Cashze Reliable? Experiences and Reviews

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Cashze is one of the best savings programs in NL .

Of course we don't just think that!

So read the rest of this review,

in which we assess this site on the most important points.

In this review:

Pros and cons

They don't take advantage of the dreaded account score that other programs do;

You can even top up your account specifically to earn more with your clicks and paid emails, with which you are guaranteed to make a profit;

There are enough paid e-mails and banners to earn money with and bringing in members is also lucrative;

Unfortunately, this site has fewer options for making money with cashback or making money by completing surveys (as many competitors have more).

What can you earn with?

A savings program is a website where you can earn money with small tasks. You get a small reward every time you do this. Every time a cent or something. Not much indeed, but they are also very simple actions.

And yet it deserves quite well. Especially since you can join several of these sites at the same time and the assignments can be carried out in literal seconds, it goes faster than you think. And as soon as you have saved 12.50 US dollars, you can have this paid out to your bank account.

You can find out which assignments you can do at Cashze and what compensation you receive for them in the table below. As you can see, this site does not offer all the options that the comparable websites do have, but it is a nice addition to the other parties to become a member of.

Sign Up Receive 2.50 US dollar starting bonus immediately after you register
Read emails You receive 1 cent per email that you click
Click banners Every day you can click on a large number of paid banners with a fee of 1 cent per 3 clicks.
Social likes not available
Games not available
Cashback There are options at some web shops. Not many, but interesting names such as HEMA, Body & Fit,, Independer and PLEIN.
Complete surveys (not yet available
Referral bonus If you bring in a new member such as friends and family, you will earn US $ 2 each time + 10% on their earnings.
(Free) promotions few possibilities besides the advertisements from the click emails
Discount codes not available
Save Use the comparators to save on your health insurance, mobile, energy and telecom by switching to a cheaper supplier.
Jackpot starts at 1 US dollar and increases by 10 cents every day until claimed
Gamble n / a
Additional Runner, click fans and jackpot link game. See website for more information.

What does it deserve?

As with any program in this category, it just depends on how far you want to go for it. For example, if you make good use of the cashback options and are successful in bringing in members via your own blog or social media, for example, it will go a lot faster than with just the clicks of 1 euro cent each time.

But don't forget that savings programs work especially well by joining as many members as possible next to each other and at the same time clicking away those emails and banners. Then Cashze certainly belongs in the list of favorites! Certainly with the top 10 best savings programs together, you just earn a few hundred US dollars a month.

Is Cashze Reliable?

In fact, this is one of the most important features that makes this site so good in our opinion. They may have fewer options with cashback and paid surveys, but make up for that with a thorough process and good customer service.

In addition, they have perhaps remained most faithful to the original concept of savings programs or get-paid-to sites. Earn purely by clicking on emails and links. Including concepts such as account upgrades and link games that you hardly encounter elsewhere. Fun!


The website and the program are managed by Cospamedia. This company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands with number 68410387. They are one of the older savings programs still in existence in our country. As far as is known, Cashze is their only program.


This is simply a reliable and pleasant savings program. You get exactly what you expect without too much fuss and everything runs as promised in advance. No it is not the most modern site and they do not have all the latest gadgets and possibilities, but this is a very good site to have.

The power of savings programs is mainly to become a member of as many of these sites as possible and then it is absolutely part of it, so be sure to register.