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Cashback $ 1000, -
Refueling with a discount $ 150, -
Compare energy $ 390, -
Cheap mobile calls $ 320, -
Compare TV-Internet-Calling $ 175, -

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Saving money by lowering WOZ Value

10/02/2021 - Every year, the municipalities determine the WOZ value of your owner-occupied home. This is a basis for the calculation of many taxes, duties and other costs. It is therefore important that this is not too high. That is why you can object to this in order to save, but that is not always advantageous.

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MediaMarkt Cashback: the Highest Discount

06/09/2021 - Do you sometimes make purchases at MediaMarkt. Of course, because you are not going to pay too much for your electronics! You're not crazy, are you? Not at all if you also grab the highest cashback discount on top of that, which makes it even cheaper!

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10 x Extremely Cheap Living (Low Budget)

06/08/2021 - Do you no longer want your life to be so expensive? That the money is flying out all over the place? you can do something about that, you know ... even without having to bite on a piece of wood by the way and you can still do fun things.

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I don't make enough money to make ends meet ...

16/07/2021 - If there is not enough money to be able to pay all the bills then that is a problem. And they only get bigger if you don't do anything about it. Therefore, a number of tools to get started with this.

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10 x Extreme Savings

08/07/2021 - If you have to or want to reduce your costs and expenses extraordinarily, then you will have to do something for it. In this article you will give direction where to start and which methods will give you the most effect.

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10 x Drastically Saving Money

11/05/2021 - If you really want to save money seriously and therefore want to tackle it thoroughly, then you have to make radical decisions and take quick action. This is possible with these tips, because you can already apply them today.

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Save 10 x Money on Big Spending

13/04/2021 - It is precisely the biggest things that go off your bill, on which you can save a lot in one fell swoop. Therefore a separate article about this. From booking your vacation to buying a new washing machine, you can spend less on it the smart way.

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Saving a Lot of Money on Small Things

09/03/2021 - You could save more on big things you would think, that's why people always deal with fixed costs and the like first. Not entirely justified, because you spend a lot of money (unnoticed) on all the little things together!

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Structural Money Shortage at the End of Each Month? This Helps!

17/02/2021 - Chronically not having enough money to pay the bills, or even your groceries ... that sucks! And far too many people in the Netherlands experience this every month. We want to do something about that, so an article full of tips.

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Spend 10 x As Little Money As Possible

05/01/2021 - How do you do that? Because there are a lot of things you MUST spend money on, right? Often it just seems like that, and you can still get things cheaper. Without having to compromise on quality or the nicer things in life.

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10 x Living / Getting by with Little Money

12/12/2019 - If you don't have much you will still have to make the best of it. But there is still plenty of room to increase your financial space. We give you ten tips with which you can easily and quickly take steps in the right direction.

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Cashback on Groceries + Free Promotions

04/11/2019 - Do you ever get scared when you read your receipt after your visit to the supermarket, or another store while shopping? You can get money back for free! In this blog we explain how you can arrange that too.

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10 x Dealing Economically with Money / Economical Living

06/10/2019 - Every euro cent and every US dollar you earn can only be spent once after that. It's that simple. How do you make sure you don't waste it? In this blog, we give you tips on how to use your hard-earned money more efficiently.

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10 Tips for Living Stingy

09/24/2019 - Sounds a bit negative right, avarice? Tends to be greedy, tight-fisted and greedy. But if you follow these tips people will not find you annoying, and you will still be able to cut back considerably!

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Do More with Less Money

03/08/2019 - Every month you will receive almost the same salary in your account, but you can get more out of that than you think! Do more with it and read our tips. It takes no effort to apply them and you will see that your working day is worth more than it sometimes feels now.

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Spend Less Money Today with Simple Actions

15/07/2019 - Spending less and still being able to buy the same thing, that sounds ideal, right? We agree! That is why we give you all kinds of ways in which you can achieve this. You can do nice things with your saved money.

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Tips to save money: more than $ 10,000 per year!

20/06/2019 - Advice to keep more in your wallet, free of charge. Not bad, right? So read quickly! Saves you an enormous amount of euros on an annual basis, without much effort, so you can spend on other fun things.

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101 Save more money Tips: Smart Savings

04/16/2019 - sounds good, right, to be able to keep more? And can you save money or do fun things with that? That's why we would like to tell you more about it and share all our tips with you in this article!

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Saving Money Challenge: do you also want to save $ 10,000?

30/04/2019 - Do you dare to take on the challenge to apply as many of our saving tips as possible? We are curious how far you can get! Left or right, it's going to give you a lot of profit in your financial space.

