CentMail Reliable? Experiences and Reviews

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An appropriate name for a website where you can, among other things, earn money by clicking emails .

But is this program also worthwhile and reliable?

Unfortunately not.

They are much less good than the 10 Best Savings Programs in the Netherlands .

We explain it to you with a full review and assessment of all important aspects.

In this review:

Pros and cons

They apply account score ...

This obliges you to participate in (paid) promotions, so taking part is not completely without obligation;

Because otherwise you cannot have your earnings paid out.

Partly because of this, the earnings are quite disappointing.

How does it work?

Earning money with savings programs is a phenomenon that originated in America. Here they are called get-paid-to websites, because you get paid for performing all kinds of simple and small tasks. Think of reading emails, clicking banners and so on.

Because these are all very small assignments, the reward is also low. But that doesn't matter, you can also do a lot of them in succession, especially if you sign up for multiple savings programs and use all the different earning methods well. As a result, it still deserves fine.

Once you have clicked together 12.50 US dollars, you can have this transferred to your bank account. Provided you meet the account score, more about that later. Now first a list for which you all receive money:

Task Reward
Sign up bonus 1.25 US dollar immediately upon registration
Read emails 0.5 euro cents per mail
Banner clicks Daily banners that are also worth 0.5 cents + click & win banners, where every 1000th clicker wins 10 cents.
Social media likes Give likes on Facebook and get 1 cent at a time
Playing games All slot games where you have to bet balance, not free games
Cashback (discount) There are a number of cashback options. But this pales in comparison to real cashback sites .
Complete surveys They say they do this, but it has never happened ... that means that the earning potential is a lot lower than with other savings programs
Apply members Earn $ 1 as a bonus per referral member. This is awarded as soon as your friend has saved $ 2.50.
Participate in promotions There are plenty of them. Unfortunately, few free promotions.
Offers They have discount codes and "exclusive" member offers
Save n / a
Jackpot n / a
Gamble n / a
Additional n / a

How much can you earn?

This is the main problem. They have little opportunity to earn cashback, and no paid surveys at all, while completing surveys should be the best way to save / earn faster!

This combined with that annoying account score that must be at least 5.5 in order to be able to have your earned balance paid out, ensures that you earn little at the bottom of the line. To keep your account score that high, you have to participate in promotions, and there are few free promotions, so you have to spend money on them, which is at the expense of your earnings. Unfortunately.

This is therefore never more than a few US dollars per month, max! For comparison: if you sign up for the 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands , which all have no account score, you can easily earn 200 US dollars per month!

Is Centmail.nl reliable?

At the bottom of the line, we cannot actually report negative things about this. Simply because there are almost no bad experiences to be found. Yes, we have experienced that cashbacks went wrong, but that can still happen at the best cashback sites nowadays. And we have received payments in good order.

What continues to disappoint us is that such sites continue to use the account scores. Why? This is only a disadvantage for the members and makes us suspect that they just want to make money from their members, instead of offering them something of value. It is not an objective to create a win-win situation , while you should want to?

About CentMail

The website centmail.nl is owned by email marketing group Ltd. They have indeed set up several similar websites of this kind, which look exactly the same and only differ in a few details such as the amount of certain rewards.


Just don't sign up. You earn too little, it is simply a waste of your time and effort. There are much better savings programs and other ways to make money on the internet .

Better you only sign up for the best savings programs , without an annoying account score, you earn better and faster there. if you register with all 10, saving will go faster and the monthly extra income can even amount to 200 US dollars plus !