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Before you read on,

(how much fun making money with surveys is and how much you can earn with them)

we want you to remember 1 thing :

There are a lot of websites where you can make money by completing surveys.

However, only a few are really worth it.

Which those are? Click on the button below and you will get the answer :-)

best paid survey sites reliably

This top 10 (Netherlands / Belgium) is reliable, safe and you earn the most. You shouldn't want to waste your time on the other sites. We have compiled the list based on our own experiences, but also on the basis of reviews from others, existing online reviews and complaints / comments that we have received.

If a site is not listed, it is a bad sign. Take a look at our survey sites reviews page where you can find an extensive review of almost every survey site, but also other types of sites to make money online via the internet .

How much do you earn by completing surveys?

Okay, fair is fair. You are not going to get rich quickly with surveys and questionnaires. You earn money by participating in surveys, but don't expect the compensation to be huge. Think of it as a great way to make extra money .

The reward per survey is usually a few US dollars and it takes 10 - 20 minutes. No, not bad indeed, but you will not generate more than an income of $ 500 per month . And then you have to register yourself with really all good survey panels and participate in all possible surveys.

Of course it remains a very nice flexible and easy way of earning money ; completing surveys as an extra income , because it can make very good money from home . As a student, schoolchild or as homework that you can easily combine with a family or household.

How does paying surveys work?

Your opinion is worth money, but why? The answer is actually very simple: the studies you can participate in are used by companies and governments to improve their products, services or marketing.

The same institutions therefore benefit financially. Therefore, they are more than willing to pay you for your cooperation. The information you give them will help them earn more, but only if it is good information.

Now there are research agencies that pay little or nothing for your help, but then you often see that that information is less valuable. the members are less motivated and give less serious answers. Of course you would also like to keep something from it!

Fortunately, there are plenty of good survey sites (also called panels), see the Top 10 best survey sites . Here you can register for free, without obligation.

Free, so it costs you nothing. With some panels you even receive a bonus when you register! Without obligation because there is no obligation. You can decide for yourself which surveys you participate in or not.

The only condition to participate is that you live in the Netherlands (or Belgium at the Belgian sites) and have an account number in the same country. At a number of sites in NL you can participate from 16 years old , at the rest from 18 years old. In Belgium it is already possible to participate from the age of 13 .

As soon as you are registered, it is wise to first fill in your profile characteristics / information. Based on this, the site can determine which studies are or are not intended for you.

If you do not enter this information, you may accidentally receive a survey that is not intended for you. The research is often deliberately distributed to a specific target group under which research is to be done. For example, only women for a tampon test, or men for razor blades (to name a few examples).

If you indeed receive a survey that is not intended for you, you may start enthusiastically, but you will be taken out after a few questions. A waste of your time and effort. So again, fill in the profile attributes !

When you are fully registered you will automatically receive invitations by email or app, depending on the site. Only at Panelclix NL / Panelclix BE then again the best survey site there is, do you really have to log in yourself to see if you can make a survey. They are therefore so large that surveys are often already full, so you have to be there on time, which is why they continue this way.

Before you start a survey, you will always see an indication of how long it will take to complete and how much the fee is. And again: you can decide for yourself whether the reward is worth it, because participation is never mandatory.

It is often online surveys where you have to fill in a questionnaire. In principle, this can be done on any device with internet / wifi, so a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC / desktop computer.

It may also be that you judge advertisements by watching videos or that you can test websites . You may also be allowed to test a product at home or be invited to a telephone survey or an online discussion forum.

Immediately after completing the questionnaire / survey you will receive your reward on the balance of your account. You save the earnings up to a minimum amount that you can then have paid out. Often from $ 10, -

This can be in cash, PayPal credit or in the form of gifts or coupons . Sometimes you can also choose to donate your balance to a good cause. In the aforementioned Top 10 best paid surveys you can see exactly per site which method of payment they use.

Complete Surveys for Money

A large part of the survey panels pay out the earnings in cash. There are roughly two ways:

1) directly to your bank account, or

2) pay out via PayPal.

In fact, it does not matter, because from PayPal credit it is also on your bank account within 2 working days and that is completely free. The advantage of money is that you can spend it on anything. You can therefore also pay your rent with it, for example, or put it in your savings account.

Complete surveys for Coupons

(Or gift certificates / gift certificates, whatever you want to call it.)

There are quite a few panels who choose to pay members in coupons. These are often coupons for or VVV coupons, for example. Almost as good as money, of course, because you can buy almost anything with it. View the panels that pay out in coupons for the completed surveys .

tips to earn as much as possible by completing surveys

10. Tips to earn as much as possible by completing surveys

1. Only register with reputable survey sites

There are many different panels where you can find paid surveys. Too much actually and unfortunately there are also enough very bad ones. Some aren't even a survey panel themselves but they just want to sell your email address, and others are unreliable because they never pay out or pay downright bad. That's why the following tip is also important:

2. Only sign up with the highest paid survey sites

Be sure to join the site that pays the best. They give higher reimbursements and have more surveys to complete. And so you earn more. Here you will find a Top 10 best paid survey sites for both the Netherlands and Belgium. These are also all reliable.

3. Register with multiple sites, as much as possible!

The more site you register, the more possible surveys you will be able to make. And that means one on one that you will earn more, it is sometimes that simple. Preferably register at all 10 sites mentioned.

