per month:

Taking surveys is actually the fastest way to earn with the best savings programs. Unfortunately, Qlics does not offer these.

Cashback shopping is also a good source of income. There, qlics has many partner webshops where you get a discount, but unfortunately this often goes wrong.

Finally, making friends is always interesting with these types of programs. With qlics, however, the reward is relatively low, and unlike the competition, you do not receive a percentage on the earnings of your registered members.

At qlics you will therefore not earn much, but if you participate in the best savings programs , and preferably all 10, then you just grab a few hundred US dollars a month!

Is Qlics reliable?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of evidence here to support the contrary. They often go wrong with the promotions and cashbacks you participate in. We also experienced this first hand. The response from customer service afterwards is not friendly at all, and they don't want to help either.

The mere use of an account score is already significant for us: they mainly want to earn money from their members, and not that their members themselves benefit from it. Quite a shame, because they really have more potential than this.


This website is owned and operated by Zaludo Ltd. It is originally a savings program, but they are now trying to sell themselves more as a cashback program. However, nothing else has changed in the ways in which you save "qlics".


As sad as we think it is to write a negative review, you really should not want to register yourself with this website! A waste of all the time you put into it. The potential is very large that you will not use it.

Prefer to register with the good savings programs without an account score , there you will earn more and at least get it paid out nicely. There are plenty of them that are worthwhile, and with the top 10 we have put together you can already spend enough time and earn some extra money.