DutchEuro Reliable? Experiences and Reviews

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DutchEuro is a savings program to earn money .

Sounds good, but is this site recommended?

In short: NO

They are therefore not in our Top 10 Best savings programs in the Netherlands .

After reading the review / rating below, you will understand why that is ...

In this review:

Pros and cons

They are one of the savings programs that apply the dreaded account score;

In short, participation is not without obligation, but you can only have your earned balance paid out if you participate in promotions;

They cost you money again, so that you lose a large part of your earnings;

On balance: it doesn't make much sense to participate. Then rather look in the above top 10 good savings programs!

How do you earn?

Savings programs have come from across the Atlantic: from the United States to be precise. They call it "get-paid-to-websites" there because this site pays you to do all kinds of (simple) things.

Little things that just happened. The reward is therefore not that high for every action, but because you can do a lot and moreover with several savings programs next to each other, you can still earn quite well.

Provided your account score is at least 5.5, but more about that later, you can have this transferred to your bank account from a saved $ 12.50. Below is a list of all paid tasks, and how much the merit is for each of those tasks.

Sign Up Receive $ 1.25 US dollars as a starting bonus
Read emails You will receive 1/2 eurocent by e-mail that you read / click
Click banners Every day you can click on a banner that is also worth 1/2 cent. In addition, there are so-called click & win banners where every 1000th clicks receive $ 0.10.
Social likes You get one cent for giving likes on Facebook
Games You can play different games but they require a bet. So no free games.
Cashback You get a cashback discount at a few partners / web shops, but that is nowhere near as many as with a real cashback site .
Complete surveys They want to offer this, but we have never been allowed to participate in a paid survey.
Refer friends If you bring in a friend, acquaintance or if necessary stranger who becomes a member, you will receive 1 US dollar, provided that person first earns 2.50 US dollar together.
(Free) promotions A little short on free promotions, so you have to participate in paid promotions to keep your account score high.
Discount codes They sometimes have discount codes and "exclusive" member offers, but very sporadically.
Save -
Jackpot -
Gamble Yes, the games, but not betting on sports games or anything.
Additional -

What does it deserve?

Very little. At least this savings program then hey, the 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands , you earn pretty well there. Just 200 US dollars a month! But not at DutchEuro. And that has a number of obvious reasons.

With savings programs you save fastest with completing surveys (paid surveys) and with cashback. That is not possible at DutchEuro. And so your balance does not increase that quickly, only with all those (half) cents from the e-mails, clicks and likes.

Not to mention that damn account score. Because there are so few free promotions, you are in fact obliged to participate in promotions that cost money. Like the not very interesting cashbacks. Otherwise you never keep your account score so high that you can have your balance debated at all. And that is precisely the goal! But then you have to spend part of your earned money on promotions before you get it ...

Is DutchEuro reliable?

Hmmm ... honestly, we personally have not had a bad experience here. And sometimes even receive payouts. From this site, and from other sites of the same owner. But others have told us several times that balances were not paid out, accounts stopped for no reason, cashbacks were not properly awarded, and the list goes much further ...

So unfortunately the conclusion: no, this site does not seem reliable! Is also in line with the general image we have of sites with an account score, they mainly want to earn money themselves, and not necessarily that their members benefit from it. Not a win-win, they just want to fill their pockets over your back.

About Dutcheuro.nl

The site is just one of many similar ones. They are all managed by the EmailMarketingGroup Ltd. All sites are basically exactly the same, except for the name and at the level of detail some rewards and promotions that you can participate in differ.


You really shouldn't want to participate, a waste of your time, it literally doesn't help you. You will most likely just be disappointed. There are plenty of savings programs that you can enjoy, and otherwise there are plenty of other ways of making money on the internet .

Just check out the Top 10 Best Online Savings Programs , without that annoying account score. They are reliable, you will earn more and faster. As mentioned before, sign up with all ten and you will earn just $ 200 per month!