More is always possible, but we assure you that with those ten you already have more than enough work to do to be able to add a very nice extra income.

4. Enter your profile characteristics

Profile characteristics are things that tell more about you and your life. For example, these are about your personal details, relationships, work, school. But the better research panels ask you even more questions such as about your subscriptions, lifestyle and the like.

The reason for this is that they can use it to ensure that you are invited to the good studies. For example, if you do not drink beer, Heineken will not invite you to their surveys. But that doesn't matter, you will get another one.

And if the panel hadn't known it, you would have received Heineken's, you would have been thrown out without a reward after the first few questions and you would not have received the alternative survey. Sin.

5. Also log into your account regularly

Not all studies are announced by e-mail invitation. Sometimes they are only placed in the web portal or app. Especially in the surveys for which not many people are sought (because otherwise everyone will receive an email but the vast majority will be disappointed).

So log in regularly to see if there are any surveys available! But this also keeps you informed of any changes and you can participate in other ways of earning if they are available.

6. Install the app where available

Many of the good survey panels nowadays also have an app. They work especially well if you like to fill in surveys on your tablet or phone. Moreover, you will receive a push notification when a new survey comes online and you can participate immediately. You don't have to check your email every time.

Some studies can even only be completed mobile / via the app. By using the app you will therefore be able to do extra work and thus earn more reimbursements.

7. Alternate

To be honest, it's endless, but making questionnaires can also get a bit boring. Especially when it is all those boring click questions. Try to vary by participating in other types of surveys such as product testing, website testing, (onine) group discussions, forum conversations and rating advertisements .

8. Take surveys seriously

You will only earn more if you do your best and take the time to do it. So take these tips to heart. Only if you really want to get the most out of it will that work.

9. Stay active

If you participate more often it is often the case that you will also get more work. This sounds crazy, but the panels are also afraid that they will send you too many investigations that will cause you to drop out. However, if they notice that you are happy to participate, that fear will diminish. This is often determined as an algorithm.

On the other hand, if you do not participate for a longer period of time, your account will become inactive and you will no longer receive any invitations at all. In the worst case, even your account including your balance will be deleted after a year.

10. Keep your profile up to date

If things change in your life, it is wise to include or update this in your aforementioned profile characteristics. This ensures that you are invited to the correct surveys as mentioned earlier.

But often keeping your profile up to date is extra interesting because you can participate in more surveys. Such as if you become pregnant, have a child or have recently moved or switched from energy or health insurer. These types of people are often sought for research, but if they do not know about you, you will of course not receive that invitation ...

11. Answer honestly

The reason you get paid for the studies is because the information you provide is valuable. But that is only the case if you really participate fairly. That is why quality is often considered. For example, the questionnaires themselves contain control questions or see if you are seriously reading all the questions, so stay focused. If you answer it incorrectly, the survey will be ended immediately and you will not earn anything.

And if you do this more often, it may even be that your account will be completely suspended without you being able to claim the earnings that were still on it. You have lost that credit. So play the game neatly, then everyone wins.

12. Respond quickly to survey invitations

Investigations often only run for a short period of time. That's because the companies or research firms pay for a pre-agreed response. For example 1000 completed surveys. It is therefore better not to wait too long to be among those first thousand.

After that 1000, the investigation will be stopped. Sometimes it is resumed if more research is needed or if there is more budget, but that chance is small.

13. Complete the questionnaire

There are certainly opportunities to take a break during an investigation. Even to log out completely and continue later. Handy if you accidentally close the browser, but we recommend that you do not do this consciously.

Chances are that in the meantime enough data has been collected and the investigation will be closed, so that you miss out on your earnings. So always complete the entire questionnaire and don't forget to click on the last page to collect your compensation!

14. Every reward is included

Sometimes you may think that a 30 cents survey is not worth it, but at least you earn something with it. In addition, with the best panels there is simply a formula to calculate the reward for a survey and it mainly depends on time.

That means that you will always be fairly rewarded. A lower reimbursement therefore also means that you get through it quickly.

Frequently asked questions / FAQ

Do I have to answer honestly?

Yes you have to. Otherwise, the research is worthless. If the panel finds out that you are cheating, your account may be blocked. Moreover, there are often control questions in the questionnaire, which is why people find out very quickly!

Is participation free?

Yes, registration is free with all panels and with Panelclix you even receive a starting bonus immediately! There are no obligations after that, participation is without obligation.

Is everything online?

Most studies are done online. Sometimes, however, you can test a product at home or you will receive a questionnaire by telephone or mail. For this, your permission is always cleared first!

How are windows paid out?

This can differ per panel, but often in money to your bank account or Paypal, or in gift cards.

Do you have to pay taxes?

Yes, in principle, it is just income. Read more in the article completing surveys and taxes, what about that?

How old do you have to be?

This differs per panel, but you often have to be 16 years old. With some you can also participate from the age of 12!

How many surveys do I have to complete?

As much as you want. It is completely without obligation, but you will earn more if you participate more often! Most agencies send you an average of 3 surveys per week.

How much time does it take?

Sometimes a questionnaire can take only 3 minutes, but sometimes it can take up to 45 minutes! You can estimate this in advance on the basis of the reward, but almost all survey panels also indicate this in advance.