Is Jiggy Reliable? Experiences and Reviews

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Jiggy will cease to exist on 08/11/2019. Instead, you can sign up at 247discount . All existing members of Jiggy will also transfer to this new site.

The review below is therefore no longer applicable.


To register or not?

That is the issue that you probably have.

Then you should definitely read this review. is what concerns us one of the best online savings programs to earn money in the Netherlands and Belgium. In any case, the best

We therefore definitely recommend registration. Read the full review below why we think that.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Lots of ways to make money

Earn 20% of what they earn from clicking emails by referring friends

Modern pleasant website

Many cashback options (free money back at 1700 online stores!)

How does it work?

With online savings programs you can earn money with many different and usually simple tasks. Below you can see in the table all the ways that you can apply at Jiggy, including reward.

Earn with ... compensation
Sign up bonus $ 1 immediately after registration
Click emails 5-15 Jiggies per mail read (1 cent)
Clicking on banners n / a
Likes on social media n / a
Playing games Lots of choice! including bingo, tetris, finding differences and solitaire
Cashback (discount) at web shops Cashback at 1700 web stores
Complete surveys You can participate in the Jiggy Panel
Apply members Get 20% on the earnings from click emails from your referred friends
Participate in promotions Reward for promotions + offers from the promotional emails
Offers Exclusive offers and discount codes for members
Save Compare eg energy, SIM only or TV-internet calling. You also receive cashback for switching!
Jackpot n / a
Gamble n / a
Click and win promotions n / a

How much can you earn?

It is difficult to answer this question with a concrete number, because it really depends on how much time and energy you put into it. If you participate more often in the Jiggy Online Panel (fill in surveys), you will of course earn more.

That money especially for cashback shopping. If you make a lot of purchases via the internet, you can earn Jiggies at most web stores. Even on the things you already buy now. In addition to offers and current promotions. Free money actually. And because you can buy everything via the internet, this can yield a lot!

Also interesting is that you earn with friends. In fact, you will receive twenty percent on everything they earn by clicking emails, forever! So if you have a lot of friends and family, or if you use your website, blog or social media to recruit many members, you can score big with them.

If you make maximum use of all these options, we dare to say that with this site alone you can just grab $ 50 in a month.

Is Jiggy Reliable?

We have been a member of for years and we can therefore guarantee that this site can be absolutely trusted. Everything has been going 100% well for many years. The balance is always correct, reimbursements are credited immediately, as is cashback. The panel where you can make surveys works fine and the payment of your balance to a bank account has always been fast and without problems. Maximum score also reliability!

General information

The Jiggy program is part of OneDream Ltd and has existed since 2004. It was only in 2008 that it really started to grow and it gained many members. This company was founded by a number of different entrepreneurs to be able to jointly start an online savings program.

The name Jiggy comes from Will Smith's song "Getting Jiggy with it" that got on the radio after a brainstorming session what they wanted to call the website. The rest is history.


It is not without reason that Jiggy is proud of a 2nd place in our Top 10 best internet savings programs . It is simply a very good site and panel where you can earn and save money. They are modern and score high on reliability, what more could you want?