ExtraEuro.nl Reliable? Experiences and Reviews

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Good name right? For a website where you can earn an extra euro ?

But do they make that happen? Well, unfortunately not ...

They are therefore absolutely not among the 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands .

And actually we simply advise against signing up!

You will understand if you read the review below with an assessment of the main features.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Participating in this program will not yield you much;

They work with the dreaded account score ;

So you can not become a member without obligation , but you really have to participate in promotions, including paid promotions;

Because otherwise you simply cannot have your earnings paid out ...

How does ExtraEuro work?

Making money with savings programs involves joining a site where you get paid for all kinds of very small tasks. Those assignments will only earn you a few cents, but they also only cost you one second ! And because you can do so many different things and it also pays to be a member of many savings programs at the same time, you can still earn quite well on balance.

Provided that your account score is sufficient, but you will read more about this later, you can have your earned money transferred to your bank account from a balance of 10 US dollars. Below you can read how you can gather this together.

Task Reward
Start Bonus $ 1 directly with your registration
Read emails Half a cent per read email
Banner clicks In addition to the "click & win" banners, with which you can win 10 cents, there are also plenty of banners that give you half a cent per click.
Social media likes If you give likes on Facebook you get one cent for that.
Playing games There are games but they all require a bet / deposit. Gambling actually
Cashback (discount) Some options for cashback discount, which also contribute to your account balance, but not very interesting. Not comparable to real cashback sites .
Complete surveys Although they believe they offer this, little of it appears to be achieved. Never had an invitation.
Bringing in friends If you bring friends, if necessary strangers through your website or social media, you will earn 1 US dollar each time.
Participate in promotions A few cashbacks, but few free promotions
Offers sometimes exclusive discounts, sometimes
Gamble Gambling games, but not really betting on football or Formula 1

How much will it get you?

As mentioned, you earn quite well with good savings programs. Take part in all ten of our aforementioned top 10 and you just grab 200 US dollars a month , easy. But with ExtraEuro ... a maximum of euros ...

Very little in comparison. How did that happen? At these types of sites, what they call get-paid-to sites in America, you earn the fastest with completing surveys and good cashback options at interesting web shops. That makes things easier. But Extraeuro.nl does not offer the first option, and in the second they are simply very thin.

And then the worst part is that account score. At a certain point you are forced to participate in actions that also cost you money to keep it up to date. And that is actually a waste of your balance. So you have to spend money to ever have your earned money paid out. Bizarre.

Is Extraeuro.nl reliable?

There are a lot of bad reviews about this site for a reason. We get it, because a lot of that is about account score. Although of course you could have read this in advance, right, because they just mention it.

But it doesn't stop there. It also appears that many cashback promotions go wrong, so that you cannot achieve that account score at all. Yes that is not neat. As a result, many people participate for a long time, but in the end all that work turns out to be for nothing. So the reliability, no, we do not give it sufficient.

About ExtraEuro Ltd

Yes, that is the name of the company behind this site. We are still a Ltd, not a vague or unknown person. They have more sites that look exactly the same like Cashhier. They differ only slightly, on the rewards and minimum balance to be able to withdraw.


Don't burn your hands on this. Not reliable, bad to no earnings, just a waste of your valuable time! Most of all, we feel, and many with us, that they only want to make money FROM their members, not FOR their members.

Just take part in the 10 best savings programs , without an account score, they are reliable and you earn well. But also check out other ways to make money with the internet . Combining is very well possible, and then you get not 200 but 500 US dollars a month!