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Saving money with Money Back Actions

09/03/2019 - Always nice to get a refund if you don't expect that: with your final bill from the energy company, with your tax return and so on. But you can always get money back on everything you spend! We explain how.

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Save money with Cashback Discounts & Promotions

06/02/3019 - You have probably heard of the term cashback, but did you know that this is the best way to save on loose / small expenses? You get a free extra discount of up to 15% at thousands of web shops, on top of the offers!

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10 x Saving Money on Subscriptions

26/01/2019 - A subscription continues, whether you use it or not. Every month, the amount is simply debited from your account, without you noticing. But get off that couch and do something about it! You can stop this, keep that money in your wallet!

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Save 10 x Money on Refueling

27/12/2018 - You are at the pump, slowly filling your tank and then you look at the screen where the euros are piling up at breakneck speed so that you can pay in a minute ... has the price risen again? A visit to the gas station is an expensive joke, but you can easily save on that too!

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10 Ways of Saving Money as a Large Family

11/15/2018 - When you have a larger household with more family members, there are also more costs involved. You have to cook larger pans of food to fill all the plates. And yet you can save quite good money with more people. We explain how you can approach that.

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10 Ways: Easily Save Money at Home

31/10/2018 - Sometimes you don't even know where your money is anymore, so quickly your hard-earned salary has disappeared from your account. We are going to do something about that! There are enough ways to save money at home so that it is no longer unnoticed on things that you do not need or can simply be cheaper.

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Best Way to Save = Avoid Unnecessary Expenses!

26/09/2018 - There are so many, actually too many, ways of saving and cutting back to keep more money, but which of them is the best? In our opinion, this has prevented unnecessary expenditure. You can read what we mean by that and how you can apply this in this blog, we explain it in great detail.

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10 Tips to Start Saving Money

06/09/2018 - Everyone secretly thinks somewhere that saving money is not that difficult at all ... until they have to start! Then it suddenly turns out to be quite a puzzle. Because so many costs, and many more ways to reduce them. Where do you start? In this article we will help you get started! Tips that you really must read

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$ 1150 Earn money by Saving

12/08/2018 - Did you know that saving and earning actually go together very well? Athans, you can earn by saving. Or the other way around, it just depends on how you look at it. Don't get confused, in this article we'll explain it step by step. You will be surprised how easy and fun saving can be!

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10 Best Ways: Saving Money on Fixed Charges & Expenses

04/08/2018 - Every month you see the large amounts flying off your account, and you can't do anything about it because it goes without saying. However? Not really! You can simply lower your fixed costs / fixed costs. In this article, we'll give you the best methods to do this. Saves you thousands of euros on an annual basis and is a piece of cake.

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$ 8000 Tips about Saving Money in the Household

17/07/2018 - Does your household budget come out every month? Just or not? Then it is not only smart, but also good for your peace of mind to see if your left or right can save something on your expenses. That provides just a little more financial space so that you may be able to pay the bills or do some more fun things.

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Saving money with Shopping? Tips for free discount!

11/06/2018 - Isn't it great, shopping and buying new things? It has even been scientifically proven to give you a good feeling! But you quickly spend a nice sum. Still, we don't want you to keep your hands on the cut, please keep a little fun in your life. Therefore, tips with which you may be able to buy more than ever before!

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Save money with a vegetable garden - easy & cost-effective

28/05/2018 - Whether you are blessed with green fingers or not at all, anyone can start an easy vegetable garden that is profitable too. Whether you keep it small as a beginner or tackle it so big that you even have to rent a plot of land. We give you tips for a good yield of vegetables, herbs and fruit.

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Saving Money as a Single: 5 Smart Tips

21/05/2018 - As a single person you have to arrange it all with just 1 salary. But that is not so easy to get by because you have the same costs. And time to work full-time is also difficult, especially as a single parent. That is why we have listed a number of things for you to help you make ends meet.

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$ 8,000 in Tips for Saving Money as a Student

13/04/2018 - Students are already having a hard time: the student grant is a loan, you have to finish your studies on time because otherwise it will cost you a lot of money and at the same time you will no longer have time to have a job next to it or simply have fun to have. Hence, tips on how to save money as a student!

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24 Smart Tips about Saving Money on Groceries

30/03/2018 - Groceries are quite expensive, especially when you add up what it costs you with a large family per month! So it is nice to be able to cut back on this, but at the same time you do not want to eat only water and bread. We give you tips on how to easily reduce costs and we are sure that you have never thought of much!

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